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Physicians Formula Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin FakeOut Mascara, Ultra Black, 0.26 Ounce

1st EVER mascara with 100% Natural Origin lash extension fibers for the full-on fringe of false lashes without irritation. Innovative formula amplifies lash volume, length and curl. Oversized brush creates a fabulously false lash effect instantly. Free of: Harsh chemicals, synthetic preservatives and fibers, parabens, gluten and dyes. Includes EcoBlend featuring OrganiSoy and Eco-Olive.

Key features

  • 24-Hour Wear
  • 100% of the total ingredients are from Natural Origin; 70% of the total ingredients are from Organic Farming; Cruelty-Free
  • Hypoallergenic; Fragrance Free; Safe for Sensitive Eyes and Contact Lens Wearers; Ophthalmologist Approved

Honest reviews


Not great

I bought this yesterday and was so excited because, though I don’t own a lot of Physicians Formula stuff, what I do have I love. I own the organic tinted moisturizer and bronzer. Anyway, I had high hopes because the description led me to believe there might be fibers or a thickness to this mascara. There wasn’t. Furthermore, it runs, really bad. Yes, it was 90 and a bit humid yesterday when I wore it but you would have thought I had been crying, balling my eyes out, if you saw me. I wasn’t sweaty or really doing anything but sitting on a boat in the evening. It was pretty embarrassing because I had no idea and people were like what’s wrong! Lol. Anyway, I went to try to take some of it off and, as another reviewer indicated, the stuff STINGS. If you get it in your eyes. So, I am sorry to say I didn’t like it though I wanted to.

Jannie Mossyrock, WA


Good mascara i love the results. The only downside is u will have to buy it more often than typical mascaras. I have to replace mine every 5 to 6 weeks. Typical mascaras last me 2 to 3 months. Other than that i like the result and it is natural.

Irma Clinton, IA


I Loved that this mascara was organic and no animal testing but it runs worse than any mascara I have ever put on! I literally put it on, put my make up away, put my shoes on, stopped at the front door to look in the foyer mirror before going out, as I always do, and I was shocked! I looked like I had been crying! 10 bucks down the drain! Useless!

Gayle Sunburg, MN

Lousy mascara

Doesn’t last long at all. Really disappointed. Had read good reviews about this product. Flakes off very quickly–flakes end up under my eyes 🙁

Cathleen Rollinsford, NH

Surprisingly Awesome

I tried the green tube Organic Wear mascara from Physician’s Formula a couple of years ago and absolutely hated it. However, most of my recent purchases of new mascaras (the new ones from Revlon and Covergirl) have left me sadly disappointed, so I was searching for something different. A YouTuber whose videos I watch used this one and raved about it, so I figured I had nothing to lose. I actually like it quite a lot, as it gives a really full lash effect without clumping or being flaky. I have tried nearly every mascara that’s out at the drug store, and this is hands down one of the best. I would compare it to Cover Girl Lash Blast (original, orange tube, non-waterproof), but drier and with more volume. All in all, this is an amazing mascara, and I am sure I will be re-purchasing it when I use this tube up. The only real complaint that I have is that I don’t like the leaf design of the tube, but that doesn’t have any bearing on the actual effectiveness of the product so i don’t count off for that.

Ladonna Lineville, IA

I had hoped…

That since my eyes water so much, an organic product would help. It didn’t really do anything different. My eyes still watered. The brush is very nice.

Erin Almont, CO