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Philosophy Pink Frosted Animal Cracker

Sweeten your shower with pink frosted animal cracker shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath. This circus animal cookie-inspired shower gel provides a rich, foaming lather to cleanse and condition skin and hair. The moisturizing formula leaves skin and hair feeling super soft, while the delicious, pink frosted cookie scent brings fun indulgence to your shower or bath.

Key features

  • Multitasking, 3-in-1 shower gel
  • Leaves skin and hair feeling silky soft
  • Delicious, pink frosted cookie scent brings fun indulgence

Honest reviews


This scent is delightful and yummy!

I originally bought french vanilla bean by philosophy and really disliked it, and upon returning it I saw this scent and decided to open the little seal to smell it before buying. OMG! So good, it’s like sweet shortbread cookies with a butter cream frosting and a touch of lemony notes. If you like cupcake/cake/sugary scented products go for this one. Can’t wait for my bath time tonight!

Janna Beaufort, MO

shower gel

A great purchase. Smells wonderful. I love it. Best one yet. I would buy this again. A gift would be great with this item.

Sophia East Sparta, OH

Smells Amazing

This is the best smelling body wash I’ve ever had – it really makes the shower enjoyable, lathers well, doesn’t cause breakouts, etc. Go for it! And it’s pink!

Cheryl Onia, AR

Smells good

This pink animal cracker smells awesome!! Absolutely love it! It smells just like you think it would and leaves your skin feeling very soft! Also makes a great gift! Got this for my niece and she flipped 🙂

Ines Lake Wales, FL

Not overly impressed.

Nothing wrong with this stuff.. but the cookie smell is overwhelming in the shower. So thinking I might just put this in my hand soap dispenser until it runs out. Luckily the smell isn’t long lasting (also unfortunate.. because it makes me think the rest of their products are that way and I like the long lasting smells).

Courtney Fairfield Bay, AR

Scent is right on!

I don’t know how Philosophy captures the scent, but this gel smells just like animal crackers. I can actually smell the butter and vanilla. It reminds me a lot of pink frosted layer cake, which I also love. I have used it as both a shower gel and bubble bath and it lathers very well and does not cause skin irritations. I have not used it on my hair, so I cannot vouch for how it works as a shampoo. I would imagine that it would be too drying for my hair. I want to mention one thing: the cap/neck of the bottle was broken and spilled shower gel all over the box. I called Amazon and they were wonderful about a replacement. The replacement came (in 2 days) tightly sealed and in a plastic bag this time. It might be a good idea for them to seal these shower gels in a plastic bag in the future, especially if the customer is purchasing other items. Thank you.

Jeanine Great River, NY

Amazing Smell

this body wash smells exactly like the name of it. the little pink frosted animal crackers. i will definitely be buying this again. it makes your skin soft & silky.

Angela Saint Johnsbury, VT


This animal cracker multi wash is so delightful. Smells just like frosted animal crackers. What a nice way to brighten a dull day. Leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. I love Philosophy products!

Sue Chinquapin, NC