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Physicians Formula Organic Wear 100% Natural Tinted Moisturizer, Ivory To Fair Organics, 1.5 Ounce

Natural Care for Healthy, Smoother Skin Provide your skin that extra protection with the Physicians Formula Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin Tinted Moisturizer. It’s lightweight, evens out the skin tone and feeds your skin the essential moisture. Made with healthy organic ingredients, the moisturizer hydrates and nourishes your skin. And yes, it also keeps you protected from the harmful sunrays with its SPF 15 formulation. Made with natural, organic ingredients Lightweight tinted moisturizer Formulated with SPF 15 Plus, the natural antioxidant eco-olive protects your skin from environmental pollution. Just For You: All skin types, especially dry skin A Closer Look: Now, with Physicians Formula Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin Tinted Moisturizer, naturally healthy-looking skin is yours. Organic soy helps restoring the skin’s texture and smoothness. The lightweight tinted moisturizer is 100% natural and combines 80% certified organic ingredients like including sunflower seed oil, avocado oil, shea butter and jojoba seed oil. You Won’t Find: Free from parabens, artificial preservatives, colors, fragrances or GMOs Get Started: Squeeze a small amount of the moisturizer and apply evenly onto the face with fingertips. Use before sun exposure and as needed.

Key features

  • 100% Free of Harsh Chemicals
  • 100% Natural Origin Tinted Moisturizer
  • 100% Natural Healthy-Looking Complexion

Honest reviews


Love the Idea But . . .

I initially bought this item because I loved the idea of a product that wasn’t tested on animals and it was organic. However, this was also my first tinted moisturizer I’ve ever had and overall I wasn’t really pleased with it . . .The amount of coverage was decent at best. The formula was greasy and immediately made my oily face look even more oily. As you can imagine I already wasn’t pleased. Looking at the reviews before I bought it, I noticed that almost everyone seemed to comment on its Lavender scent. Though I usually like the scent of lavender, the smell of this tinted moisturizer was really strong and it really didn’t smell much like lavender to me. Furthermore, the applicator for this product was on the poorer side. It was difficult to get the right amount of product out because it was either too much or too little and sometimes the product would flow back into the tube before you could get it.I won’t be purchasing this product again.—————————————————————————————————————————–I recently bought Neutrogena’s Tinted Moisturizer and it’s amazing! I totally recommend it :;=1336176965&sr;=8-3

Vicky Snoqualmie, WA

Love this product, could do without the lavender smell

I am one of those kind of girls that hates the fuss of makeup. I refuse to wake up early to spend my time in front of a mirror, and half the time Im rushing where ever I go applying eyeshadow in a crazy flurry at a stoplight in my crooked rear view mirror. when I find products that make me look half decent and can by smeared on in the matter of seconds Im all for it. Recently, with the aid of a CVS coupon, I decided to splurge on Physicians Formula Organic Wear tinted moisturizer with an SPF of 15. The thing that drew me to this $13.99 1.5oz tube of lotion was the simple fact that it is paraban free, all natural, cruelty free and organic. As someone who prides themself with attempting to be as eco friendly as the market will allow, I chose to give it a go.I love this product. I have combination skin and often I skip foundation because in areas where my face is dry foundation accentuates the flaws in my skin. this solves my problem completely. It is quick and effortless and I dont have to worry about uneven lines around my chin to help improve my overall skin tone. It comes in various shade groups and hasnt let me down thus far! My only complaint is the lavender smell that overwhelms my senses as i apply it. Im not a fan of the lavender scent in general so this is a huge turn off. however, I only notice it for the first few minutes after using it and then it seems to dissapate. i havent had any complaints from my boyfriend or my baby so Im sticking with it!This product is intended and perfect for women who dont wear an abundance of makeup and just want a product that hydrates, nourishes, and evens out your complexion. I love that it doesnt look like im wearing makeup, so no matter what my day brings Im not checking myself in the mirror to ensure my face is in place. It is all natural and hypo allergenic unlike other popular drugstore foundations that leave more belmishes than they cover. I would highly recommend this product!

Monica Aulander, NC

Burns my face and eyes

I bought this to use when I go to the beach. It’s organic (mostly) but it contains Talc. Didn’t they decide talc was really bad for you in the 70’s? Not sure if that’s what burns my skin or what…There’s no paraben in it, but it still burns my eyes. I jumped into the ocean… that was a huge mistake. My eyeballs burned for like an hour. I won’t purchase this again.

Diann Waterville, KS

VERY drying!

This does not feel at all like a moisturizer. It spreads on chalky and dry and feels terrible. Tinted yes – moisturizer NO!I like Physician’s formula mineral powder, but this is just not up to snuff.

Tanya Joplin, MO


I’m pretty disappointed in this product. I usually love Physicians Formula’s products, but this was the exception. I was thrown off by the almost medicated smell, this is suppose to be a 100% natural and organic moisturizer after all. Not only the smell, but the consistency of the product was pretty thin to be a tinted moisturizer. I got basically no coverage out of this product and it wasn’t even a great moisturizer. Not pleased at all.

Robbie Lakeside, CA

Lovely idea, not so lovely effect

I only use tinted moisturizer, light concealer and a light pressed powder concealer over it so when I saw this organic one in CVS, I was pumped! Figured it would work wonders for the skin at the same time not putting any harsh chemicals on your face. Though it does spread easy, it’s very oily… I have never had oily skin before using this product, when I use it I have to use oil blotters several times through out the day; not worth it.I’m looking into a different tinted moisturizer because it’s become apparent this is more of a pain than a help!

Janet Wayland, NY

I liked this a lot until I broke out

My only wish is that it was a little more lotion-y. I have to use a lot and work it fast because it dries so quickly. But it drys nicely and does moisturize well. It looks great alone or coupled with organic wear loose powder. the tint looks dark coming out but not when you apply it. Weird how it works but it does. Most Fair/light colors look too pink or orange on me and never is light enough. This is perfect for my fair/freckles complexion, no make up lines, no caking. Just light and breathable.UPDATE: I had to stop using this product. I started to breakout but I think it was partially my fault because I tend to not remove my makeup before bed. I will only use this occasionally now. I do wear the organic wear powder everyday, it’s nice by itself and I’ve never had an issue with it irritating my skin.

Benita Dexter City, OH

Good product

Like it all the way around…not heavy, not too light, I put a little of favorite skin moisturizer on underneath and it goes on like a breeze, but you must do quickly before it dries. Can never find this color at drug stores, so very handy on line.

Florine Rosenhayn, NJ

don’t buy if you have sensitive skin

this product does cover ok but don’t buy it if you have sensitive skin. Once use and the areas I put it on were all burned red as in a sunburn. Also, ordered in ivory to fair and came in fair to normal. Once opened it can’t be returned.

Juanita Monroe, IN

Bad for wheat sensitive

This product contains “CETEARYL WHEAT BRAN GLUCOSIDES” and I did not realize this when I purchased it since I just learned I have a wheat allergy. I have a really red, itchy rash on my face that looks like hives and I couldn’t figure out what was causing it. I researched the ingredients and found out it contains wheat. It does not have a warning label. If you are allergic to wheat, AVOID this product!

Regina Terra Bella, CA

Light coverage but think it works well

If you’re looking for heavy or complete coverage a tinted moisturizer isn’t the way to go. I think the light coverage is perfect because it doesn’t look like you have any makeup on. Yet, it covers minor imperfections. It lasted all day for me. One suggestion is to make sure you use a powder on top around your eyes, otherwise your eye make up may run. If you are prone to oily skin just wear a light loose powder on top of this and you should be good to go.Really like that this doesn’t have the harsh chemicals/fragrances. It’s so much better for your skin.

Elise Deweyville, UT

Problem Skin is FIXED!

My skin is super sensitive and every single foundation or tinted moisturizer I’ve ever tried has caused horrible contact dermatitis or eczema like bumps that burn all over my face. Not fun or attractive! One year ago, I was looking at foundations in our local drugstore and saw this tinted moisturizer. Fighting off a raging flare-up from wearing a popular mineral makeup with the initials "B.M.," I decided to give this a shot. I use this on top of Eucerin Calming Cream each morning. My skin cleared up within a week of using this tinted moisturizer. I don’t use any powder with it, so I get that trendy glowy look that is so popular right now. I get compliments on my skin all the time and people say how flawless it is. Nobody thinks I’m wearing any foundation at all. I love it! It feels really light weight and just good on my skin. I order from Amazon now for convenience. I have three kids and it’s just easier that way. The other bonus is that this tinted moisturizer doesn’t contain any of the synthetic ingredients that my son is allergic to. I can give the little guy (he’s 5) a big hug and kiss without worrying that my makeup could send him to the hospital. So thrilled to have a product that works so well at such a cheap price. I used to pay $25-$30 for foundations that set my skin on fire. Not anymore!

Selina Urbana, IN


I was looking for something with less chemicals because my face has been breaking out lately. This seems too work ok, it has an SPF and is really light. The only thing I don’t like is the smell but I put it on and it fades within a few minutes.

Mildred Eckley, CO

Covers well but product is thicker than I expected

This product works pretty well as a moisturizer and the shade matched my light skin tone perfectly. It lasts all day even in the summertime, and it covers so well that I only used it and a loose powder. I had to stop using it though, because it is so thick that it caused my normally very clear skin to start breaking out when the weather started getting warm. It’s thicker than most foundations that I’ve used and it has a sticky feeling to it. I live in a hot, humid area and it just did not let my skin breathe at all. I love how well it evened up my skin tone, but not enough to put up with the constant breakouts.

Therese Kelleys Island, OH

Tinted moisturizer

Ive been trying to go more natural in my skin and hair care after reading about the bad stuff in beauty and health stuff so I bought this along with some jojoba oil for my face at night and some thayers rose petal alcohol free toner.I got this for day time for color and spf because Im not a big makeup woman,I only wear eyeliner,mascara and tinted moisturizer and tinted lip balm.So I thought I’d try this out after I threw away my covergirl tinted moisturizer, it smells good like others had said has a slight lavender smell,its kinda runny and you gotta put it on fast it drys so fast.But for the price it’s good for a more natural makeup. I got this in fair to light and it matched my fair skin pretty well.

Sandra Nelson, VA

Sheer coverage, cooling, smells amazing and acts like a primer but better than a primer…..flawless!!!

I wish I found and used this earlier! I just bought it from my neighborhood, drug store, to try it out. But after I used this, I was like…whaaaaat…??? Sooo Gooood??? I was surprised….a bit…Smells a bit like lavender, has lavender oil in it and very cooling on the skin. Made my skin sooo soft, and luminous, when I wore it, I got many compliments on my skin and make up. I don’t know how it works, but it is really smoothing. The coverage is very sheer, so I wore a bit concealer and a little face powder. My pictures came out glowing, bright and natural, but my skin is not that great…lol…wow…The size is also very convenient, to stash it the purse. Loved it…just loved it…

Gina Franklin, MI


Pros:light scent of lavendernice light coverageevens skin tone nicelynot oilymakes my face matteDo not expect a huge tube of moisturizer, and do not expect heavy coverage. It did not advertise that it would be a heavy coverage, so do not rate it down if it did not promise you this. Read the descriptions. If you have a lot of dark scars and acne, go for a foundation and concealer. Overall, it is great for those with good skin with minor problems that need evening out. It does moiturize my dry areas on my face.

Jeri Orland, ME

Very Nice!

This is cruelty free and organic. Feels great on my skin. I wear it instead of foundation for a natural glow. It covers well.

Marie Forsyth, MT

Light coverage, not greasy, feels good on my face

I don’t wear foundation, I have been wearing my homemade mineral face powder for years now. I decided I wanted something with a little sun protection in it, as I am 34 and have some crows feet. I don’t like the feel of most sunscreens, and most sunscreens make me break out. My all natural choices are limited. The Physician’s Formula Organic Wear Tinted Moisturizer goes on smoothly, is not heavy or greasy, and gives a light coverage. It is not a foundation, so don’t expect it to cover everything like one. However, it does offer more coverage than my light face powder. It is not quite enough moisture for my super dry skin, so I layer it on over my Argan oil. Then I powder my face lightly. It makes me look like I have really nice skin! It is not shiny or greasy, and has good staying power through some hot sweaty days. It does have a slightly strong lavender scent. If you are super sensitive to smells it might be too strong for you. The color Light To Natural is still pretty light. I have medium fair skin, and it makes me a little white. There is a slightly darker color available, and even a lighter one. But if I put my powder and a little bronzer on, no problem. Great product!

Katelyn Nebo, KY

Love this!

I only used this a couple of times, but its nice! Its not cakey, and the tint gives you a nice glow! If you don’t feel like wearing foundation, this is awesome! It came really fast too. I love that I don’t need to worry about nasty chemicals with Physician’s formula! And cruelty free is AWESOME!

Beulah Salem, SC

Good price, decent product.

This does a very good job of moisturizing my skin. It does not feel heavy and it allows the skin to breathe. This is good for anyone with dry skin who wants some light coverage. I have a slight redness to my skin. This covers it up, but doesn’t completely hide it. If you are looking for a product that will hide blemishes, this is not the product for you. I would recommend either pairing this with other products, or using something else all together. The only problem I have with this is that it burns my slightly sensitive skin upon initial application. After a few uses, my skin adjusts and the burning goes away.

Kathy Mesa, WA

Barely know it’s there

I really dislike heavy foundations, but I’m not quite brave enough to go completely make-up free. This is a nice compromise for me. The coverage is sheer enough to allow my skin to breathe, with just enough coverage that I don’t feel "naked".

Eddie Edgar, NE

Love the product, tube splits every time

I love this tinted moisturizer. It gives my middle aged skin a very youthful dewiness and I get compliments all the time. No pasty foundation for me! The product gets 5 stars, but the tube gets -1. I am a faithful user and have bought many tubes. EVERY single time the tube itself has split beneath the threads and I have to squirt it into a jar to use it shortly after purchase. I wish it could be produced in a nice recyclable bottle. It really is a liquid not a cream and would be well suited to a bottle. I will continue to use as it is so nice, but will also continued to be irritated every time the tube breaks.

Theresa Christchurch, VA

I’ll Stick to My BB Cream, Thank You

I tried this product a few months ago. I found the formula too thin and runny and difficult to spread (it was actually a little streaky), and it provided poor coverage with weak pigmentation. I even shook it to mix it. Also, the colour did not match my skin tone (I’m peachy toned, and the lightest tone made me look like I was wearing a mask).The only upsides I can think of are that this moisturizer contains sunscreen and I liked the herbal smell to it and the fact that it had natural ingredients. I think I’ll stick to my Korean BB creams though.

Beatrice Rocky Comfort, MO

Love this! A believer on paraben-free and this is my new item!

I was told by my esthetician to take a look at paraben free make-up since she suggested I not put unnecessary chemicals onto your face (especially if you do it daily).I started to take a look at something that would be a tinted moisturizer. The smell is very green and exactly how you would expect a plant-based natural item would smell. I don’t mind it– I find it very pleasant actually.The coverage is light and perfect! It does the job and seems to wear long.It also is really well priced. No more $25-$35 bucks on tinted moisturizer necessary. Give this a try! Once you find your color, you will not be pleased.I’m Southeast Asian and light to natural was perfect.

Lacey Salome, AZ

Light coverage and moisturizing

This is my favorite. I’ve been using it for years. I don’t like a heavy foundation with all sorts of chemicals and I don’t like the look of powder. This gives me just a bit of coverage, moisturizer and sunscreen. That’s all I want. And the sunscreen also doesn’t have chemicals – no oxybenzone or benzophenene.The other day I was on vacation and lost my makeup bag. I had to buy a different tinted moisturizer and what a difference – it was heavy, oily and, although it had sunscreen, it had those bad chemicals I previously mentioned. I was so happy to get back to organic wear when I got home.Sometimes when I do want a little more coverage around my eyes I mix it with a little cover cream.

Addie Hurlburt Field, FL

Love the shades, SPF 15

At ten dollars for 1.5 ounces the price is steep but not as steep as some all natural moisturizers. The product went on smooth and came in great shades that match my natural skin tone but it smells like stale syrup.

Ann Mellwood, AR

Thin, not much coverage but all natural

I like this product but not as much as I thought I would. It is thinner than my other tinted moisturizers soI feel I need to use more to get the coverage I want. It is a bit greasier than I would like but I have really dry skin especially in the winter so I will continue to use it regularly. It is not my favorite and I will probably try other products in the future.

Melisa Richards, TX

Thin thin thin thin thin

Basically this product has a strong lavender smell like you might find in certain herbal medicines which contain lavender and tea tree oil, and is very, very thin. This makes it difficult to apply and also provides very little coverage- I rarely have blemishes- just looking for something to even out freckles, cover some places where I’m prone to blackheads on my nose, etc.I put this on and it looked literally the same as bare skin. I tried applying more and I looked orange. I totally thought the "it makes me look orange!" thing was an exaggeration for when the coloring looks off, but this seriously was orange.

Rocio La Porte City, IA

I love this tinted moisturizer!

I have extraordinarily sensitive skin. I am a fair redhead and just about everything irritates my skin. This moisturizer is lightly tinted and it is a light moisturizer which is perfect for me. If you need heavy coverage like a heavy foundation, this is not for you. You could easily wear this under makeup however, which might provide a more even finish. The one thing I really like about this product, compared to other products, it has a good nontoxic rating with the Environmental Working Group. Their rating for this product can be seen here: […]

Dale Silver Lake, KS