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Philosophy Micro delivery Triple-Acid Peel Pads, 12-count

See brighter days ahead with the micro delivery triple-acid brightening peel, created to deliver superior results in one convenient step at home with zero downtime. The micro delivery triple-acid brightening peel features 12 individually-wrapped, pre-saturated chemical peel pads designed for weekly use to deliver advanced skin-brightening and anti-aging benefits. The triple-acid formula contains mandelic, phytic and azelaic acids that dissolve and sweep away dead skin cells to help improve skin tone, buffer the appearance of fine lines and enhance skin clarity. The pads also feature a skin-brightening technology that visibly reduces the appearance of dark spots and discoloration. After just 2 uses, skin is smoother and brighter.

Key features

  • Triple-acid formula dissolves dull skin, buffers the appearance of fine lines and enhances skin clarity
  • Skin-brightening technology visibly reduces the appearance of dark spots and discoloration
  • 12 individually-wrapped, pre-saturated chemical peel pads for weekly use

Honest reviews


Really work, the best peel yet.

I’ve used 3 or 4 pads every 4 days and no difference. But I was using it wrong-I was pressing to hard more like removing make up. One time I just gently patted making sure that face was damp afterwards, meaning the product transfered. I used 2 pads 2 night in a row, no washing off after. And WOW, my wrinkles disappeared and my face is all tightened and look glowing and younger.At first I wasn’t happy and wanted to return it. Now it will be the only peel product I will use, because not only removed dead layers of the skin but also iron my first wrinkles!From now on I will cut a pad in 2 and keep half in the ziplock, use 2 night in a row and I can run to class reunion to make girls look jealous yeah;))Btw, in the past I’ve used lactic and glycolic acid (55%), Philosophy other peels and retinol pads, tretinoin cream, M2 lotion. They all exfoliate skin and work, but Philosophy Triple acid works really fast, well, there’s no stinging. I also like M2 lotion, similar antiaging effects and great for pimples (antibacterial).

Jaime Sophia, NC

Does What It Says…

I saw this product demonstrated on QVC and was skeptical. The guest made it sound so convincing and the model demonstration too that I had to give it a try. I have good skin, very little sagging and no lines but too many years in the Southern California sun has resulted in brown spots and uneven texture. As a result I was always searching for that perfect foundation to hide everything but at the same time let my natural skin shine through. Needless to say it doesn’t exist when you’re 55+ years old. So Phliosopy’s motto is “makeup optional skin”. That’s what I was looking for. I ordered it on QVC however found it much cheaper here. THIS PRODUCT IS AMAZING!!! After the first two times of trying this I started seeing that youthful pink glow and fine, moist texture I remember I had,,,perhaps even better! Immediately I saw glowing sking and the brown spots fading away…no lines, and my skin perhaps even tightening and firming. I WON’T BE WITHOUT THIS ONE PRODUCT!!! The moisturizer “Miracle Worker” is also correctly named. I’m not a big fan of moisturizer and that this one looked “heavy”, but it quickly dissapates into your skin and leaves it ready for makeup or not.

Sierra Birmingham, IA

Truly Amazing Results!

I’ve been using Philosophy skin care & fragrances for over 9 yrs now. These pads have given my skin the boost it really needed! I use one pad a week as directed. When I first started, I saw a difference after just one use! After two weeks, my skin tone was more even, my pores had noticably shrunk & my skin just looked brighter. I don’t rinse the product after applying. I use it at night followed by tarte’s Maracuja Oil. Then I cleanse with The Microdelivery Wash in the AM and follow with my AM skin care and my skin glows! If you have sensitive skin, I suggest rinsing it off like it says to do. I have rather thick skin & find that leaving it on overnight works best for me. After I’ve used it for the 12 weeks, I go 12 weeks just using a daily, gentle peel like the Microdelivery Enzyme Peel. Then restart the regimen. Sometimes I go longer in between depending on my skin’s needs. If you have sun damage, dull skin, or just feel your skin isn’t looking good, try these. I can go days with no makeup! My skin looks better now than in my 20’s, amazing! More recommended products are Philosophy’s Miracle Worker PM Retinoid Pads & the Miracle Worker AM Antioxidant Pads. And the best cleanser/makeup remover ever, Purity Made Simple! Your skin will thank you 🙂

Rene Tully, NY

A Must!!!!

This is one of the most amazing products ever, you will not be disappointed! Best money I ever spent, I love philosophy… 🙂

Summer Manassas, VA

Took a couple of weeks

The first time I used it I didn’t notice anything remarkable. I started using this and the Miracle Worker line, with the face wash, lotion and daily retinol pads (it was in a trial kit with all three). I was seeing some different with the Miracle worker line, but nothing to write home about. I wasn’t impressed, but wasn’t too upset either. It’s not that much more expensive than the Neutregena retinol stuff at the drugstore and it wasn’t doing a bad job.The next week, when I used the Triple-Acid Peel Pads it made a huge difference in my skin. It was softer, more radiant and clearer. The third week, when I used the pads I could see a glow the following day and the texture is much smoother and softer than before. It’s younger looking skin, to include a few little pimples, but I think those are from the face wash. They are decreasing, so maybe my skin is just getting used to the higher retinol concentration. There was some mild flaking, but nothing weird.It could be the combination of this with the Miracle Worker line, but I see the real difference after using the Triple-Acid peel pads. I’ll probably buy them again and use the Miracle Worker cream, but not the daily pads or the face wash.

Johanna Mertztown, PA

Philosophy Micro Delivery Triple-Acid Peel Pads – good product…I like it.

It works well when you leave it on overnight. I would purchase it again because it you can see a difference in your skin.

Noemi Boyceville, WI


I reviewed this product for another site, but felt compelled to add it here as well. I’m so happy I tried this! It’s left my skin in the best condition it’s ever been. I started using it a month before a reunion, and let me tell you….comments on my skin, youthful appearance, etc were abundant. I won’t be without it now, and even have my husband using it. Another bonus? It’s 1/3 cheaper here than where I originally bought it.

Annmarie Tippo, MS

My New Weekly Peel

I have been using the Microdelivery Peel for years and love it, but I will be replacing it with this. Why? This system is just as effective (if not more) but much easier to use, cleaner and quicker. You literally wash your face and glide the pad over your face (and neck, chest, anything else) and then moisturize. Clearly this is the newest technology in skincare b/c it is both effective and safe. I have used this twice and can see that this is an effective solution. Why use a peel? When you remove the dead skin and gunk, your skin is healthier and your other products work better. If you use this once a week you have enough treatments for 3 months which is an exceptional value.

Margery Lemoyne, NE

Noticable Results

I have been using this product for 3 weeks. And I’m beginning to notice positive changes. First, my face is brighter and some of the my facial discoloration has faded. I do not have a problem with acne, however, from time to time I have a small break out which leaves black spots. This product is beginning to clear these spots up. And my pores are smaller.I formally used a microdermabrasion system (Neutrogena) it was okay but is not as good as this product.The cost of professional peels are astronomical. So I plan to purchase this product as long as it is available.

Rosemarie North Norwich, NY

Get these pads!

This product is AWESOME ! My skin looked super smooth the next morning and had a nice rosy color to it !

Julianne Barre, VT

Like it.

I like this peel. it does burn but I really like the results. I have sensitive skin and recommend NOT using it more than once a week for people with sensitive skin.

Graciela Keene, TX


I think this product is worth a try. My face feels nice when I use it.i think it is a personal choice depending on age/skin type.

Jewell Elizabeth, MN

Great Product

I have gotten tremendous results with this peel. My skin is smoother and brighter and I’ve received many compliments since using it. It will always be in my beauty regime.

Hannah Portsmouth, IA