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Phisoderm Anti-Blemish Body Wash, 10-Ounce Bottles

pH balanced anti-blemish body wash clears up acne breakouts for smooth, balanced skin

Key features

  • Triple Soothing Formula: Vitamin E, Aloe & Chamomile
  • Refreshing Fragrance
  • 2% Salicylic Acid

Honest reviews



This product is very good. Have bought more than once and will buy again. Great to help clear up blemishes on skin.

Tonya Lake Waccamaw, NC

Great Body Wash

This comes ina three pack from Amazon. The bottle is not too big so the chances of it slipping out of your hands and landing on your big toe is minimal. It smells great and is light and won’t leave too much scent on your sking. Lathers wonderfully. Rinses clean without harsh drying effects. I feel smoother and clearer all over… But I don’t have scientific proof to back that one up. Good value if you subscribe for auto delivery. You get a discount, and free shipping. And it shows up at the doorstep once every 1, 2, 3, or 6 months. A complete no brainer!

Kaitlyn Mantador, ND

Broke Me Out More After A Few Weeks Of Use

I’m getting married in a few months and I tire of my back periodically breaking out during certain times of the month….So I thought I’d attempt to avoid the break out by cutting off the cycle..instead I broke out more and with knobby painful blemishes…nothing I want seen in a strapless dress…thus I’m off to find another product. Also they used to offer this for $10 for 3 with free shipping when I ordered it before, now I see they’ve doubled the price.

Natalie Ector, TX

Works pretty good

My teen has severe back acne and is on daily meds for it. Prior to the meds we were only using this. It did a decent job. Only downside we have learned you really need to lather it on and sit with it on skin for several minutes prior to rinsing to get ultimate benefit. Also you cannot get this in the stores… I wish you could

Allene South Dennis, MA

Great Body Wash

This has a really light scent and leaves my skin moisturized while treating the blemishes on my back. I have noticed an improvement and will definitely keep on using.

Nina Negaunee, MI

better than Neutrogena

I have used Neutrogena for years, and saw the great deal Amazon had with Phisoderm. This is GREAT and my skin has never looked better. I will keep on buying this!

Abigail Tower City, PA

this product is amazing. I have been using it for roughly one …

this product is amazing. I have been using it for roughly one week and I can totally see the blemishes start going away. I have not gotten any me you break out this product is amazing I will continue using it. Very very very happy with this purchase. I would recommend it to anyone who has blemishes I want to get rid of them.

Joan Allison Park, PA

No results

I did not notice any difference in body acne after using this product for several months. I will keep looking to see if any other products can do the job.

Maryellen Milton, KS

very strong scent

Got this for very acne-laden teen daughter & also used for myself. Did nothing to help our acne issues, neither hers nor my own infrequent pimple or two. This is extremely watery, so it really pours right out of bottle onto body sponge & of course, the floor. This of course made for even more lather than it inherantly provided. Very difficult to completely rinse out of sponge. Worst of all, the scent. Very strong, makes me taste it. Lingers in bathroom beyond shower time too, so it is very bothersome to me. However, at least it didn’t feel drying.

Jerri Dorton, KY

Great cost savings as a face wash!

I don’t have any problems with acne – but I still need to wash my face – and it is gentle enough to wash my face using a dime sized bit on my face and save me the trouble of buying a face cleanser every month or so. Lasts a very, very long time – and since my beauty regime is very simple (face wash, natural facial oil at night and sunscreen for day) – it’s a home run!

Clara Turner, ME

Reunited and it feels so good!

I was devastated when this was no longer sold in stores. I switched over to Nuetrogena body wash but it just wasn’t the same. This isn’t heavy with scent and you don’t have to choose between smelling like chemicals or pink grapefruit. Any smell this may have is wasted away with the soap. It is, however, VERY watery. In fact I’d say it’s thickness is on par with water. You only need a small amount to get a good lather but if you’re not used to such a thin soap you may waste a lot of it at first. This product really does make a difference in the clarity of my skin and it rinses off completely. No gross filmy feeling or skin irritation after wards.

Karina Abbott, TX

Love Subscribe and Save and this product

The phisoderm body wash is great. I have all of my kids using it. If you are prone to breakouts… this stuff is wonderful. Subscribe and Save is fantastic!!

Elisa Davidsonville, MD

The only solution to unsightly arm bumps

My whole life I have had little bumps on my arms. I finally gave this a try, and it has made them go away, something no doctor was ever able to do, ironically.The minute I use a different soap, the bumps come back; and the minute I reuse this, they go away.For me, a miracle product.

Tracie Ninole, HI

Seems to work.

It definitely isn’t a miracle drug or anything, but it seems to help reduce my acne a bit. It doesn’t seem to completely get rid of it either though. It also seems to work better on my face than my body for whatever reason. Pretty much completely cleared up the face, very minimal effect on my back. I have only been using it a week though, so will see.

Lizzie Milliken, CO

Good value

Kids are teenagers and are breaking out badly and this product seems to help the breakout on their back and chest.Good value and fast shipping.

Lorna Center Harbor, NH

Not Sure

Some times I still break out and other times, it is smooth for a while. Not sure if this is as effective as everyone says it is but maybe it depends on your skin.

Annette Davisburg, MI

Worked at first but then broke me out in places Ive never seen bumps before.

I purchased this product after I developed a large cystic pimple on my back which I had to go to the derm to have it drained. The product seemed to work at first.My skin is naturally very oily and during the summer months its even worse, so this product dried up the oily placed fast. However, my skin all over started to become irritatingly dry. I than began to break out in places I never had pimples. So reduce the usage to every other day. But I still continued to break out. So I just stopped using it until I was clear. Then I began to use it over other day. And guess what?! You bet! Break outs came back. So I stopped using it.Maybe it will work if I used it once a week? or month? lol but then how effective can a product be with such infrequency?As a long term acne (on face) sufferer, I do understand that some products just dont work for some. I wish everyone luck!

Judi Walterboro, SC

Wonderful product!!!

Zit-free back in just 1 week!!! Buy it withAquis Exfoliating Back Scrubberand they work wonders! You can show off your back wherever, whenever!

Jacquelyn Indian River, MI