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Physicians Formula Conceal RX Physicians Strength Concealer, Fair Light, 0.49 Ounce

Maximum coverage concealer formula that glides on smoothly to conceal blemishes, dark under-eye circles, scars, birthmarks, age spots, bruises, rosacea and hyperpigmentation.

Key features

  • Used For: Concealing
  • For Use On: Face
  • Includes: Concealer

Honest reviews


I give up!

I keep trying to find the perfect concealer and I don’t think it exists. I have some sun-age spots on my arm and have probably tried everything including this product and it doesn’t even come close to covering.

Rhonda Sedalia, MO

straight up AGES you. 🙁

I bought this concealer along with their new RX powder (which I like better than this product) with high hopes. I had seen ads around the internet for these products before they were even released and wanted to buy them as soon as they came out… The ads looked pretty promising and I’ve liked Physicians Formula products I’ve bought in the past, even though in my opinion they’re kind of expensive.The powder is okay -not anything special though and I’m not repurchasing (I found one I like a lot better… I’m keeping my 3/4 full Physicians Formula RX powder though as a good back-up). But this review isn’t for the powder -this review for this concealer. This horrible, horrible (my opinion of course!) concealer.I am 27 and tend to look younger for my age. My 23 year old sister and I are very, very often mistaken for twins and people always guess that I am younger than I actually am. My family has good genes also. I’m not trying to brag or anything, but both the men and women in my family on one side do not age normally -they look very young for their ages. I think it’s primarily because of our skin, not sure where it comes from or why, but that doesn’t really matter. There’s no question now that I’ve gotten those genes. I’m blessed for it, I know, but again, I’m not trying to brag, I’m trying to explain that I have good skin and usually do NOT have problems with makeup doing to my skin what this concealer has done.The fact of the matter is that this concealer AGES you –no matter your age or your genes or your skin type. It would age literally ANYONE I think. It’s cake-y and gathers any kind of powder you put on it horribly. If you wear it without powder, best believe, it WILL still cake and from my experiences in trying to wear this it still looks just as bad (plus your eye makeup looks worse because there’s no powder setting underneath it –ughh!).To say I am disappointed in this product is an understatement. I’m going to be very careful buying Physician’s Formula’s products in the future (products that I haven’t tried -I still love their bronzers and a few other products like their shimmery eyeshadows).It’s also painful to me because Physicians Formula makes another concealer that is VASTLY superior! And it’s not even marketed like the RX one is —when it is everything that the RX concealer SHOULD be. In fact I bought this concealer not because I thought it would do such a great job, but because I wanted to take a gamble buying a ‘natural’ concealer. Needless to say I was VERY pleasantly surprised and am glad I still have a tiny bit left of it. It’s the Physicians Formula Organic Wear Concealer —and I just did a search here on amazon and I can’t find any sellers selling it (except a weird green one that has bad reviews). Which makes me incredibly sad because that concealer is so, so, SO much better than this one!!It doesn’t cake, looks great under make-up and powder without ‘gathering’ the powder and showing that the powder is there, helping you set your make-up without emphasizing any under eye baggage or lines or creases (everyone above the age of 15 has some little creases and of course it seems the older you get, or when you’re just tired, you’re going to have a bit more). It looked great being photographed too -which is something I care about and am always looking for in my makeup.Anyway, seeing as that product appears to not be sold anymore (so sad to find that out right now!) 🙁 I guess I will just focus on this one again… I know I’m just reiterating, but I found it to be incredibly cake-y and aging. I wish I could return mine and get my money back. :(I also did try it on one problem area I needed covered while using this product (the only time I used it other than on the under-eye area) and I wasn’t very impressed. Initially it covered well but wore off very quickly. If this is the only purpose you would use this concealer for it might work for you -but be prepared to have it on-hand to reapply during the day.Maybe it will work for you and there are some good reviews here so obviously it’s worked for others, but I have had such a negative experience with this concealer I just feel compelled to write this review… If you are somewhere around my age and would use this product primarily for the under-eye area, please don’t purchase it -like me, you will probably end up regretting it. If you are not I would urge you to read the other reviews (I haven’t, but can see there are some good ones here because as of now the total star rating for this product is pretty high) –perhaps they are using it in other ways or have different skin than I do (and aren’t using it on the under-eye area!) and their uses are ones that would mirror your own. But again, if you have skin like mine and would use it like I have & like I use concealer on a daily basis -stay away! And if a Physicians Formula employee EVER reads this review by chance and has any sway over product releases —please, please, please (begging here!) re-release the Organic Wear Concealer but with a NEW marketing strategy that would highlight all the fabulous things about it!! I LOVE/D that Concealer and was SO impressed with it. If people knew how great it was AND that it didn’t contain any harmful chemicals and did contained good ingredients I know it would be an awesome seller. It outperforms a lot of non-natural concealers by far! I absolutely love it and as of right now am planning on trying to find SOMEONE selling it and hopefully will be able to stock up as much as I can…

Pamala Baileys Harbor, WI


I received this product and in a timely manner however, I was very disappointed. I have used this product for months and happened to find it a little cheaper here on Amazon. When I received the product, I automatically noticed the color of the container was darker than ones I had before but I figured it could just be the packaging and I didn’t worry. When I squeezed the product onto the back of my hand I was shocked. The color of the product was a dark tan color. Nowhere near something that some one with very fair skin could wear. The consistency was thick and the product didn’t blend well at all. I tried some on a few of my blemishes and it dried up my skin so terribly that I thought I was having an allergic reaction. I am very disappointed and have contact the seller and will be sending this back in to receive my refund for this waste of time.

Noreen Bristol, IL


this concealer is great, full coverage and works as a highlighter too. I love it and probably will purchase this again.

Latonya Seneca, SD

Really heavy.

Though this concealer does just that, I had to stop using it because my face began to break out. It was too heavy for what I needed in a concealer.

Gay Massies Mill, VA

Does the job

I like this product because it hides blemishes and some scarring. I like how its in a tube so I can squeeze it out onto a disposable makeup applicator. I’m buying this again when I run out.

Kimberlee Effingham, SC

Goes on thick, but helps with coverage

I have a lot of hyperpigmentation on my skin, which foundation usually can’t completely conceal. I started using this product and did see that the green pigment offset the redness on my face. However, this stuff is really thick and you only need a little bit. I usually put it on immediately after I apply my moisturizer because I find that it helps this to spread better. Just be sure to blend it fully around the hair and chin line so you don’t have green smears, and be especially careful around the hairline. Once it gets in your hair, you’ll need to wash it out with some water and possible soap, as rubbing it with just your fingers makes it flake.One thing to note – this product can make you look a little pasty. Because the green is meant to counteract any red on your face, your skin could end up looking very pale. Using foundation that’s darker than your skin tone or wearing blush can help, but if you don’t use either then just beware.

Emilie Tahuya, WA