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Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Body Wash, 16-Ounce

Give your body a complete skin makeover with the microdelivery exfoliating body wash. Specifically formulated for the body, it cleanses and gently, evenly exfoliates to remove dry, flaky skin. The lightweight, creamy formula contains a unique blend of natural oils and botanicals to moisturize and help maintain skin’s natural moisture barrier to improve smoothness. Bring the microdelivery into the shower to reveal soft, smooth, healthy-looking skin.

Key features

  • Cleanses and gently, evenly exfoliates the body
  • Resurfaces to reveal soft, smooth, healthy-looking skin
  • Helps moisturize with a unique blend of natural oils and botanicals

Honest reviews


Gets the job done.

I wanted an exfoliator that would leave my skin soft and smooth and this does the job. The only complaint I have is that it doesn’t soap up that much. I wish they would have added in a bit more ‘soapiness’ for the sudsy effect but, ah well. Shower’s not as fun but at least it does the job. Oh and it seems to be going fast too.. faster than other soaps/exfoliators I’ve used in the past.

Lynnette Old Lyme, CT

This stuff is amazing!

This stuff makes my skin super soft, and I find I only need to use it once a week so it will last a while! Would definite recommend!

Bertie Nazareth, MI

What a wonder product.

Philosophy is a product that its name says its ll but when you get this home, you will see why. I love this product. It makes you feel smooth, clean and well groomed. I love it and will be or ding it every three months like clockwork. I love it. Works well even in hard water, makes your skin tingle with life and elegance. You will love the way your skin feels and looks. Takes off all the dead dull skin and leaves a shine like new money. I am Loving it. Thank Amazon

Wendi Kinsale, VA

not super scrubby, but makes skin VERY smooth

This is a GREAT scrub- it’s not coarse, but it really, really makes skin smooth. I get a lot of dry skin from swimming and gardening (my knees are particularly rough) and I really thought I would need a heavy-duty scrub to keep them smooth but because I’m a fan of Philosophy’s bath products, I thought I would give this a try before switching brands.It works wonderfully- while the exfoliating material (sort of like very fine grains of sand) is not coarse, there is a lot of it in the scrub so it really works well without scratching your skin. The smell is great- very light and clean. It rinses very clean, as well- no leftover grit or residue.The best thing about Philosophy stuff is that a little goes a very long way- so even though the price is a little steep compared to body scrubs you’ll find at the local drugstore, this bottle will last you months, if not a year or so, even with regular use.Highly recommended.

Ebony Hepler, KS

Great product!

I’m a big Philosophy fan. I have never tried the exfoliating body wash and I’m glad I did. On the day’s I shave I just use it to exfoliate and not as a wash. It leaves your skin feeling amazing and soft. The perfect product to get your skin ready for spring/summer.

Nichole Gainesville, TX

Great exfoliator

I bought it because of a magazine recommendation. My legs get very dry. I recommend it. Be careful not to use it near the face. I made that mistake and took a while to get it out of my eye. LOL.

Olive Oshkosh, NE