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Pfeilring Sapphire Nail File, White, 13cm, .42-Ounce Package

Pfeilring`s professional quality Sapphire Pocket Nail File has a fine sapphire grit that efficiently reduces nail length and smoothes edges. Double-sided with a fine and a course side, it is ingeniously designed with a tapered end for cleaning nails. Strong, long-lasting, and easily cleaned with water- you`ll have this file for years to come! Measures 5“ (13cm).

Key features

  • Pfeilring Sapphire Nail Files are well known for their durability
  • Best for pedicure and manicure
  • 13 cm length

Honest reviews


Needs a Few Minor Changes to Become a 5-Star Product…

Just as I was in the market for a new nail file, the 13cm Pfeilring Sapphire Nail File was one of the products offered during an Amazon special promotion. A manicurist suggested that rather than using cream cuticle removers or nippers, I push back my cuticles and then smooth the dry excess with a good nail file. I found this worked quite well, but needed a new metal file to accomplish the task; I prefer a glass file, which is too thick for this task for my nails. The 13cm Pfeilring Sapphire Nail File has worked quite well for my purposes. The thumb indent on the handle is a particularly nice feature and makes holding this file a pleasure.Nevertheless, there are several factors which kept me from rating the 13cm Pfeilring Sapphire Nail File as a 5-star product. The tip of the file is pointed, rather than rounded. The “blade,” at only 3″ long, is less than the length of pointed items on the TSA-permitted list. However, I prefer not to have my luggage searched and would hesitate to include the 13cm Pfeilring Sapphire Nail File in my carry-on. The grit is identical on both sides of the file. For my personal use, this is not an issue. However, if I were using the 13cm Pfeilring Sapphire Nail File on my nails, I would have preferred a shaping grit on one side and a finishing grit on the other. There is no slipcase included with this file. The file’s brittle plastic packaging can be used as a case, but it will likely crack and have to be discarded; it is not as compact or convenient as a slipcase would have been.I expect the 13cm Pfeilring Sapphire Nail File to last; it is well made and seems to be of excellent quality. However, the above mentioned drawbacks resulted in my deducting a star from the 13cm Pfeilring Sapphire Nail File’s rating.

Francesca Morley, MI

Fantastic Filer

I carry filers with me at all times. I have them in every room. I cannot STAND a snag or chip in my nails. OCD much, why yes, yes I am.This file is the BOMB. It gets in all those nooks and crannies, and files fast and efficient. I love it. This one stays in my purse!

Adelaide Rossville, IN

good file

This Pfeilring nail file works very well and gives great results. The length is ideal for a manicure, and so is the convenient depression for the thumb – makes for a better grip.Contrary to another reviewer’s assessment, this file does have two different sides – one coarse, and one fine. It even says so (in German though) on the one side – “fein”, which means “fine”. I for one can definitely feel a distinct difference in filing action.The one thing I am not fond of and which is the reason for the 1 star deduction is that the handle is not rounded but square. I don’t find that particularly comfortable. It is not a really big deal but I would have preferred a rounded handle. At this price, the file should be perfect. Other than that I am very happy with the product and would buy it again.

Jaclyn Howe, TX

Excellent file…

And perfect travel/purse size, although no protective case comes with it, which is unfortunate. But the quality is really top-notch, so I make do without a case, tucking it into basic cosmetic bag.

Lucia Wharton, NJ

Not bad

This nail file is very effective. I was able to file my toenails down fairly fast, and it didn’t shred up the nail at all, very smooth. My only complaint is that the metal is a bit thin, and easily bends as you are using the file.

Elda Montezuma, IN

Nice file

This file is exactly as described. I think it is a little pricey but it does the job. It’s sturdy and seems like it will hold up well.

Renee Connerville, OK

Nail file

This nail file is just so, so. Would not buy again. Wish it had been a little wider and longer.

Cara Rapid City, SD