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PherX Pheromone Cologne for Men, 1 oz

What are Pheromones? Pheromones are naturally occurring chemicals that send out subconscious scent signals to the opposite sex, that trigger very powerful attraction responses and romantic feelings. The Science of Attraction Scientists have known for decades about an organ just inside the nasal cavity called the vomeronasal organ or VNO, and its sole function is to detect trace amounts of airborne chemicals called pheromones. Pheromones detected by the VNO have been shown in laboratory tests to send powerful signals directly to the limbic region of the brain, also known as the “seat of emotions”. This region of the brain is not directly connected to reason or cognitive thought patterns, rather it controls our emotions and sexual desires. So, the stimulating feelings we experience from pheromones can be quite powerful. When these sexual and romantic feelings overwhelm us, our brains release a chemical called phenethylamine which in turn kicks on dopamine production and the next thing we know, the fireworks begin. What is PherX? PherX was introduced over 10 years ago and is the first and original pheromone cologne. PherX was developed by Biologists and Pharmacologists. It contains an 18mg blend of the human pheromones Androstadienone, Androstenol, Androstenone, Androsterone and other proprietary discovered pheromones. Using PherX will get you more looks, conversation and attention from women. What Makes PherX Different From Other Brands? PherX was introduced over 10 years ago and is a pioneer in human pheromone research. Our team of biologists and pharmacologists have discovered and researched many different pheromone chemicals. When you buy PherX, you are getting the Original Pheromone Cologne with proven results.

Key features

  • Pheromones are naturally occurring chemicals that send out subconscious scent signals to the opposite sex that trigger very powerful sexual responses.
  • 18mg blend of Androstadienone, Androstenol, Androstenone and Androsterone Pheromone
  • PherX contains the highest concentration of Pure Human Pheromones available.
  • Developed by Doctors of Biology and Pharmacology.
  • 1oz (30ml) Bottle – Approximately 200 sprays

Honest reviews


As a fragrance OK but not magic

I really believe there is no magic here. If someone wears a supposed attractant and is expecting it to work they will probably try to make themselves more attractive (smile more, try to be more attentive, etc.) and get results from that. I believe the placebo effect takes place and if one thinks it will work it might from the expectations.I do not think this works any better than being more friendly, interesting, and interested. The magic is in the person, but whatever works. Don’t expect to all-of-a-sudden become a chic magnet from the fragrance or supposed “human pheromone” you wear. You have some of that naturally and it has never been shown to draw people together. I was interested in the fragrance but think a little mild aftershave is probably better and less expensive. Some wear overpowering cologne that can give people a headache so go light and not smell too strong. One squirt of this on the neck is a pretty mild and descent scent; may smell bad to some, not to others.

Lora Pomona Park, FL

I saw no difference using this

It smelled decent, but I never got any compliments or enhanced attraction out in social encounters. I got way more compliments and attention using a Bath and Body Works NOIR body spray than anything else I’ve tried. Get a bottle of that and try it out. You’ll thank me. Get the body spray over the cologne version though, it works much better. Here’s a link

Mina Scottsboro, AL

Take a number women

I got the product Friday Aug.16. One spray is all I used . Women are from nowhere saying Hello more than before. On Saturday I was hangingout with five different women. Three of us did happy hour and One of them stayed with me till late night. Going on a date Today for sushi Aug.20.. from the girl I met Saturday. Im 49yrs and on a date with a 31 yrold..

Geri Groveland, NY

Smells Nice, Not Sure on Effectiveness

I’m not sure how to evaluate this product accurately, but I find the scent to be pleasant and not overpowering, and women do seem to be more interested in sexual activity IF THEY ARE ALREADY INCLINED TO BE IN THAT MOOD. I didn’t see an effect in everyday interactions but seemed to notice one when I was already on a date or in a setting where you are looking for a sexual partner… women do seem to see me more and say a couple extra sentences while I am wearing this.

Tiffany Balko, OK

BJ from a stranger, is that a hit?

Wear this thing and I have people kissing my ass for no reason, I got a lot of stare from girls, they can’t stop twisting their hair upon seeing me, some of them transfered into one night lay, hope you won’t be out of business, if you would, notify me so I can buy 100 of them and sell it to other chumps who have no success with women at incredulous high price.

Angelique Booth, AL

I’m not exactly sure, but

I’m not exactly sure, but I think that this stuff actually works. I bought this to spice things up a bit. Always keeping in mind that females bore easily, so if you don’t keep things interesting…………It’s a Friday evening, so I showered and sprayed just a slight puff of this stuff on the back of my neck. My wife arrives home from work exhausted from her week as usual. Typically we go out for dinner then settle in watching a little netflix and she falls asleep in my arms.I at that point get up and do a few things until I’m tired enough to fall asleep. About a half an hour later I get a call from my wife, "are you coming to bed?" Although we have a very nice love life she’s seldom ‘ready to go’ when she’s tired, so this was unusual. We had a great time, that night, and for the next few days she showered my with affection telling me how happy she is, and how lucky she felt to be my wife. This woman doesn’t just hand out adoration. We’ve been together for over twenty-five years.Now here’s the funny bit; PherX e-mailed me with a request. They said go and pick out any other of their products other than this one. Try it. Then give a review, and I’ll receive it for free. So I go to the firm’s products, and the only other product that was different was ‘Pheromone for Women'(attract men), so I picked it to see if it would work on my wife like the other stuff.Well, I tried it, and I think that it made her irritable 🙂 hahahaaaaThe cologne for men smells like Halston for men cologne that I used in my twenties thirty years ago. The cologne for women smells like rotting flower petals. It’s really bad :-)I’d leave a review about the cologne for women stuff, but I don’t know how to not having purchased any. Any advise on this would be appreciated as I’d like to fulfill my end of the bargain.

Henrietta Plant City, FL