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Philosophy Hope Hand and Cuticle Cream, 1-Ounce

just when you feel like your hands have given their all, there’s hope to help give back. hands of hope hand and cuticle cream is designed to help moisturize and smooth dry hands and rough cuticles. the formula contains shea butter and a blend of natural oils to help provide long-lasting moisture and help prevent dry skin and nails. this ultra-rich hand cream helps aid in moisture retention and improve skin’s smoothness for silky, soft hands. hands of hope absorbs quickly without leaving hands feeling sticky or greasy. it’s the hope your hands have been searching for.

Key features

  • helps provide long-lasting moisture
  • softens and helps protect hands and cuticles
  • non-greasy formula absorbs quickly

Honest reviews


Like it

I like this hand cream but I doubt I would repurchase it. I like to try new things and I guess it is time to move on. Also I like perfumed hand creams and this one has no perfume.

Sherrie Oakdale, WI

So thick and creamy!

I liked this product so much that I ordered it again. Great price on AMZN compared to retail and arrives quickly. This is one lotion that really makes my rough hands feel soft and pampered. Also noticed a slight improvement in the appearance of my cuticles. Highly recommend.

Loretta Lovingston, VA

Best hand cream!

I used this all last winter and never had an episode of chapped hands or cuticle prolems. It is not greasy and readily absorbs into your skin. No perfume scent – which I love. I don’t need to look any further for a different hand cream.

Libby Grapeland, TX

Works Great!

I’ve been using this for about two months. I’ve tried many creams over the years. This works best for me. It’s not greasy and is very moisturizing. I’ve always had problems in winter no matter what I used. Not anymore.

Corina Wapiti, WY

Like a drink of water for your hands

I’ve always used Hope in a Jar and absolutely love it. One day I decided to try using it as a hand cream because I wanted something to absorb quickly and yet leave my hands really soft and it worked great. I was super happy to find Hands of Hope because it works just as nicely as Hope in a Jar does. It absorbs right away, has a nice neutral smell and my hands are comfortably soft all day long. I keep it in my desk drawer and apply a little each time I wash my hands and my hands are never too slippery like with some other hand lotions I’ve used at work before. It’s great as a daily cuticle cream too. Highly recommended.

Sharon Granite Falls, NC

Great Product!!

Absolutely love this hand cream. I have tried many and this is the best. Not too thin and not too thick. Takes a few minutes to sink in, but not at all like a balm. Will be purchasing more when this is not want to be without!!

Yolanda Kingsburg, CA

Great Non-Greasy Hand Lotion

I love this hand lotion! I tested it in a store before purchasing. I don’t like greasy hand creams/lotions and this one is very moisturizing and creamy but absorbs well and is not greasy at all! I love it so much I am now buying more as gifts for family and friends.

Ola Pleasureville, KY

Best Hand cream ever!!!

This is the best hand cream ever, and I have tried many. It really moisturizes and a little goes a long way. You can feel the lasting effects even after you wash your hands a couple of times. My hands get very dry from working in a restuarant and constantly washing them and this is my favorite hand cream. Try it you will love it!

Glenda Green Castle, MO

Best Hand Cream I have ever tried.

I will admit, I am a philosophy girl, so I rarely have anything but good things to say about their products. My hands feel so soft no one can guess my age. I am not able to do much with my hands do to health concerns so someone who puts there hands thru torture on a daily basis may not get the same results.

Tina Karnack, TX

Amazing lotion.

I really like this lotion. I have extremely dry skin and it has helped a lot. It smells great and is really thick. It’s not greasy at all which I like.

Germaine Whitsett, TX

Who doesn’t like this stuff?

Awesome hand cream. It has a light, pleasant smell. I use this as my night and morning lotion. I would use it all day long except that it is cost prohibitive, hence the 4 instead of 5 star. If money wasn’t an issue I would have a large container of it at home and work!

Shelley Noatak, AK