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Physicians Formula Healthy Wear SPF 50 Protective Tinted Moisturizer-Fair/Light-1 oz

Delivers maximum SPF 50 broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection while providing sheer and natural-looking color. Protects- SPF Boosters and Mineral-based ingredients provide SPF 50 protection without residue or greasiness. Prevents- Potent antioxidant blend helps prevent future UV damage and premature signs of aging. Restores- Licorice Extract & Tomato Derivatives help brighten skin and diminish the appearance of sun spots.{%SCFLogo%}

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it’s okay.

Jenny Paradis, LA

Great stuff!

Have used the Neutrogena tinted moisturizer for years, but felt I needed more SPF now that I’ve turned 60. This moisturizer is great. Much better coverage than the Neutrogena with much better staying power. Water and sweat proof, so much so that I had to find a new cleanser to remove it. I use PF Skin Concern: Aging Wrinkle Correcting Firming cleanser. I finish this (after waiting a few minutes for it to set) with the PF Bronzer-Light. As others have said, use this moisturizer sparingly, put it on quickly and wait for it to set. This is my new favorite skin care product.

Susanne Cascadia, OR

Love it!

I haven’t used this product yet on a lengthy day out in the sun but I love the coverage it gives! It’s just as good as a foundation as far as creating flawless skin goes without being heavy on the face or clogging pores; yet it also keeps my face moisturized all day as well. I will most definitely be buying this stuff again!

Verna Kimberly, WV

Light and Freckled Face

This product is awesome! I love it! It is a great light-to-medium coverage that feel light-weight and gives excellent moisture. I love that is is 50 SPF instead of the typical 15 that is in most tinted moisturizers and makeups. It does have a sunscreen-like smell, but it is not very strong. My skin is relatively dry and my sense of smell is very sensitive, so to have a moisturizer that can double as makeup and not give me a migraine from the smell is very valuable to me. I also have very fair skin with many facial freckles which are not covered, but accentuated by this product in a great way. I cannot recommend it enough! I have had a good relationship with Physicians Formula and was hoping they would come out with a tinted moisturizer product that did not have the perfumes like their other tinted moisturizers – low and behold: here it is!!!

Jean Oaktown, IN

Really great tinted moisturizer!

I have never purchased a tinted moisturizer before because my skin is combination/oily so I never really have needed “much” moisture to be put back on my skin. However, I wanted a makeup with a high SPF to it and I found this while browsing the internet. While looking on the internet for reviews on this I found some and they all were fairly good. So I purchased this and I really like it. It is a little runny so it dispenses very easily and kind of has a sunscreen smell to it but nothing major. Also, the tints DO run darker. So purchase the shade lighter than you usually would. I got the Fair to Light but I also think that the shade lighter to this would work for my complexion as well however, the Light to Natural would’ve been way too dark for me. Another plus is it’s in a cute little Orange and Pink bottle 🙂 This didn’t break me out, didn’t make my skin any oilier than what it usually is and didn’t burn when I put it on (like some other foundations and sunscreens do to my face).

Pearl North Powder, OR

Oily, oily, oily

My skin is not that oily AND I live in the desert. But geez, this stuff made me super shiny and it just never seemed to set. It also smells very much like plastic. I really wanted to like this stuff, too, because Like I said I live in the desert and loved the idea of a 50 spf. Too bad.

Lolita Kenansville, FL

Healthy Wear Makeup

Easy to use and stays on. Would order this again.

Shanna Belleville, PA