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Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash, 16 Ounces

Gentle enough to use daily, our mild exfoliating facial skin cleanser is designed to effectively cleanse and replenish skin, while providing resurfacing benefits.

Key features

  • Unique sulfate-free formula
  • Antioxidant-rich, replenishing skin peel
  • You seek a cleanser that won’t dry your skin out
  • You want an allover healthy glow

Honest reviews



Product is okay. Not totally thrilled with it.Seems to me it’s rather expensive for what you get and for what you are doing.I’ll finish the bottle….will i buy again? Nope, don’t think so.April 3, 2012Will I buy it again? You betcha and won’t buy any other competing product because it works worders!I have, for over 20 years, had these tiny cists underneath my eyes. Drs. have told me various things about them: too much fat in the diet, not drinking enough water, etc.Well about a month ago I started to use this bottle of philosophy microderm exfoliating wash every single day. I had not previously been impressed with the purchase, but thought I should finish the bottle.Everyday, morning and night I washed my face with it, scrubbing gently with my fingertips.Well, it’s been a month and gradually I have seen my skin change: smaller, much smaller pores and the tiny cists under my eyes are gone!This product is absolutely, totally the best, Gentle enough to use every day and powerful enough to get results!!!!

Britney Grant, AL

A mild exfoliator,more suitable for normal to dry skins

It does not live up to the name of “home microdermabrasion”On similar term,Origins Modern Friction Nature’s Gentle Dermabrasion Face Scrub is much better.For oily skins with blackheads or breakouts,i suggest Ionax scrub(Healthpoint).Trustworthy and affordable.

Lea Atomic City, ID

Incredible and fast results – I’d rate it ten stars if I could

I am 55 years old and this product has taken years off my face. I was stunned after three or four days of using it how smooth and even my skin was, I was glowing like when I was pregnant and the pores that have haunted me for years were virtually gone. I am a Philosophy die hard fan; their Miracle in a Jar and and Hope in a Tube are two other products that make my day, but the Miocrodelivery Face Wash is by far the greatest thing ever. People can make comments about the price, which really isn’t that bad, and the way I look at it, you get what you pay for. If you want to spend $7 on some half-baked face wash that does nothing, that’s fine…but if you spend $25 your face will never be the same (in a good way). Plus you don’t need much, so you are absolutely getting your money’s worth, and more. Why would you try and get a cheaper product to do, and then doesn’t, what this one promises and then delivers? If you are sceptical, trust me and all these other ravers–you won’t be sorry.

Jerri Dallas, IA


Another great product from Philosophy, and like all Philosophy skin care you only need the SMALLEST amount! So this will last you forever. There is no other exfoliant out there quite like this one… feel so good on the skin, even my skin that is so very sensitive with rosacea.

Serena Dryden, MI

Use this every single day!

For me this product is a must-have. Usually order it directly from Philosphy but found the quick delivery and economical price on Amazon too good to pass up. Some prefer the purity cleanser and I sometimes use it but for aging skin I like a good exfoliator. This is it. It is mild but effective. Matter of fact I use this with my Clarisonic and have no irritation. For me this 16 ounce bottle should last a year if used twice daily. There is not perfume smell nor chemical smell to this product–just clean smelling. Your face will love it!

Diana Wheaton, MN

Wonderful facial cleanser and skin exfoliator – gentle for delicate skin.

I am very careful with what I put on my skin. I don’t think I have used soap, (even the most gentle), on my face since I was 30. I have always used gentle facial cleansers, especially those recommended by my dermatologist. A friend told me she has been using Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash for quite some time and she finds the results to be excellent. So, I tried it and have used it daily ever since. The difference between Philosophy and other facial cleansers, is that this is an exfoliating wash. It cleans the skin and also sloughs off old skin cells. Most importantly, it is not too rough on my delicate aging skin. So…good-bye dry flaky skin!I apply this to my slightly damp face and massage for about 30 seconds…always massage upward. And make sure you rinse thoroughly. It doesn’t matter if you use this wash, or another, or soap, always be careful to rinse all residue off before patting dry.I do use this once a day, usually before I go to bed…and then I moisturize. I wouldn’t use it around the delicate eye area though. And if you have a gentle make-up remover, I would use it before applying a dollop of Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash.This product was designed to effectively cleanse the skin while providing resurfacing benefits. This formula is sulfate-free and formulated with ingredients designed to replenish and protect the skin with topical antioxidants as it helps condition the skin and retain its moisture level.The ingredients are: water (aqua), decyl glucoside, sodium cocoyl apple amino acids, diatomaceous earth, acrylates⁄steareth-20 methacrylate crosspolymer, glycerin, disodium cocoamphodiacetate, borago officinalis seed oil, phytosterols, tocopherol, tocotrienols, oryza sativa (rice) bran wax, panthenol, sodium magnesium silicate, tetrasodium edta, sodium hydroxide, citric acid, methylchloroisothiazolinone, methylisothiazolinone.I highly recommend this for all skin types.JANA

Claire Hazleton, IN

Light work

Good product. LIght exfoliating. Good for using a couple times a week. I prefer a heavier exfoliation but I would recommend this product anyway. Philosophy makes great product and the cost is really great.

Mandy Rockhouse, KY


Your skin becomes noticeably smoother and softer after use. Clears up your skin with in the first week or two of use. Would highly recommend alone with the purity cleanser.

Chrystal Bland, VA

Love this.

I wouldn’t be without this product. Not harsh but does a wonderful job. Worth every penny. Remember to shake a couple times B4 using.

Kelley Lynn, AL

I like it and know others understand better how to use it

I bought this because it was recommended in the local news for sensitive skin. I have horrible sensitive skin–and old so it all seemed to be right. And it is pretty right. My problem is what others probably know how to avoid. The little corrosive things tend to get in my eyes even if I don’t run the wash near my eyes. I don’t know how they do, but for example…..never can I put it on my forehead and wash it off or I am washing my eyes out for days. So it seems like that isn’t a good thing. As long as I keep it low, like right around my cheek bones, it seems ok and I wash with it about 3-4 times a week. I have very sensitive skin in my old age (65) and need to use my Vani-cream etc. products afterwards. But I think it is important to watch your eyes or you will be in misery.

Roslyn Ypsilanti, ND

Amazing product!!!

I love this face wash! For someone who is prone to acne it is a great purchase because there is no color, no dye, no moisturizers, nothing except a super gentle scrub that sloughs off dry skin and leaves skin feeling soft, smooth, and fresh. Also, the 60oz. bottle lasts about 6-7 months and that’s using 1-2 pumps every single night so while the cost seems large, the product goes a long way.

Jenny Savage, MD

Exfoliate In The Shower

I use this everyday in the shower. It is quick, easy and works so well. Dermatologists tell us that exfoliating s one of the best beauty treatments we can follow. This is A 30 second exfoliating facial cleanser that provides immediate resurfacing benefits.All skin types, except those with active acne can use this. Great for anyone who wants a mini facial peel that can be done quickly in the shower; anyone who loves the thought of a mild daily facial scrub; and anyone who is an exfoliation aficionado. The microdelivery micro-massage exfoliating treatment wash is a mild, exfoliating facial cleanser designed to effectively cleanse the skin while providing resurfacing benefits. Gentle enough to use daily, this unique formula is sulfate-free and formulated with ingredients designed to replenish and protect the skin with topical antioxidants, as it helps condition the skin and retain its moisture level.Just apply to a slightly damp face and massage for 30 to 60 seconds. Rinse thoroughly. The microdelivery exfoliating wash can be used daily in the morning or evening. Follow with appropriate treatment and moisturizer. This is a really good buy from Amazon.Highly Recommended. prisrob 03-15-13

Jeanine Smithton, IL