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Philosophy Miracle Worker Anti-Aging Moisturizer, 2 Ounce

Our anti-aging moisturizer helps replenish skin’s natural moisture barrier, leaving it feeling satiny smooth. Resveratrol helps promote skin’s vitality for a firm, radiant result. It helps support natural collagen, brighten a tired complexion and protect skin against environmental attack, the primary cause of premature aging.

Key features

  • Helping strengthen skin’s natural rejuvenation potential while maximizing its ability to retain moisture
  • It instantly hydrates as it delivers high concentrations of powerful de-aging ingredients
  • Targeting wrinkles and fine lines to improve the overall look and feel of the skin
  • Highest level of antioxidants of any philosophy moisturizer
  • Satiny formula absorbs easily and is comfortable for all skin types
  • You want to help bind hydration to skin and maintain its natural moisture barrier
  • You want skin that feels replenished, satiny smooth and extremely comfortable
  • you want skin that feels replenished, satiny smooth and extremely comfortable

Honest reviews


What about this product could possibly burn??

First of all, 21-year olds do NOT need to use an anti-aging moisturizer. Just sayin’. Secondly, what do you wash your face with before applying that would cause it to burn? Drano? Lye? Miracle Worker, like all Philosophy products, was created in a lab by doctors treating patients of plastic surgery recovery. The beauty of their products is that they are not only gentle and free of perfumes and other such nonsense, they actually improve the quality of your skin–providing you are using the proper product. If one has sensetive skin, Hope in a Jar can be slightly irritating, which is why you should use When Hope is Not Enough. Personally, my skin loves HIAJ, and I follow with Miracle Worker. When they say you only need a tiny bit, that’s all you need; less than a half a teaspoon for the entire face and neck. It firms, evens skin tone, and leaves the skin happy, moisturized, and soft. I put it on at night, and in the morning, I don’t even need to wash my face. I put on a little mineral powder and blush, a little eye makeup and my skin looks perfectly natural. I get compliments on it all the time. Philosophy products are amazing.

Holly Bertha, MN

Sensitive Skin Beware

Though I love, love, love, Hope In A Jar, Miracle Worker just didn’t work for me. If you have sensitive skin, think long and hard. It is rich and creamy and smells lovely. For myself, it caused a reaction: red, flushed and sore skin. I wish you well; for others it delivers, but for me, I’ll stick with what I (now) know.

Bette Siloam, GA

Must buy

I am a regular user of philosophy products. Can’t go wrong with philosophy. It visibly adds a glow to your skin.

Stephanie Westfield, IA

Better than expected

I was desperate for dry skin help aggravated by having the heat running for winter. Nothing worked until this. I am a convert to this product.

Dianne Medina, WI


I had high hopes for this face cream because of the reviews. I bought it because at 23, I was just starting to see some very fine lines around my eyes(I go in the sun a lot). This cream(based on reviews) seemed like a great option to try out. I’ve been using it for about 3 weeks now, and I see 0 difference. Before this, I was using coconut oil, which moisturized very well without causing breakouts. This cream stings a bit when you first put it on, and has an awful smell to it; I would have been fine with those aspects had the cream actually made a difference in my skin. It did not 🙁 I was worried at first that stinging would mean a breakout or irritated skin, but it did basically nothing. It was a waste of money. It didn’t seem to even moisturize that well. It kind of just sat on top of my skin. I’ll probably go back to using coconut oil until I feel brave enough to try another anti-aging moisturizer, though ive read on line that coconut oil helps reduce wrinkles. Maybe I didnt use this stuff long enough? I’m not sure; I felt like 3 weeks twice a day would be long enough to notice even a slight change?

Genevieve Agency, IA

The Right Moisturizer is Tricky

I’m 65 and started with the Hope is Not Enough line. I probably used it for about 10 years. My skin looked great, but I felt like it was time to move on to the next step up. I like the miracle line, and the moisturizer is really nice but I feel like it goes too "runny" when the jar is still about half full. If anyone within my age range, or someone who actually works for Philosophy, could maybe recommend something that is more appropriate for aging skin. So many brands and such a wide price range, but it’s very hard to give up a product line you have been using forever. Who wants to start the trial and error period again. Suggestions please.

Bridget Milton Village, MA


This is a good product but due to the retinol it contains may not be the best for people needing sensative skin care products (hope in a jar better in that case).

Victoria Rainelle, WV

Face feels a little tacky afterwards

This lotion feels great when you put it on, but it doesn’t completely absorb. That said, it is still one of my favorite moisterizers for really cold, dry weather.

Serena Sutherland Springs, TX

Be Pleasently Surprised!

This moisturizer in conjuction with the Miracle Worker Retnoid Pads deliver a “one-two punch system” that works on your face overnight while you sleep. When you wake up and wash your face be so pleased when you look in the mirror!!! The pads are an effective exfoliater and along with this nice souffle-like moisturizer your skin is rejuvinated to reveal bright, resurfaced pink skin!!! A firmer texture and fine lines are erased…what more could you ask for? What are you waiting for??? Order this product now! You’ll be glad you did!!!

Etta Portland, TX

A less expensive alternative

I finally decided to try this cream as a makeup base and, yes, it did give me a lovely foundation upon which to apply makeup. There is, however, another product available that works just as well for a fraction of the price, and can be used all over your body as well. It’s call Skin MD and can be purchased here on Amazon or elsewhere. At $8 a bottle, it lasts for a long time. You only need a few drops. I’ve used Philosophy products for quite a while but I can’t justify spending this kind of money on a small jar of cream, and am happier with the long-term benefits of Skin MD. Sorry, Philosophy, but you’ve priced yourself beyond my budget!

Marsha Silsbee, TX


I’m in my 60s and have dry skin, especially in winter. I bought a small trial size of philosophy’s Miracle Worker at Ulta so that I could try it out first before I spent the money for a full size jar. As soon as this starts to run out, I’ll buy the full size from Amazon because it’s the best moisturizer I’ve ever used!! I put it on my face and neck at night after I use Philosophy’s facial cleanser. A little bit of Miracle Worker goes a long way!! It feels a little greasy at first, but within 20 minutes my skin soaks it right up! In the morning my face feels so soft, smooth and well hydrated! If you have dry skin, I highly recommend you try this. I don’t recommend it for oily skin.

Carrie Watts Bar Dam, TN

The best ever

I have been using Philosophy for about a year now, I ran out of my Moisturizer and tried another brand …. Never again I cant live with out my Philosophy Miracle Worker Anti-Aging Moisturizer, it is worth every penny.

Elnora Brooten, MN

Got to have it!

I have been using this product for a while now. I’m 50 years young and I have seen a big difference in my skin. This product helps with dryness, but yet it’s not greasy or heavy. I wouldn’t go without it.

Shannon Thaxton, VA

Philosophy Miracle Worker Anit-Aging Moisturizer – won’t purchase again

It’s okay; but makes my face too oily to use so I use it on my chest & prefer TNS Essential for my face.

Dina Beirne, AR

I didn’t see any results from this product

It wasn’t a bad product but I didn’t see any results from it. It is really heavy and greasy. I prefer Skinceuticals emollient cream.

Maggie Headrick, OK

Not Worth the Price

If you want a moisturizer that only make your skin softer than it’s a good buy. I on the other hand was expecting not only softer skin but diminished fine lines and wrinkles as Miracle Worker suggested. I also thought at least some of my age spots would be alleviated. But that hasn’t occurred either. I will not buy this again.

Luz Lawton, OK

Works great

Have noticed smaller pores and have had NO BREAKOUTS since beginning use of this product. It is a heavy moisturizer so you may not like it if that puts you off. This is the best anti-aging moisturizer for my skin that I have used.

Juana Stamford, VT

Really Good Stuff

I’m not going to lie to you, this is NOT a miracle and you won’t find yourself quitting your job after you start it to become a top model. However, it is a really good face cream and it really does make my face look better when I use it. It seems to give my skin a nice glow, makes it feel really hydrated and I like the way it feels. In the end, if I get that, then I’m going to be happy as I know that realistically, none of these creams and potions will really take ten years off me.I’m on my third pot of this stuff now, it’s the best I’ve found, and I’m sticking with it. Shame it can’t make me a model though 🙂

Marva Chalmers, IN

Good Product But

I am in my mid 50’s and a longtime philosophy customer and although this is a great product it is not for me. For me, nothing compared to hope in a jar. Why did I give it 4-stars? Because it is Philosophy and are the best of the best. Hope in a jar, provides moisturizers my face all day, so why Chang something that works so well for me.

Lillie Port Richey, FL