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Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Talc Free Mineral Correcting Concealer, Yellow Trio, 0.61 Ounce

3-in-1 Cream Concealer Corrects, Covers and Highlights Essential cream concealer trio provides medium coverage for any and all imperfections. Soft Yellow – Color corrects dark circles and other bluish imperfections Natural Light – Conceals imperfections Pink Highlighter – Illuminates brow bone and temples The Talk on Talc. Gentle, talc-free, minimalist formula allows skin to breathe. Can help minimize the risk of irritation and breakout. Mineral Wear for a Natural Wear. Light-reflecting pigments optically blur skin imperfections and diffuse the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Concealers in a Snap. Ultra-convenient and portable vials snap together and pull apart for easy touch-ups on-the-go.

Key features

  • 3-in-1 Concealer: Correct, Cover, Highlight
  • For sensitive or breakout-prone skin, helps reduce irritation and breakouts
  • Hypoallergenic; Dermatologist Approved; Fragrance Free; Non-Comedogenic; Paraben Free

Honest reviews



I do really like this conceler but it dosent cover my horrible dark circles as well as I would like but then again nothing does! It does a great job covering al my other prob areas so unless its for under eye only I would recomend

Carmela Gosport, IN

Not great

The green and yellow go on thick and once blended, leave a dry, cakey appearance. Not a fan at all. If you have an dry skin around those target areas, this stuff immediately picks up on it, and will even flake the skin more. The highlighter isn’t bad. It is light weight and goes on nice. Don’t need to apply too much. Still looking for the perfect one though.

Edwina Kingshill, VI

Not worth buying

The bottles are smaller than I thought and the product doesn’t blend well at all one bit. I wouldn’t recommend the product to friends and family or even strangers. I’ll have to try other products.

Elma Barker, NY

Amazing Product~If Used Correctly!

Whatever you are trying to cover…make sure the area is dry & clean. Dust a tad of pressed powder, then the yellow #1….using a light touch…smooth out as u go. Let it set a bid & then use the concealer #2……let it set and then apply your foundation. After you finish applying all of your makeup..use the pink highlighter #3 on upper eye and under eyebrows and inner & outer corners of eyes. Just give it a chance and try different applications. A damp natural small sea sponge works wonders as you can dab it over your problems areas. The very best I have ever used & believe me I have used many low & high dollar. This stays put all day….and looks natural. Love…love…love!!

Aida Revere, MO

Works Well for Color Correcting

These are great for color correction. I use the green and yellow most often. I’ve used the green to minimize red cheeks and noses before applying foundation. It really tones down the redness. Yellow is great for under eyes. The key is to use these correctly. They need to be used PRIOR to your foundation because you need to neutralize your redness, blotchiness, marks, scars, etc before you apply foundation to cover.

Peggy New Suffolk, NY

No More Redness!

This takes the redness out of my complexion completely. I use the concealer to over the puffiness under my eyes. I’ve never bought a product exactly like this, I’ll buy it again. I recommend this to all ladies with fine lines and redness on the cheeks, under the eyes and the forehead. GREAT PRODUCT.

Ella Kellogg, MN

Covers all my red spots

I really liked this product, I have sensitive skin, hormonal acne is one of my problems and I get 2 to 3 zits-like from time to time which leave my skin red and I was looking for a product that would help on my worst days. These concealers have helped a lot. They are light weight, and if you learn how to use them they work like magic. I usually apply a tiny green dot on the area I need to cover the red, then I blend it and if the área is too big I use the beige concealer on top, if not I apply the Almay Smart Shade Smart Balance foundation and looks really good and natural, it deffinitely helps me feel better and confident. It has worked great for me. In case you were wondering I am latin with an almond tone and light to medium skin tone.

Kristina Lincoln, NE

Great for small corrections

I’m reviewing the yellow,beige,and pink corrector pack, but I haven’t tried the green one yet. First off and most importantly, this is not suitable for large areas that need more than a dab of concealer. Also, someone mentioned that if you apply this over dry skin it will accentuate flakiness, however, use a moisturizer first. The yellow stick is great for applying under the eyes to hide baggage. Only use a little, because too much will cause it to cake up a bit in the creases. I always check in the mirror once in awhile to make sure I don’t have yellow lines, but that does not bother me. The beige is decent for covering up blemishes, but you will need a powder or some other form of foundation for a more flawless look. The pink is my least favorite. I applied it up on the sides of my eyes as pictured on the back of the package and did not see any noticeable results. If anything, applying the pink makes me look sickly. Overall, a great product if you apply it sparingly.

Miranda Bowman, GA


This product is not worth buying. I used it once since i got them and never used them again. They do not go on smoothly nor do the hide the imperfections and do use the highlighter from time to time.

Tina Marion, IL