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Philosophy Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser, 16 Ounces

Our award-winning daily facial skin cleanser is formulated to gently cleanse, tone and melt away all face and eye makeup in one simple step, while lightly hydrating the skin.

Key features

  • Natural oil extracts help condition skin
  • Fragrace-free formula

Honest reviews


Eureka—The Perfect Cleanser! Really.

*****I really like “Purity Made Simple”. It is a one-step cleanser for those of us who like things easy and who don’t want to buy gajillions of products that we end up not using. It has a clean, fresh scent that is sort of herby, yet kind of minty, while not smelling like mint at all—it mostly just smells pleasant and fresh, if there is such a scent.I do not wear makeup at all, but my skin is a combination type. So I have dry spots and wrinkles, and then really oily places (like my nose and forehead). I am menopausal to boot so I have wrinkle concerns and no longer scrub my face with soap. “Purity Made Simple” is the solution to all of these problems for me. I put a little bit on my hand in the bathtub, and gently wash my face with it each morning. It feels so good and is fun to use, because your face feels incredible afterwards!It doesn’t foam up at all, but it’s not that kind of cleanser. You get used to no foam. Kind of like with your antiperspirant or your moisturizer—you don’t want foam from them either, but you don’t expect it right? If you’re used to suds with a facial cleanser, I’m betting you’ll get used to the simplicity and effectiveness of this product and will not miss your old cleanser one bit.Some other reviewers said it irritated their skin, which I’m sure can happen with any product. Check the ingredients listed on this page and make sure you’re not allergic to any of them, then try the product, and hopefully you’ll get to use it and be as happy with it as I am.You only use a little bit, so it lasts a long time.Highest recommendation.*****

Therese Saint Anthony, ND

Purity with a side of toxicity?!

I was excited to finally have a facial cleanser to melt away makeup and it worked wonders at first…HOWEVER, I started to break out…BAD! I could literally connect the pimple dots on my face! UGHHH! Then I discovered that it has IMIDAZOLIDINYL UREA(found in urine)! Which I have researched and it is toxic for your skin! I cannot express how angry I am, not just because it’s expensive but also because it’s supposed to purify your skin. I’m never purchasing from Philosophy again.

Therese Grand Isle, LA


If I could give this no stars, I would do it without hesitation. To start off with, this stuff is disgustingly OVERPRICED, considering how many damaging ingredients there are in this product. While I might get comments in response to this ‘My skin feels fine’, ‘this doesn’t irritate my skin’ this doesn’t change the fact that this stuff is able to penetrate the skin membrane and damage your collagen (what makes your skin supple). Personally, when I first used this product I massaged it on my face without problem, but when I rinsed it off my skin felt tight and dry!Isn’t purity indicative of being gentle? Apparently not.Just to give you more in depth criticism of this product is… IT HAS FREAKING BLACK PEPPER IN IT.As if all of the other oils filling in this junk product weren’t irritating enough.If you want to damage your skin from the inside out, go ahead and buy this product.

Antoinette Onaga, KS

Worth a second try

I first received this in the sample bottle, and honestly, I wasn’t all that impressed with it. I wasn’t crazy about the smell, it didn’t lather, and it just didn’t seem to do anything special. I kept it around for “bar nights” when I needed to really scrub out all the cigarette smoke from my pores, or nights I was too lazy to take off my eye makeup. (This works great for eye-makeup, and I use waterproof everything.)Fast forward to my senior year of college. I got mono, and my skin completely freaked out. I would get huge cystic pimples around my chin, on the corners of my mouth, and in between my eyebrows. NOTHING I tried seemed to work. I used Proactiv, Neutrogena products, all the over-the-counter acne sets. I was starting to get desperate, but after a night out, I used the Purity and went to bed. I woke up, and my skin felt smoother, it wasn’t as dry and sensitive from all the acne stuff, and my breakouts seemed smaller. I kept using it every night, along with my acne cleanser in the morning and spot treatment at night. The Purity kept my face from getting too dry, breakouts were few and far between and healed faster. Within a week or so I saw a huge difference. In three weeks my skin was almost completely clear.I’ve completely stopped using any acne stuff other than the spot treatment, and my skin has stayed clear. I don’t even need moisturizer. I still have blackheads and the occasional pimple, but the ones I get now are small and go away within a day or two. I can go into public without concealer- which is awesome, because I spent so much time dabbing on concealers and powder to hide my skin.I can’t promise that this will work for everyone, but for my skin, which is dry, slightly sensitive, and breaks out due to hormones/stress, it worked great for me. It is expensive, but it lasts a long time. I’d recommend trying the 4oz sample bottle first- it lasts a good two or three months and isn’t priced much higher than your typical drugstore brand.

Velma Sweet Home, OR

Maybe I’m just a tiny exception to the Philosophy lovefest?

I was unable to take home samples of the Philosophy cleanser, and let the SA talk me into the $30 set of cleanser/retinol/moisturizer. First of all, I use tea tree/lavender oil in my homemade cleaners and that’s the smell that hit me when I used the cleanser. Not good.It wasn’t even a fresh, pleasant smell like these oils can have. It just reminded me this is what I spray on the toilet.So-so cleaning power, and it made my skin feel a little like I just hadn’t gotten it all off. When I used a washcloth to get that coated feeling off my face, then my skin was tight and dry and ITCHY. Red and itchy, not good for acne prone skin.It also left that toilet-reminding-smell behind on my face to taunt my nose the rest of the night.I have used a ton of skincare products during my lifetime and this rates down there for me. If you cannot try a sample first, at least make sure you buy it from a vendor with a return policy in place. JUST IN CASE you are in the minority who don’t like it.

Sophia La Vernia, TX

Nothing Special

I bought this cleanser after reading the rave reviews (I’m a sucker for reviews). After using it for 2 weeks, I have to say that it’s nothing special. My face feels neither better nor worse using Philosophy Purity than any other drugstore brand (Neutrogena, Aveeno, Clean & Clear). For $20, I was expecting something special. Maybe the people who gave this product five stars are experiencing a placebo effect where they feel like it’s more effective/better for their skin because it’s a more expensive cleanser. Or maybe this product just works better for them, who knows? But coming from a girl in her 20s with a normal or combination skin-type, I can’t see even a tiny bit of difference.When I run out of Purity, I’ll be returning to my regular $10 cleansers thank you very much. While I’m not recommending against anyone buying this product, I wouldn’t say it’s a “must-have” by any stretch of the imagination.

Henrietta Galena, MO

Great cleanser and toner in one

Have used this(and many other Philosophy products)for a long time, in all weather conditions with my skin type ranging from Normal in the summer to Dry in the winter and never found a better “2 in 1” skin cleanser. Do yourself a favor, try the 8oz size, it only takes a bit and lasts quite a while. You will be more conscious of the amount you use so it becomes more budget friendly. Although Philosophy products are not outrageously priced like many other Dept Store products that don’t do near the job. Also order from Sephora via Amazon as they usually have $50 or more is free shipping. Other Philosophy facial products I cannot exist without: Philosophy Hope in a Jar for normal skin and in the winter time Philosophy Hope In A Jar Therapeutic Moisturizer For Dry Sensitive Skin. philosophy | when hope is not enough | replenishing cream | facial moisturizing cream is a great nightime hydrating cream without feeling like you dipped your face in vat of Crisco.

Alexis Columbia, LA

I am seriously SO sad.

This product cleared my acne, that is for sure. But I have dry skin.. and I’ve read about others with dry skin and acne prone and using this and it works wonderful so I thought why not give it a try. I have been using this for about a week and a half now and as I mentioned before I have dry skin. My face has become SO INTENSELY dry and I thought maybe it was the winter season? Maybe its just my skin acting up? So I bought dry skin cream. Didn’t work. I bought another dry skin cream. Again, didn’t work. I tried one more time but this time I bought a VERY thick one.. and guess what. It did not work. My skin is STILL dry and this is so not like my skin. So stop using it and my skin is slowly starting to gain back the moisture. This product dried the HECK out of my face and BADLY to the point of where NO cream on this earth was going to work on my skin. If you have dry skin I highly do not recommend this product because it is TERRIBLE. Clears acne? Yes. Hydrating? Not in the LEAST bit and I am so upset because I wanted to love this product so much and I can’t. My skin was miserable.

Cassie Rose, NY


This is a great facial cleanser!! It removes all make up but doesn’t leave your face feeling stripped and dry!! I’m 60+ and have been using the same expensive cleanser for years. It did a good job of cleaning but left my face very dry. Philosophy Purity Made Simple leaves my face clean, soft and slightly moisturized. I follow it with Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar before going to bed each night. The two combinations are fantastic. My face never feels greasy because both products are very light and the Hope in a Jar absorbs quickly.

Pamala Rock Creek, OH

Utterly Disappointed!

I am just SO DISAPPOINTED! After all of the rave reviews on this product I really thought it was going to be great to use. However, it was awful, it made me break out badly and did not remove eye make up. I am overall really disappointed with all of the Philosophy products that I have tried lately. They are on the pricey side, so I definitely expected much better quality. I had no idea that regular Ponds Cold Cream would beat out such a product as Philosophy. I should have erred on the side of “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” and not changed my line of facial products. Lesson learned. Sad that I cannot return these products.

Roslyn Branson, CO

Good cleanser, but made me break out!

PROS:Face feels clean, but not tight.Doesn’t overdry.Works great with the Clarisonic.A little goes a long way.Gentle on the skin.CONS:Doesn’t completely remove waterproof mascara.Doesn’t control my shine.Made me break out.Very pricey.BOTTOM LINE: I LOVE this product, but it’s not for me. It is really expensive, made me break out and doesn’t completely remove eye-makeup. HOWEVER, it is worth a try because you wouldn’t believe how lovely it feels on your skin. My suggestion is to do what I did: buy the travel size, use it for a couple of weeks and see how it works for your skin type.

Bonnie Lorida, FL

Effective Facial Cleanser

Price:-Typically retails around $20-Cheapest on Amazon or if you get it as part of a skin care bundle kitWhat’s the product like:-No foam facial cleanser – this is a cream. For people used to a soapy foam this will initially feel like it is not cleaning your skin; it does effectively clean you just have to get used to the no foam.-Neutral scent – nothing too strong, it’s not unpleasant, just a light fragrance-Little goes a long way – you don’t need a palm-full of this cleanser, a squirt the size of a nickel should be plenty to clean your face and neck; the package size is not huge but this will last for several months with daily use since you don’t have to use a ton-This cleanser is nice to use with a Clarisonic as it’s not overly-drying, so with the Clarisonic exfolitation it’s probably a good idea to use a gentle cleanser like PurityResults:-Product effectively removed make up-Impressive eye-make up removal, soapy, salicylic acid cleansers I have used in the past burn my eyes and don’t really do a great job with waterproof mascara and eyeline – this product is great for removing stubborn make up (which I was really surprised by because it’s so gentle)Overall:-Besides the waterproof makeup removal there is nothing extraordinary about this cleanser – there are plenty of cream cleansers out there, I don’t think this one is as magical as some reviewers claim.-I think there is a very loyal following of Philosophy consumers that like their products because they do such a great job marketing to their shoppers, their products make you feel good and have “hope” that they can help make your skin better. Their marketing techniques, packaging and approach to connecting with women almost make you feel like they are your friend, not a company trying to make money off of you.-I like Philosophy products, all the ones I have tried have been effective and appear to be good quality, but I think in the future I will stick to there “treatment” products. I do like cleanser, but will not repurchase due to the price tag and the fact that it’s not really that much better than any other cleansers I have tried.-If you’re trying Philosophy for the first time, I would recommend trying one of their “treatment” products that aims to improve your skin in some way besides just washing make up off (lots of products can do that) – I think it would be a better use of your money to try something like Philosophy Help Me retinol cream, one of their facial peels or facial lotions.

Alfreda Dumont, CO

Great cleanser, toner, make-up remover, skin softener in one. My new go-to product.

I have read the reviews and saw this in every magazine touted as "THE CLEANSER" so I decided to give it a try since my proactive began to dry out my skin a bit and I wanted something gentler. Well, I am a convert. Here’s is why :1. I love the texture of my skin. This leaves my skin remarkably soft and I must say my sunscreen and night creams go on much easier now.2. I love the light smell it has as well – not overpowering.3. I no longer use a toner since I tried using one after washing my skin with this but nothing was in my cotton swab so Purity is doing its job well.4. I was worried it may make me break out but it hasn’t. I also use an organic tea tree oil after I use this so I know that helps.5. Overall, I would say it is a cost saver since a pea size amount goes a long way vs. my proactive where I had to use more and it felt like it was stripping my skin lately.6. I REALLY removes waterproof makeup. Yes, I am used to using a make-up remover before washing but no need with this. Waterproof comes right off and no feeling of that clumsiness when it’s washed off.So, I am a convert. I do love it and will stick to it. A great buy.

Millie Turin, IA

Cleansing and gentle

I tried this product, wondering about all the hype around the ‘Philosophy’ brand. I initially tried a small sample from Ulta and loved it so much that I went with this 16-oz full-size version!This takes off all my waterproof makeup, and does so very very gently. I have combination-dry skin that is temperamental in colder weather. This cleanser doesn’t ever bother or dry out my skin, and it’s a lot easier than using makeup remover AND cleanser. Sometimes it leaves some eyeliner left in my inner rim, which makes sense because I am not using soap directly on that area. I get the remnants of liner off with a q-tip – this resulted in the 4-star rating, even though its not a big deal at all. I highly recommend this product!

Dominique Gordonville, MO


Love this facial cleanser!! It’s gentle but removes all makeup and doesn’t leave your face stripped and dry!! I have dry skin and it leaves it moist!!

Ruth Jasper, TN


A gentle, daily product that is non-drying and non greasy. Very little has to be used, so the product goes a long way. No soapy residue is left behind and it is fabulous for make-up removal. The skin feels like it can breathe after use.

Antoinette Saratoga, IN

Never live without it!!!

I have been using Philosophy for about a year now, I ran out of my Cleaner and tried another brand …. Never again I cant live with out my Philosophy Purity Made Simple One – Step Facial Cleaner it is worth every penny. Thank you Philosophy.

Vilma Saint Marys, GA

Best cleanser in the universe!

I LOVE Purity, its the best cleanser ever. It will literally melt off all your makeup without making the skin too dry. I wear a lot of water proof eyeliners and this stuff works great on that. I use it as my everyday cleanser even with no makeup on. Its just great and doesn’t strip the skin. Its a true clean. The price Amazon has for subsribe and save is AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING!!!! On a popular beauty site it was 32 bucks for this same size plus shipping. At the time of this review I paid about 27.50 here on Amazon with free shipping. A WAY better deal for something I use all the time. Its great, you won’t regret buying it.

Tanisha Coupeville, WA

Clarisonic owner’s dream

I purchased a sample of this at Sephora out of curiosity, and to see what all the hype was about. Initially, I wasn’t too impressed. It wasn’t horrible but it didn’t “wow” me like I had expected it to. I have oily skin, and it maybe was just my skin type or lack of exfoliation.Then I bought a Clarisonic, and wow! I’m not sure how the two mix so well, but it’s surely a match made in cosmetic heaven. The lather was just right, and I saw more make-up come off on my Clarisonic brush than normal. My skin was so soft afterwards and felt so clean!By itself, this cleanser is OK, once again it just may have been my skin type. but if you have a Clarisonic, it’s a must have. It is worth the hype!

Joyce Kykotsmovi Village, AZ

Overrated and overpriced

I bought this because I had heard so much about it. I LOVE all kinds of skin products and cosmetics, tried many and while I can say this is a decent one, I believe there are out there better ones for much less (such as Naive Aloe Facial Cleansing Foam by Kracie – 110g for less than $7). I will not buy it again

Charity Rocksprings, TX

Soft, Clean and Delicate Feeling

I definitely have used a variety of cleansers over the span of my skincare life, especially since I had really bad acne as a teenager. But I would have to say that this cleanser was different because I never had a cleanser that left my skin feeling so soft but yet clean. I am not too sure how this product works on acne because I don’t have much acne breakouts anymore, but I do get a refreshed feeling after using this.My skin type is oily skin by the way and thankfully this product doesn’t seem to make it more oily. However, I would have to say that it also doesn’t in any way reduce my oily skin. But I use a different product when it comes to that so it isn’t a problem.I have really bad blackheads as well and I would have to say that this did nothing for them, which was expected because the ingredients in your everyday cleansers won’t really help.If I run out of this product, I would probably purchase this again. Nothing is for certain because I am constantly searching for new products, but so far it’s been a delight and no adverse side effects have occurred.

Aileen Van Buren Point, NY

An okay cleanser

This cleanser comes with a lot of hype and an almost religious following. Not sure why. It’s an average / okay cleanser that is no better than any normal cleanser, in my opinion. I don’t think it does a good job taking off mascara, btw – which it’s supposed to do easily. It doesn’t.

Leanne Azalia, MI

Scrub a-dub-dub!

Fantastic, gentle, milky product. Gets off all traces of makeup and dirt without stripping the skin. My mother even uses this now!

Lottie Otto, NC

Made me break out

I really wanted to like this product. Priced right, smells great, feels great, and the reviews were all great both here and at Sephora, but it make me break out. I don’t have acne issues at all, never had. I continued to use it for several weeks but it just left me a little oily. I have normal/combination skin and I’m still in search of a good cleanser and moisturizer. Trying Murad now.

Tami Naytahwaush, MN


i purchase this as a recommendation to use along my clarisonic mia 2, and i love it, it leaves my oily skin feeling clean and fresh, and removes make up like no other, excellent to save a few steps of my nightly routine.

Pam Plainfield, PA


I received a 2 oz sample of this in my new beauty test tube. I tried using this recently for a few days morning and night. I used it as directed (leave on for 60 seconds). First of all it smells exactly like bug repellant spray lol. Not a big deal but thought I would mention it. But yeah while washing it has a slimy texture, it doesn’t foam up unless you were to really make an attempt but that’s not an issue just mentioning. There is *some* foaming action but not much. After using my face looks mostly okay but doesn’t feel clean (and I only use mineral powder or bb cream). If I had a breakout then that area would be reddened after washing. After the first day I could tell this just was not working for my skin. My skin felt dirty, pores were larger, face seemed irritated. After the third day I was breaking out a LOT. I was getting crazy huge pimples all around my mouth and chin area. And I was getting pimples in strange places like the tip of my nose and around my eye sockets lol. Something in this was quite irritating and didn’t wash off my face probably. I don’t personally feel that this face wash is gentle or effective. For reference my face is sensitive oily and clog prone, Acne prone especially with irritating ingredients. Therefore I cannot recommend this face wash and I will have to figure out what to do with the remainder as I never throw anything out that isn’t expired (and neither should you!) maybe I will use as a brush cleaner.

Brianna Green Pond, AL

Good summer cleanser

I switch my cleansers seasonally, as in the winter my skin is too dry and in the summer far too oily. Purity Made Simple is good for the summer at cutting through all the grease and gunk. It’s also pretty good at taking off waterproof mascara without irritating my eyes (I manage to do it, I think, without getting much in my eyes, but whatever makes it in there doesn’t sting). It was my first cleanser as a step up from Oil of Olay type stuff, and I’ve never looked back since. It doesn’t lather up, but that doesn’t mean it’s not getting your face clean. Doesn’t do anything for zits, and I find it kind of irritating for dry winter skin, but for normal-oily skin without issues, it’s pretty good.

Jennifer Chatham, MA

Good For Every Member of the Family

My family has a multitude of skin types. My husband is very oily, I am combination, my biological kids have a combo of the two of us, and my adopted kids have everything from super oily, to super breakouts.It does not matter who uses this when it is available in the shower, everyone’s complection is improved. I started using it after Oprah turned me on to Hope in a Jar. I haven’t changed my regime since. A couple of my (8) children have tried products like the popular infomercial ones (you know the brands), only to come back to Purity because of the deep clean and quick changes in their skin.My daughters love that their makeup comes off in a breeze. I love that I can get the same product for all of us and get great results.Even my spa facialist comments on the quality of my skin. What more could you ask for? Don’t believe me? Amazon does offer the smaller sizes before you jump into the large pump size. Try it for yourself.

Lesley Meridianville, AL

Kind of pricey for a facial cleanser and….

I will begin by stating that I have never had problem skin of any kind, no acne, no blotches, no wrinkles, and I’m in my forties. I don’t wear much make up and though in the summer I do enjoy a suntan with sunscreen protected skin, I by no means am a sun worshipper. Over the years I’ve happily used the Philosophy line of 3-in-1 body washes but since they are on the expensive side, I use the product sparingly and seldom treat myself to more than 3 bottles a year. When I tried a sample of this PURITY face cleanser, I was impressed that it was a one-step cleanser for face and eye makeup, plus it was fragrance free. I shelled out the $32 plus tax for this 16oz. bottle (ouch!) and after using it for a week I began to notice that my face became extremely dry! I was not expecting this at all. In the winter I take extra care with moisturizers anyway, so putting a little extra cream on the face after using this wasn’t a big deal just to get rid of the dryness, but I’m not so sure that for the price it is worth it at all. I know that if you bought a facial cleanser and an eye makeup remover separately, you might pay the $32 anyway, but if it leaves my face dry and flakey, nothing terrific can be said for this product. Yes, I expect this review will be unpopular, but I’m really just being honest with how the product affected me personally, and I may or may not be alone in my experience. Had Noxema not changed their “original” scent from way back when, I would still be using that for a mere few bucks a jar.Noxzema Deep Cleansing Cream, Original – 14 oz

Teri Maypearl, TX


This face wash came with something I ordered and after the 1st use I knew I was going to like it. I waited 3 weeks to write this review and I must say I will never EVER be with out this. EVER!! I have decent skin, which can be oily sometimes. This wash is amazing. I’m a guy so don’t need it for make up removal so am purely using this to wash my face. I strongly encourage everyone to try this. I really don’t think you will be disappointed.

Concepcion Grafton, NY