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Philosophy Field of Flowers Shampoo/Shower Gel/Bubble Bath, 16 Ounces

A field of flowers is the ultimate soul-stirring experience. This shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath cleanses and conditions to leave you feeling positively lovely.

Key features

  • Fresh floral scent of peony
  • Feel positively lovely

Honest reviews


Similar to Joyful Heart – charity shower gel benefiting the joyful heart foundation

It smells exactly like philosophy – joyful heart – charity shower gel benefiting the joyful heart foundation.Jasmine is the predominant flower smell.So i guess this is a cheaper version but without the charity.

Christy Barhamsville, VA

beautiful delicate floral scent

For Christmas I asked for a couple of bottles of Philosophy shower gel, and this is one of the ones that I received.I’m *very* happy with it. The scent is beautiful and delicate- lightly floral. If you’ve used Philosophy shower gels before, you probably know their scents are very subdued and don’t really pack a powerful punch. I like to mix up different shower gels from different brands so I like this about Philosophy. I also LOVE their formulas- I have sensitive skin that can dry up pretty easily, but I like the feeling of being “squeaky clean” so I hate using any shower gels or soaps that leave any kind of “moisture” foam. Philosophy makes me skin feel super clean while not irritating it or stripping it of moisture. And I love how well it foams up.

Yesenia Smithfield, UT

Philosophy Field of Flowers Shampoo/Shower gel/Bubble Bath

I bought the product for my granddaughter. I love the way it smells and I am sure she will also.

Lucille Garrisonville, VA

Product seemed old…

I think this product was out of date because the smell was very faint and didn’t lather like all of my other Philosophy products do. I should have sent it back and will never order this again.

Erna Astatula, FL


I love Philsophy products and this one is a winner! It smells wonderful (like honeysuckles) and the good thing about this shower gel is that the scent stays with you long after you have showered. It smells so clean. As with all Philosophy products, this lathers well and only takes a small amount. If you’re not fond of floral scents I suggest that you do not purchase this product because it smells strongly of flowers.

Dianne Kersey, PA

Smells Delightful

The smell, is just like a clean spring day when you walk outside and can smell the beautiful smells of spring lilacs and hyacinths. The consistency is just right for using as shampoo or body wash, it will make you feel as delightful as it smells.

Debora Hazelhurst, WI

Listing Doesn’t Show ALL Ingredients

I ordered Philosophy Field of Flowers after making sure there was no ingredients that I am allergic to (ie. ALOE). Upon receiving the product and opening it, I read the back and realized – it contains ALOE along with a whole lot of other chemicals not mentioned on Amazon’s listing. I had to return it and am awaiting a refund. The smell was overly fragrant and the warning on the back said not to leave it on skin too long because it can cause irritation and urinary tract infection. If it can cause a UTI then it’s not safe for use as bubble bath!

Gussie Grimes, IA