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Phillips Brush Light Touch 2 Oval Cushioned Brush

The Phillips Light Touch 2 is the must have brush of people who are serious about the care of their hair. This brush is made in France with the strictest standards to provide the best possible quality. The cushion is hand glued to provide the maximum comfort for the user. The bristles are ball tipped single strands of nylon to protect from discomfort. The handle is countered to provide superior control without sacrificing comfort.

Key features

  • Oval pneumatic with countered handle
  • Simgle strands of tipped nylon
  • Hand glued cushion
  • Made in France
  • Purse Sized

Honest reviews



Absolutely love this brush!!! Save my hairs and make them SOOO soft. Best brush I have ever used. Way better than the other ones which look similar!

Georgia Falcon, MS

This is the best hairbrush, you won’t regret buying it.

I saw the positive reviews for this brush, so I purchased it when I needed to replace my old one. I am very pleased with it – the brush is made of small metal prongs that work great on my longer, thicker hair. I have always used plastic bristled brushes before, and I was very surprised at how much better this feels when brushing my hair.Highly recommended!

Nettie Lupton, AZ

Brush lasted eight months, Phillips Company stood behind their product and made everything okay when I emailed them

August 28, 2012I just threw away my second brush. The replacement brush lasted only four months. I love this brush, but it should last longer than eight or four months. I am looking for another brand, but it makes me sad. This is the best brush I have ever used, but two brushes in one year worn to uselessness is just too much. I cannot understand the problem, but it seems to me it is how the bristles are attached to the padding. The balls break off and then the whole bristle pushes into the padding.May 17, 2012 Updated Review:Half the end balls were gone and the entire center of the brush have broken off. It lasted eight months. I have just retired it and started the replacement they sent me when I emailed them that the balls were disappearing at a fast rate. Good brush, good company, very short lifetime of use.January 31, 2012, Updated Review:I took the suggestion of a person who commented on my review and emailed the company. Within five days I had a new brush in the mail. Wow! I am so impressed with the Phillips company. Few companies just make it right anymore. I would suggest buying Phillips company products because not only do they make great products, they stand behind and make any problems right. I wish more companies had this old fashioned ethic.December 31, 2011 Original Review:I adored this brush and still like it very much. I have never had a brush I liked so very much. Unfortunately, I am already losing the balls on the ends of the brush that keep the bristles from scratching. I have had it four months and have lost three end balls. I think that by the time I have had it a year I will have lost at least 12 end balls. I am severely disappointed and surprised about this. So maybe another brush would be a better choice.

Julianne Poultney, VT

Great Brush

I love these cushion hair brushes. It allows the bristles to have a little more give when you’re brushing your hair which provides extra comfort. It especially makes trying to get tangles out less painful. It works well on wet or dry hair.

Herminia Bradfordsville, KY

Some static, so we use it for the Barbies.

rather soft bristles, too much for our taste and makes static, so we gave it to our Barbies and they are happy.

Whitney Ritter, OR

I don’t think I’ve ever before loved a brush…

My story is a simple one: I lost a nice brush I had received as a gift, had no idea how to find it again, so went to Amazon looking for a decent brush to toss in with my next order. This one was a tad pricey, yet had so many glowing reviews. I decided to splurge.This is about as wonderful a brush as it gets. It’s ridiculously light, but so sturdy and useful when it comes to brushing hair. My hair is very thick, yet this glides easily through it. It detangles hair well, yet also provides a good brushing for everyday styles.It’s easy to spot how quality this brush is. The bristles are oh so sturdy and hold up very well.Easily the best brush I’ve ever had.

Lorene Woodbridge, CT

I like this brush

I bough this brush because I was tired of using my old $5 walmart brushes that my wife uses on her long hair and my daughters long hair. I was surprised at how much I enjoy the way it runs across my scalp. It actually feels very nice. The only thing I don’t like is that it feels small in my hands. Other than that, it’s a good buy.

Ruthie Hamilton, VA


This brush works fine and feels nice, but isn’t super special. I have a lot of hair and it would be nice if the brush head was bigger so I could cover more surface area.

Helen Malden On Hudson, NY

Not for blow drying.

I was fairly happy with this brush until I went on vacation and forgot my ceramic round brush I use for drying my hair. After two times of drying my hair for 10 minutes the bristles bent so much it rendered the brush useless.

Jeri Hendrix, OK

Overhyped and outdated design

I bought this brush based off the amazing reviews on amazon but im failing to understand why. I’ve had this brush for over a year and it just sits in my drawer. I have long hair with average thickness and this didn’t impress me at all.Pros:Good weightComfortable handleCons:Adds staticHard to cleanNot preferred for wet hairAverage detangling abilityLackluster designI think the biggest selling point is that the brush lasts forever…well since then newer brushes have been made that imo outperform this standard design. I now use tangle teezer (also sold on amazon) and it detangles my hair without any pulling, doesn’t give my added static, less hairloss, and is great on wet or dry hair!If you’re looking for longevity then consider this brush but if you’re looking for performance then go with tangle teezer.

Allene Bowmanstown, PA

I have used

I love my brush. It is for finer hair. I have used this brand for years. 5 years ago I could get 6 for 30 dollars and today it seems one brush goes for between 16 and 22 dollars. I did find one not quite as good as this one but close for 8 dollars on Amazon. It’s called a Wet Brush. I may have to change but still had to give this 5 stars because it is a good brush. Just the cost is a little up there in my opinion

Courtney Chelmsford, MA