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Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash, 8 Ounces

Gentle enough to use daily, our mild exfoliating facial skin cleanser is designed to effectively cleanse and replenish skin, while providing resurfacing benefits.

Key features

  • Unique sulfate-free formula
  • Antioxidant-rich, replenishing skin peel
  • You seek a cleanser that won’t dry your skin out
  • You want an allover healthy glow
  • you want an allover healthy glow

Honest reviews


Good, but not really for every day

I’m always looking for the best exfoliating cleanser, so I figured I’d try the Philosophy product.First thing you notice is that it can come out sort of runny and thin…seems to be important to give it a good shake to mix things up. The fragrance is mild and barely noticeable. I like the beads – they’re small, more like grains of fine sand than anything. It also rinses off cleanly without residue.Seems to work well…after a few days, your skin seems fresher and smoother, although in my case, also somewhat drier – switching to an every-other-day schedule solves that. Bottom line is that it seems about average for the better products. Worth a try, especially if you like Philosophy products generally.

Catalina Takoma Park, MD

I really wanted to like this product…

After reading the rave reviews about this product not only on Amazon but also on Sephora, I was excited about buying this exfoliating wash. The product worked really well for a few months…This is why I was so disappointed when the exfoliating beads disappeared only within a few months! I have half the bottle left and all I have left is the cleanser. I am so disappointed that this happened after paying for the product. I don’t know if mine was a dud, but be wary that you might end up with disappearing beads within a few months!

Lillian Somerville, TN

Pro and Cons

Pros:-It is a really good exfoliater and leaves my skin feeling very very smooth.Cons:-It smells horrible, at least to me. I do not know how do describe it, but I have a major problem with the smell.-I use it once a week and it has been fine all excluding last week. I was probably because I had a sun burn on my face, but after rubbing it like usual, it started to sting a lot. However, that was just once.Note: A little of this product goes a long way; start by getting a small amount and then add more a needed. The first time I used it I took to much and I ended up rinsing a 3/4 of a handful down the drain.

Paula Squirrel, ID

love it!

I love this wash because I feel like it is very gentle on my skin while still doing an excellent job at exfoliating. It’s scent and dye-free which is great because I have very sensitive skin and the beads are not too abrasive. Overall, it does a great job at keeping dry flakes away and I believe it helps loosen blackheads which really amps up the effectivness of other products I use to extract them.

Amy Purmela, TX


This microdelivery exfoliating wash has become part of my morning routine. I absolutely love the way it makes my skin look and feel. It’s not rough on your skin at all. I’ve tried many different exfoliating washes and have noticed they either use large, rough shells or grains that irritate your skin or they have a heavy, oily feel. This one is different. The consistency is gel-like, and the grains are very, very fine. When you massage it into your skin for 30-40 seconds, it feels like getting a facial. When you wash it away, it just leaves your skin feeling clean without leaving redness. The more I use it, the better my skin looks.

Maude Charlottesville, VA

face wash

i love this face wash SOOO much i always had HORRIBLE acne and this cleared it up so quickly .. it dries your face out if you use it every day but it really does work

Myra Winterville, MS


I tried other scrubs and this one is by far the best – there is no strong smell and it works great with a small amount. A bottle lasts a very long time.

Kelsey Ankeny, IA

The best

In the summer, I use this every morning. It does just what it should do without making my skin irritated. My skin is pretty resilient to irritants, luckily, so your mileage may vary. The grit is very fine, so you can scrub really hard or really lightly, depending on what’s going on with your skin. It washes off easily; I rinse with just water. I used to use all Philosophy products. I’ve since moved on, but this is one of the two that I think will never be replaced.

Christa Sherrill, IA

Great with clarisonic

I use this at night with my clarisonic. I absolutely couldn’t live without Purity is why I initially decided to try this. When used in the 32 ounce size with the pump it comes out watery. I recommend losing the pump or just buying in the 8 ounce size.

Sondra Nicolaus, CA

Love this face wash!

Great face wash. I have combination skin and have tried everything from Pro-Activ to Clinique. But I started using this and my skin has never been better, exfoliating but still gentle enough to use everyday.

Carolyn New Orleans, LA

Absolutely wonderful

I loved this! I love the little exfoliaters in it. They aren’t too rough and they make the skin feel extraordinary. I loved how this and the hope in a jar moisturizer would make my face feel and look but the moisturizer was just too gross. If I had a moisturizer to follow this up with I would definitely get this again.

Cleo Karval, CO


Do not hesitate to purchase this MAGNIFICENT product. It works beautifully on all types of skin. Just a dime’s worth on your hands and your skin looks lovely afterward, and your makeup is much nicer on since all of the dead skin cells are gone! Wonderful product.

Reba Fairbanks, IN

Not too bad

I like the philosophy product line, which is what made me buy this product from philosophy. I would say that It’s an okay product when it comes to exfoliating. Neither I can say it’s great nor I hate. It’s not too bad.

Cortney Tok, AK