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Photo Finish Oil Free Foundation Primer

2.0 fl. oz. 60 mlWhat is it: A jumbo value size of smashbox’s iconic Photo Finish foundation primer.Who is it for: All skin types.Why is it different: Create a perfect canvas for foundation application with this lightweight, oil-free, silky blend of vitamins A and E, grape seed extract, and green tea. Worn alone or under foundation to increase its longevity, this unique formula helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores for visibly softer skin with a velvety smooth finish.How do I use it: Apply a pea-sized amount to clean, moisturized skin.

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  • Made in USA

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Save Your Money

I love that this leaves your face feeling very soft and smooth and allows your makeup to go on with a near flawless appearance… however, I found a site that listed the ingredients of this (not on the bottle) and googled it only to find out it contains almost all the same ingredients found in Monistat Chafing Relief Gel. Upon further reading I read that several makeup artist use the Monistat the same way you use this product. So, for far less money I’ll be buying the Monistat next time. The added bonus is that it can be purchased at WalMart.

Patty Amawalk, NY

Quick order fulfillment for an unimpressive product

I have mixed opinions on this product. Having dry skin that flares up with acne with the slightest introduction of oily makeup, it’s pretty hard for me to find a product that works. You don’t really need to use a lot of this; in fact, it’s kind of like a gel, so there comes a point when your skin won’t really absorb extra. That said, even though I sometimes put on too much, I haven’t broken out yet. My skin also still seems somewhat dry, though. My pores are maybe a little smaller after using this and I use just slightly less makeup, but it really doesn’t do any miracles.

Carrie Lindsay, NE


This is great! I read the reviews before buying and completely agree.This goes on smooth and doesn’t feel heavy when on.Picture perfect and nice that it is not tinted.

Hazel Hooper, CO


This product is almost magical as it provides a silky, velvety base for any foundation or powder layered on top….really helps now in the winter months with excess drying of the skin!

Velma Meadowbrook, WV


love using this primer. Only complaint is that I found it to be like water on the first day using it. Maybe it was the heat, but after a few days It thickens up to its usual consistancy

June Courtland, AL

Makes such a difference in my foundation wear

This product is so smooth and silky when applied. I love the way my skin feels with it on. I’m able to apply my foundation over this primer. And, I do think it makes my makeup last longer in the day.

Susana Higley, AZ