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Peter Thomas Roth Un wrinkle Peel Pads, 60 Count

A daily peel that’s loaded with alpha, beta and gamma exfoliators, amino acids, botanical extracts and anti-oxidants. Peel pads minimize pores, clarify the skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and correct uneven skin tone.

Key features

  • Ideal for the face, neck, décolleté, top of hands, elbows and knees
  • 90 count
  • Fragrance-free, alcohol-free, gentle enough for daily use

Honest reviews


Perhaps not the real deal

I ordered this product from an Amazon seller last year. Similar to many reviewers here, mine came unsealed. At full pop in brick-and-mortar stores, this sells for about $45. Beware when you purchase something at half price, particularly from sites like Amazon and Ebay: there are a lot of vendors selling counterfeit goods. Between the price I paid and the unsealed jar, I’m certain that what I received was not the genuine product. It didn’t do anything worthwhile for my skin, either, but I am loath to blame Peter Thomas Roth. My warning is not limited to cosmetics. I’ve seen printer toner and maintenance parts selling way below cost, and I know the profit margin on those items is not great, so if you’re getting something for half price, you’re likely getting a fake.

Ginger Cochranville, PA

Never without these

Ever since I discovered these pads, I am never without them. My skin is acne-prone even though I am in my (early) 30s, and these keep everything in check. After using them awhile, my skin is much smoother. They have become an essential part of my skincare routine.

Haley Willmar, MN

2nd jar and still loving it

I love this product so much that I bought it for my relatives and friends for Christmas. It is the only product that visibly shrinks pores and makes fine lines disappear after only 3 weeks of use!!!! I cannot say enough good things about it! Well worth the money.

Marta Sigel, IL

It has helped to soften the small scar spots

I like this because it has helped to soften the scar spots where I had late in life blemishes. Funny I went through puberty without ever having a pimple and it took menopause to make my skin crazy! This is easy to use, lots of pads and so it lasts 60 days using one pad at night. I use this, wait about two hours then use my scrub, then vitamin C toner, then put on my vitamin C serum. I think I can say I have pretty fair skin now and I’m 59. That is not something I would have ordinarily said when all my red blotches were still taking up real estate on my face. It does have a sort of oily feel to it that remains on the face like an oil slick but I think that is what makes it so effective. None of my other so called peel pads ever left that feeling on my face but then they didn’t work like this does either. And yes it does make your skin peel so be prepared for the peel of very thin layers. I use Cetaphil cleanser then Skinnygirl Face Solutions Vitamin C Face Scrub to get the loose skin off, then I cleanse again, then tone with Avalon Organics vitamin C toner, then apply my Voila’ Ve Triple Action Vitamin C serum. It has three forms of vitamin C in it.

Gena Bald Knob, AR

Great stuff

Read everyone else’s reviews before using.l yes you can cut them in half and still cover face, neck and hands. Leaves you silky smooth and I can see the blackheads are getting smaller. Easy to use-recommend

Aida Fowlerton, TX

Highly Recommend

I have been using these pads for about 6 mnths now. I started out using one daily in the evening followed my my moisturizer. Your face will have a slight tingle at first and you must use cold water to neutralize the product after a few minutes. I love these ! I now use them every day. They make your face very smooth and also help to clear up any acne that you may have and may help prevent new acne from forming. These pads when used daily can help your moisturizer to be better absorbed so you get the full benefits of your products. I feel like I totally skipped something important when I don’t use them in my daily regimen.I will ALWAYS use these and I highly recommend them !

Megan Nogales, AZ

Nice light peel!

This is my second purchase so I can say that I am a fan. It came tightly package and unopened. They sting a little when I first started using them but now I don’t even feel it. Don’t know if my skin is used to them or if there potency diminishes after being opened. I use them just about every other day after taking off my makeup. I leave on for 5-10 minutes then rinse off and add my moisturizer. It always refreshes my skin and seems to keep it glowing. I have bought glycolic acid peels on amazon before and loved the results but this is so much easier and I can do it more often without the intense burning.

Marylou Englewood, TN

Highly recommened product… Just not from SAI HOLDINGS WW INC

First off, this is a wonderful product. I can’t speak for whether or not it does anything for wrinkles, but it’s without a doubt enabled me to throw away what I was using for my occasional bouts of premenstrual acne, and overall given me a clearer complexion.The seller ***SAI HOLDINGS WW INC*** is however another story entirely.The container of Peter Thomas Roth Un Wrinkle Peel Pads I received from them had not just been opened at one point, but clearly resealed afterward. A better term would probably be ‘over-sealed’, because the glued that’d been used was strong enough to qualify it for child proofing.I’ve been purchasing this product for years, and know for a fact that opening the inner seal doesn’t ever require either a Bowie knife or a gym membership.People use this product on their faces; around their mucus membranes. This isn’t just disgraceful, dishonest behavior on SAI HOLDINGS WW INC’s part, it’s a serious health code violation.I’ve already contacted Amazon directly regarding this matter, and my personal experience is that they take these complaints seriously. I would advise anyone else who’s had a similar experience with this company to do the same.Again, since this section is for rating the product, I’ve given it the 5 starts I believe it deserves, but I couldn’t in good conscious not do my best to try and get people to look elsewhere for this or any other health or grooming product.A+ Peter Thomas Roth Un-Wrinkle Peel PadsF- SAI HOLDINGS WW INC

Consuelo Hazelton, ID

Best peel!

Another ptr product I would never stop using. It makes your skin soft and it exfoliates without harsh granules. its so easy to use. The ingredients are at the highest levels to be effective.

Alma Wolf Lake, MN

PTR Un Wrinkle

Have always been impressed by these Peel Pads; excellent product that work very well. Two-three times a week for me is sufficient.Fair price and excellent overall service. Would buy again. Thanks.

Michell Statham, GA

Love it

I love this product. Exfoliates, smoothes out blotchy patches. This is almost as good as getting a glycolic peel at a dermatologists office.

Eloise Roselawn, IN

Awesome resurfacing

I use St. Ives Apricot Scrub every day since I’m obsessed with keeping my face smooth and exfoliated. Still, there are days my face just feels sorta rough.The directions say to leave it for just a minute or so, but I leave it on for 10-30 minutes with no problems. Afterwards my face feels super smooth and makeup goes on better

Josefa Lynnfield, MA