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Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Talc-Free Mineral Correcting Powder, Creamy Natural, 0.29 Ounce

3-in-1 Corrector Plus Primer Plus Powder In one simple step, this versatile powder color corrects the most common skin imperfections, smoothes skin texture and evens out skin tone. All colors blend together to create a perfect canvas finish: Pink brightens, Green tones down redness and Yellow adds warmth. High-Tech Japanese Formula High-performance, lightweight texture can be worn alone or layered with other Mineral Wear face products. Delivers a natural-looking finish that won’t take, crease or settle into fine lines. The Talk on Talc Gentle, talc-free, minimalist formula allows skin to breathe. Can help minimize the risk of irritation and breakout. Mineral Wear for a Natural Wear Minerals such as Mica provide a smooth, “second skin” feel and finish. Gently absorbs oil without drying skin and helps minimize the appearance of fine lines. Compact contains built-in mirror and includes a high quality brush.

Key features

  • 3-In-1 Corrector plus Primer plus Powder
  • For extra sensitive or breakout-prone skin, minimalist formula helps reduce irritation and breakout
  • Hypoallergenic; Fragrance Free; Paraben Free; Dermatologist Approved

Honest reviews


quite good product, bad color

Overall, the color was awful for me. Too white/pink for my fair/yellow skin — I guess, in the end, “translucent” still only goes so far on the color spectrum. That said, I thought the the consistency was quite light and silky and great for withstanding sweat and oily skin. The packaging was surprisingly cute and easy to use (once I figured it out, it was rather mystifying) — completely clear acrylic with a small compartment under the powder for the brush. I’m not at all keen on rainbow colors but, strictly speaking, the brush did match the color scheme. Also, the bristles were way softer than the brushes included in the Neutrogena powder.

Shirley New City, NY

This is a great product

After reading the reviews on this “correcting powder” I wasn’t to sure if I wanted to spend my money on it but I still gave it a try. I love this it doesn’t make me look pale and I’m caramel skin colored.What I do: since it says it also a “Primer” I first apply it then I apply my pressed powder. And it looks flawless and smooth. I wouldn’t recommend using it by it self. This is not something you use alone I think its good as a primer or finishing powder which it does say on the box.I really like this product and I will but more and recommend it to my friends.

Lawanda Bowmansville, NY

Too Light For My Skin

This is obviously my fault, but this product was WAAAY too light for my skin. I had to buy a darker shade. I did, however, recommend this to my friends who have lighter skin than I do. It’s a great buy; picking a color is the only problem.

Melody West Townsend, MA

Works great for only $12!

I have a lot of redness in my fair, freckled skin (it’s my European heritage). This product works well to reduce the redness and provide a smooth look. When at home, I use a larger brush…. while the brush that comes with it seems a little cheap, it is handy to have it permanently stored with it. I take it to work and so far, it has remained intact and not crumbled. I think it works better than Clinique’s Redness Reducing line for a fraction of the cost. This is also readily available in drugstores and comes in a compact, as opposed to Clinique. Try it!

Darlene Cazadero, CA

This is by far the best powder I have ever used

This is by far the best powder I have ever used, it blends really well you don’t even know you have it on.

Margie Ottumwa, IA

It was ok

So my skin is extremely pale. I always have to get the lightest shade in any makeup I buy, and usually that shade is still too dark. Unfortunately, my face is really red in patches so I bought this in the translucent color to help that. Turns out this makeup is practically white! It was definitely light enough for my skin, almost to a fault. I found that I could only use it if my face was looking especially red that day, or else my face would look weird and washed out. The different colors didn’t do much to correct whatever other color issues I have with my face. I also found that it looked VERY powdery on my skin. It did not blend in and just kind of sat on top of my skin and did not look good at all. When it did settle into my skin, it accentuated whatever dry spots I had 🙁 If you have relatively perfect skin, then this powder should be fine since it does lighten your skin if you need that and does have a nice consistency. If you’re not ghost white though, then get the darker color.

Rowena Newport, VT

I looked like a ghost

As other reviewer said this will make you look like a ghost, I purchased the darker tone but it does not work well for me, it gives me an unhealthy and old looking skin, my skin tone is light to medium beige I am latin with brown hair and eyes so I guess any of this products would work best on really fair skin tones since it seems to work but the times I tried to use this I had to wear lots of contouring and bronzer products to get a "normal" skin tone but decided not to use it anymore since it didn’t work for me.

Sophia Harbor Springs, MI

Good for very pale/fair skin but slightly cakey looking

I liked this powder at first because it goes perfectly with my very fair british skin tone. (I have the translucent one) But I realized after a little while that it made my face look somewhat cakey.I don’t wear a lot of make, I just put this powder over my skin79 BB cream and I like having the feeling that I don’t wear any make up but you can definitely see this powder on the skin. My boyfriend always made a comment on how dry my skin looked when I was wearing it so I’m changing for an other one. I’ll probably try an other mineral wear powder from Physician Formula since I like this brand and the fact that they don’t use talc.

Tamra Fairlee, VT

Physicians Formula is a terrific powder (as well as other products)

I love the Physicians Formula product and their line of powders are wonderful. This one in particular can be used as a corrector. I have a tendency to have some redness on my upper cheeks, especially when I wake up in the morning and this corrective powder takes care of it quickly. I can use this powder alone or with other powders or liquids. It looks fresh and works all day long.

Olga Ney, OH


If you’re like me, ridiculously pale white, then this is for you. I have tried DOZENS of different foundations and powders in the lightest shades available. And no matter what, I turn orange! But with this powder, I finally have my solution.I apply my liquid and powder foundation as I usually would (for flaw and blemish coverage), and have a tint of orange on my face as always. BUT, when I put this on over it all, it lightens my other foundations and I become my naturally white self :’) and not to mention the airbrushed look that is left behind! This powder has saved me, and I will be buying it for as long as it is made. I don’t plan on ever giving up my Snow White look!

Corina Newberry, SC


Did not really do much for my complexion. All I noticed was a chalky looking streaked face.i would not recommend.

Crystal Elk Horn, KY