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Philosophy Hope in a Jar Daily Moisturizer, All Skin Types, 2 Ounce

Our award-winning, lightweight daily moisturizer hydrates and provides antioxidant protection, while improving skin texture and tone, leaving it smooth and radiant.

Key features

  • Unique souffle texture
  • Healthy-looking glow

Honest reviews


A Perfect Name for the Perfect Moisturizer

*****This has been my daily moisturizer for several years. It makes my skin very soft, very healthy looking, and glowing. It makes me look radiant. I have given it as a gift to my sister and to other women, and they have all liked it as much as I have. No one has had any adverse reactions. You can notice a difference after just one use. When I’ve run out and used something else temporarily, I always can see the difference again once I start back up. It is as close as it gets to a miracle cream.I do not wear makeup, so Hope In A Jar is it. I am 49 years old and I think my skin looks incredible. The friends I have given it to also like to keep a natural look and prefer their skin without heavy creams, thick moisturizers and sunscreens, or makeup.The women I know who are fans of Hope In A Jar are like me. We’re kind of lazy no-fuss “one cream that does it all” people; instead of one jar of something for one thing, and another for something else—eye creams, night time moisturizers, daytime moisturizers, etc.—we’re the type that wants just one that can do the job and then be done with it. In other words, we don’t have the patience to fuss with our looks a lot, or to spend money buying bunches of different creams to keep track of and remember to use.Unlike other reviewers, I love the smell, which is not perfumey, but definitely pleasantly distinctive. I use it around my eyes also, and have not had an allergic reaction. It seems, though, that these are the two biggest problems with Hope—the distinctive odor and allergic reactions among some people. I would suggest buying it the first time from somewhere you could return it if you don’t care for it; although in my opinion, this would be unlikely, apparently it is possible. Philosophy now makes another version of Hope In A Jar for sensitive skin; if you know that your skin in temperamental, perhaps it would be better to also try this version. I have stuck with Hope In A Jar because it works so well for me.It seems expensive, but it is not because it lasts a long, long time. The two-ounce jar lasts me about six months. I use a toner and then Hope In A Jar and that’s it. I’m done with my face in 30 seconds. Plus, it gives me a look that most women use makeup to get, so I think it’s a bargain.*****

Millicent Ahsahka, ID

Burns and turned my face red

I thought I would purchase this after reading rave reviews. I have dry skin that is sensitive, the cream burned my skin, turned it red and made it itch, I had to wash it off. worst moisturizer I have ever tried. Gimmick!

Annette Hydes, MD

Oprah’s Choice and Mine

I started using Hope in a Jar after Oprah televised it as one of her favorite things. I wish I could put into words how wonderful this moisturizer is. I have combination skin and often has trouble with my skin feeling terribly greasy after I have moisturized. I never have this problem now. It absorbs into my skin immediately, holds my make up in place, and give my skin a dewy, not oily look. It is definitely worth a try. I now buy the big jar.*The smell is a little different, but it is so easy to get used to and does not stay with you all day.

Marianne Gary, WV

Hype in a Jar

EW!! GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF!I was unable to take home samples of the Philosophy products, and let the SA talk me into the $30 set of cleanser/retinol/moisturizer.I had high hopes for Hope in a Jar. But my gawd does this reek! As I’m sitting here typing this review, the occasional whiff of this craptacular moisturizer makes me sorry I didn’t wash it off first.This doesn’t have any kind of moisturizing feel or glide, it’s like I rubbed liquid candles on my face. Stinky liquid candles. My skin feels tight, like there is a mask on it. A mask made out of the same stinky stink of the candles! My face feels very annoyed and irritated, to match the mood this smell is putting me in.If you can get a sample of it first, I’d recommend that. Or at least buy from a vendor with a generous return policy in case it doesn’t work for you.

Ila Tollhouse, CA

Best texture ever

First off, I’m a 21 year old female with light hair and light skin. I have used several philosophy products and this is one of my favorites. I really like the texture of this stuff. It is very hard to explain exactly what it feels like but, it goes on so smoothly. It just instantly makes my skin feel smooth and hydrated. I use it at night a lot and even put it over my eye lids. I have been known to have sensitive skin at times and this has never bothered me. (nothing from philosophy has) All in all, I love this product and it is a great moisturizer.

Kendra South Mountain, PA

Horrible smell!

I wasn’t even able to give this product a chance. After just one use, I could not believe the smell. It smelled like burned plastic after applying it to my face. It made me sick to my stomach. The smell was even on my baby when I laid him down to sleep and I took a baby wipe to get it off of his head. It just smells so bad!

Deloris Bay Port, MI

Always Great

I always come back to this product – -others I’ve tried are heavy, don’t seep into the skin or flat don’t moisturize. This always makes my skin feel and look good.

Faith Blackstock, SC

hope in a jar

I sent this to a friend as a gift. She absolutely loves for it. I will be ordering this product for myself soon.

Joanna Burt, MI

Fairly good :-l

Philosophy products are very eye catching. Their smart, clean looking bottles and the cool names given to each. I work with skin care products and don’t always believe what they claim. There are usually far too many claims to be made that simply can’t be done to someones skin.This product however, is pretty good. It’s a fairly good moisturiser that could honestly sell for less considering the cost of the product, but it does do the job it promises. The only problem I have with it, is that for someone with sensitive skin, there is far too much frangrant extracts in here. It cannot be good for sensitive skin. I’d recommend this to Dry skin people only.

Emily Rushmore, MN

Love Philosophy!

Use daily and love it! I am a philosophy woman and will be for life! I Love all your products.

Johnnie Brookline, NH

Smell is gross and really doesn’t improve the skin much!

I should have listened to the reviewers who have complained about the smell. I can’t quite describe it. It’s almost a strong chemical smell. If you live in or have ever been in Southern California, we have a “stink weed” that is very pungent and smells very strong but artificial. It’s almost like that strong chemical stink weed smell. When I put this on my face in the morning, I have to quickly put an Aveda moisturizing lotion over it just to tolerate the smell otherwise I smell that stinky chemical smell ALL DAY. Since I really haven’t noticed anything as far as an improvement in my skin or complextion and I really don’t have major wrinkles to see an improvement, I will never buy this product again. I’d rather buy something that smells better that offers moisturizing components. Plus, with this product, it’s rather thin and doesn’t feel like it really absorbs into the skin. It’s not thick. (I hate thick greasy products and this doesn’t fall into that category so that’s a plus I guess.) It seems too thin like they put too much water in as a base. Overall the smell ruins the product and if it actually improved the skin, maybe it would be worth the sacrafice. Since it does nothing for the skin, why suffer with the smell when there are hundreds of other facial products that are much better?

Jewell Nakina, NC

Oily..made me break out in zits along with allergic issues

I was looking for a daily moisturizer that would actually moisturize my face, so when I saw Hope in a Jar on QVC, I had to buy it. I have tried the product for two weeks now, and, all I have gotten is the same result. I have only put a pea-sized drop of this stuff on each and every night, and, when I wake up, I wake up to a cluster of blackheads and zits, usually on either my nose or my forehead. I am also very allergic to a lot of chemicals in beauty products, but this was the worst! I actually have to be put on steroids for 30 days because it is making my asthma and high IGE levels of allergies act up badly. Also, if you have oily skin, BEWARE. I don’t have oily skin, and this made me break out in tons of zits, so, imagine what it would do to people that have really oily or oily skin! I am not saying that Hope in a Jar isn’t good for everyone. All I know is, it’s not good for me! It’s Refund Time!!

Paulette Sunrise Beach, MO

Want your skin to look and feel Amazing?

Then use this right after you cleanse with Purity made Simple face wash, or just a little dab later in the day. WOW!! This stuff is truly amazing. My skin feels super soft and so clean. This face cream goes on so light and the small amount of fragrance is does have, just plainly smells clean. After you become an addict, like I am, you will associate the smell with all the great benefits this product has to offer. I am A HUGE FAN of Philosophy

Lenora Round Mountain, NV

Not for Sensitive Skins– Perfume is Unnecessary

Not for Sensitive Skins– Perfume is UnnecessaryWhy would a company put such a heavy perfume in a facial moisturizer? It seems that the majority of the negative reviews are because of the odor.I usually use Clinique, or Bare Minerals which is completely fragrance-free. Even then, I sometimes get reactions (usually to chemical sunscreens that are in a lot of day creams).This product is not a good choice for women who have sensitive skin. It didn’t make me break out, because it actually burned and I had to take it off immediately. This product contains Diazolidinyl Urea which is irritating to a lot of people (including me).Conclusion: Lots of good reviews, so I guess it’s worth a try, but skip it if you don’t like perfumed moisturizers.

Christina Irrigon, OR

Not the best moisturizer

I purchased this product from our local MCX for a change from my regular moisturizer, and two months later I’m less than enthused. I experienced no extreme medical issues, like some other unfortunate reviewers, but neither did I experience any sort of positive results. For the amount of money spent, I could have just as easily purchased a moisturizer from a local pharmacy for $5, gone for a nice lunch, and two months later had the same results.”Hope in a Jar” did not work for me.

Opal Combes, TX

Very nice

I used this years ago and it was very nice and left my skin so smooth and soft. Unfortunately I ran out and the price then was more than now, so I stopped using this wonderful face moisturizer. When I did use it, this cream was silky smooth, lightly scented and within days cleared up all dryness and soothed the irritation on my face. I have very sensitive skin and this did not once cause a break out or rash, not even burn. Now that I’ve found this cream again here on Amazon I ordered a couple, one for my grandmother since mothers day is coming up!

Harriet Byesville, OH

Smells like chemical death

I generally like Philosophy products, but this stuff is not worth it. It does feel great going on, and provides great moisturization under makeup or at night before bed. However, it smells so awful that I finally threw it away and went back to good old Cera Ve PM. Given how expensive this stuff is, one should not have to make such compromises. My husband wondered why I smelled weird. Yeah, its that bad.

Melissa New Haven, IN


I LOVE THIS PRODUCT.Yes, it stings my eyes to high heaven. Yes, it smells like a hospital. Yes, it feels so watery that it possibly can’t be hydrating. But can it? YES IT CAN!I love this product, even though it stings my eyes like crazy. Why? Because it’s the best moisturizer I’ve ever used. Not only is it light weight but it’s not greasy AT ALL. I have oily/combination skin and this moisturizer keeps my cheeks nice an moist without making my T zone all oily. Honestly, it’s so weird how quickly my face absorbs this stuff after I clean my face at night. Most moisturizers take a while to soak it and when you apply too much, it stays on the surface kind of acting like an oil slick. And when you wear glasses, that gets annoying fast when your glasses keep sliding off your oily nose. Not with Hope in a Jar.If you can get over a little pansy eye burning and the chemical smell, this stuff is GREAT.

Roxie Uniontown, OH

Hyped up

I’ve never gotten all the Philosohpy hype-it’s overpriced cream, lotion, and other bath products. I got this as a sample with an online order at Sephora. It’s terrible. It’s runny not thick like other creams I’m used to. Maybe it’s me but when I use lotion I like a creamy texture that soothes my face not something that’s running down it. The smell is…weird. It’s neither pleasant or unpleasant, it’s just odd. And seemed to seep into the blanket I use when I sleep. Not to mention when I woke up I expected a moisturized face-another downfall of this product. This lotion did absolutely nothing for my dry skin. And what does 99% oil-free even mean (description on Sephora website)? Either it has oil or it doesn’t. And I’m a 100% oil-free only kinda gal. My $6 night of olay jar does a better job in all areas mentioned above. Also, the purity cleanser by Philosophy is crap too. I also got that as a sample and had to use a TON to get it to lather. When I wash my face I like to see the soap/cleanser. It also left my face still feeling oily-like it wasn’t fully clean. I’ll stick to Cetaphil which is way cheaper, gentle, and cleans thoroughly.

Liliana Shrewsbury, PA

Lovely moisturizer

This is such a great moisturizer! As I’m writing this, I am on my 5th jar of this moisturizer. To be honest it doesn’t smell the best and it can burn your eyes. I experience some eye burning occasionally, but it doesn’t last long. To me, it is all worth it. Hope in a Jar leaves my skin very soft and VERY moisturized. I have oily skin, but it is also very dry if I don’t use the right moisturizer. This is the only moisturizer I use at night. I have tried lots of others, but none have given me deep moisture like this one.

Gilda Fayette City, PA

There’s much better out there

I started using Philosophy products with their set, called something like Makeup-Free Skin. This was in there, and I used it for a couple of years. It was my first jump up from drug store brands. I liked it well enough, but the lack of spf was kind of a bother, and I never really felt like it sunk in. In the summer, my skin can get kind of oily, so this may be part of it, but even right after washing my face it just wouldn’t soak in, so I’d have to wait a while to put any makeup on. I was very conscious that I had moisturizer on my skin. Like I said, though, I used it for about two years, so I didn’t think it was bad at the time. Since I’ve switched to other things, I can’t imagine switching back to this.

Meagan Emmett, ID

Very good, although a little overpriced.

Okay, so it’s quite a bit overpriced. I have a ton of different moisturizers. I really like Cerave and it’s a fraction of this price and also of my Lancome moisturizers. However, Philosophy has so much hype surrounding it that it can afford to charge an arm and a leg. I can’t tell you exactly how this will affect YOUR face. Everyone is totally different, and the opinions on HIAJ are VERY polarizing. People love it or hate it, and not a lot in between. It makes a lot of people break-out, but totally transforms and brightens other people’s skin.My advice is to first get a sample of the stuff before buying a big jar. My mother-in-law bought me a bunch of little samples of Philosophy products for my birthday and said if I liked them, that she’d buy me the full versions. I have been on the edge of purchasing this before on my own, but the really mixed reviews stopped me. But the idea of getting smaller-sized ones first is great.For me, the results have been quite good. First, it feels AMAZING. It’s a soft, silky mousse that is by far the BEST feeling moisturizer on my skin that I use. It feels very nourishing and brightens my skin. I’ve had great results with it and love it, and requested the full version. However….WARNING WARNING: the stuff smells NASTY. Some people claim to like it, but I have no idea how anyone could like this smell. I can’t even describe it…it’s just very, very gross. The good news is that it goes away for me in about 10-15 minutes, and a lot of people say it takes just a few. And FYI, I am NOT someone who is usually sensitive to smells. At all. So the fact that I noticed it means something, I promise. But I can stomach it for a little while to have luxurious skin.However, if you can’t shell out the cash for this – don’t worry. TryCeraVe Moisturizing Lotion (12 oz)or plenty of other cheaper alternatives with great reviews from picky skincare people who CHOOSE those cheaper brands over the more expensive ones. But if you like HIAJ and can afford it – go for it! Packaging is adorable – always a plus.

Eve Friendship, AR

Gross in a Jar

I applied this for the first time after my morning shower today. OH MY GOD! It was seriously the worst, most horrible smell! After rubbing it all over my clean face, I had to get back into the shower just to get the odor off of me as soon as humanly possible. I can’t even attest to how it works because I could never stand the rancid smell. After a nice, refreshing shower, who on Earth would want to apply something that smells like wet dog and animal urine? Not me. It was the most disgusting experience. I do like lots of other Philosophy products. But I was shocked that someone could even bear using this. Other reviewers said they didn’t like the smell, but kept applying it until they didn’t notice it much anymore. I wonder if those people wonder why other humans want to stand 12 feet away from them when they’re nearby. UGH.

Ashleigh Timmonsville, SC

So soft

My skin is so soft using this moisturizer. I love this stuff and use it all the time. I will order more through this company.

Alexandra Norwalk, CA


I been searching for years for a good product and like most women have spent an amount I wont even write about! This product makes my very complicated, honey brown, freckled, dry, oily, mature and acne prone skin look fabulous. I use this at night with the Ole Henrikson Vitamin C Booster serum and "Hope in a Jar with SPF (25)" in the morning. I am fighting the slowly coming parenthesis around my mouth. This has stemmed the tide!My face feels amazing and I know longer have flaky skin. My acne has calmed down considerably and I follow my beauty routine now because it works for me.This is the least expensive price I have found for the same exact product. Get it!

Leanna Custer City, OK

Does Wonders For the Skin

The cream feels great and makes your skin look wonderful.The only downfall is that the ingredients contain a paraben.

Lea Salvisa, KY

Best moisturizer ever

I can’t express how much I love this product, everything about it, from the smooooth texture, to the smell (yes, I do actually love the smell), to the results! No other moisturizer works. A lot of people complain about the smell but really, it does grow on you and it has become a really comforting and relaxing smell to me. I have rosacea and acne prone skin and this helps sooth everything. It soaks in immediately and leaves my skin soft and plump! Won’t go without it.

Margaret Port Isabel, TX

I’ll buy this again and again!

I received my first Philosophy Hope in a Jar Daily Moisturizer as a gift. It’s one of the best skin care items I’ve ever used. I use it at night, after removing cosmetics, and again in the morning. It’s great under my makeup, and makes it go on more smoothly and gives my skin a more refreshed and glowing look.After using this for quite a while, I’m happy to report that I can actually feel an improvement in the texture of my skin. Roughnesss that I had always felt seemed greatly improved. Even without cosmetics, I can see how much better my skin appears.Perhaps not everyone will feel the same results, but this product is certainly worth a try! I am totally satisfied and definitely a return customer.

Shelby El Centro, CA

Rosy cheeks, no-effort exfoliation

Doesn’t matter how my skin is when I woke up…If it’s dry, this is my water (yes, it is actually a quenching feeling). If it’s broken out, this is my quick repair. If it’s cold or warm, it gives me the rosy cheeks I adore (without blush or pinching). This product works really well for me. I have combination skin with an emphasis on combination. Some days, super oily and others super dry. Either way, hope mellows my skin the minute I put it on. Sometimes later in the day, I seem to have a sheen over my skin if I am having an oily day, but overall I love love love this product. A coworker gave me the 8oz one time for $40 and it has been a struggle to not buy another jar…I gave in. The texture, the weight, and the results of this product are amazing. I can always count on my skin returning to a natural and comfortable state as soon as I put this on. As an added bonus, it really does exfoliate during the day….without having to do any hard work 😉

Debbie Penn Yan, NY

This is my “Go To” Product Line

I have been a makeup “flirt” all my life, never sticking with one line or product for any length of time. “Philosophy” changed my own philosophy with its skin care product line. I have come to depend and recommend their skin care line to friends and co-workers for several years. I have never been let down. This is the daily moisturizing I am using currently. Never greasy or too heavy.Highly recommend!

Claudine Erie, PA