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Peter Thomas Roth Un-Wrinkle Peel Pads, 60 Count

A daily peel that’s loaded with alpha, beta and gamma exfoliators, amino acids, botanical extracts and anti-oxidants. Peel pads minimize pores, clarify the skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and correct uneven skin tone.

Key features

  • Ideal for the face, neck, decollete, top of hands, elbows and knees
  • Item contains 60 Count
  • Fragrance free and alcoholfFree
  • Gentle enough for daily use
  • Moisturizers and botanical extracts ensure that skin is being protected during the exfoliation process

Honest reviews


Helps with skin texture, not so much with wrinkles (yet)

I have been using this product for about a month now. I purchased it to help with clogged pores (milia?) on my chin and to smooth out the overall rough texture, and I have 2 relatively deep wrinkles on my forehead. I noticed that within 3 or 4 uses the clogged pores improved and the little milia “seeds” would just push right out when I could NEVER get them to come out before, even after steaming. The pads are saturated, which is great because some pads dry out within a few weeks. This milia is all but gone, but regular clogged pores/blackheads aren’t really changing.My skin feels soft and I’m not wearing foundation, only powder and a little concealer. No noticeable change with my forehead wrinkles yet but I don’t expect miracles. Be forewarned as other users have said you need to keep up with use. I went 3 or 4 days without using the pads and could see my pores were clogging and my skin began feeling rough.The reason this is 3 stars is because since I have started using this product I have had 7 or 8 actual, full on pimples. Before using this I haven’t had any on my forehead in YEARS, and I got 2 within the first week. Then two at the bottom of my chin that were huge and hurt, which never happens. One or two on my nose, etc. Again, rare. Right now I have one at the edge of my upper lip which is really sexy, let me tell you. I will attribute this to the “bad stuff” being worked out and I will continue using the pads, since the benefits outweigh the concerns.I would say these are a good introduction into chemical peels. I may upgrade to a stronger less frequent option next, but I started here because I’m pretty sensitive. It met 1 of 3 of what it says it will do, which is improved texture. If that is your goal I definitely recommend these pads!

Terri Laporte, MN

Best Peel Pads on the market!

I have tried many peel pads and these I find to be the best. Used with the PTR Un-Wrinkle night cream and you will see a wonderful change in the texture and fine lines on your face. The pads are large enough to use on your face,neck, hands an chest area…I cut mine in half and still have enough product on the pads to cover the areas I mentioned. Start with clean skin, apply product on the peel pads onto your face and let it sit on your skin 2-5 minutes then rinse off and apply your favorite serum(mine is PTR) and then the Un-Wrinkle night cream. I saw a difference using these pads within days on my skin. I have oily skin and no break outs or burning at all. Love PTR products!

Alba Oconee, IL

Fired my aesthetician

I have been plagued with acne/black head prone skin since my teens and now I have adult acne and black heads with blemishes and dark spots.Every evening, after my work out before taking shower I use the pad on the face, neck, back (prone to break outs) and then wash it off. I have used 120 pads in all and my skin is glowing, has no more break out black heads and alebit I did not have wrinkles, but I bought this for the glycolic acid as it is efficient in zapping acne and dark spots and blemishes which was my major concern.

Paulette San German, PR

Quick, easy and after two days I’ve noticed a difference!

I have some serious deep lines over my lips and this is the area I’ve been focusing on but have been doing the lines around my eyes and my forehead as well. I cut these pads in half to make them go further and to fit the areas that I’m working on. I ignored the directions and have been applying them (I lay down) for 30 minutes every other day for starters and having been seeing results after two days. No problem with irritation. Lines are smoother, pigment is evening out and pores are getting less noticeable. Wear the highest SPF you can find on your face when using this product. I have a really oily T-Zone so if your skin is dry you might want to start slowly and work your way up.

Kenya Semmes, AL

I like them

I think they work well, but I didn’t realize that it was a peel. I thought that I could just keep them bedside and use them to clean my face when I wanted. With these, you have to time them and then rinse them off – like any peel. I just thought they were different. That being said. I really like them. I have combination, and sensitive skin and these worked really well. Left my skin glowing after the first use!

Maricela Lawtell, LA

works like a charm, but may cause allergic reactions

I read excellent reviews about this product on but bought it on Amazon because it’s cheaper with free shipping here (for a prime user). I’ve used the alpha and the beta pads but they caused irritation on my sensitive skin.This product, however, didn’t cause irritation, but weirdly, I now have acnes on some parts of my skin that I used this product on: hand, forehead, belly. But I don’t have the same allergic reactions on my cheek area which looked beautifully glowing after just a couple of applications. Even my boyfriend noticed and asked me what happened to my skin because it looked much smoother and healthier. So I’m going to use this product once a week and gradually increase the frequency of the usage as the label of this product recommends.Overall, I’d say this product is worth a shot.

Dionne Colby, WI

So far No Skin Sensitivity

I have very sensitive fair skin with small broken capillaries so I’m reluctant to try new products. I was given a sample of 7 & felt satisfied after the week. I decided to purchase the 60 count jar and commit to several months. As long as I don’t become red or break out, I’ll be happy. It seems to leave the skin looking and feeling fresh. One reviewer suggest cutting them in half but I recommend using the entire pad as it should be put on the neck & chest areas as well. IF, any is left, use on the top of the hands which accrue much damage from the sun. Washing hands often takes the sunscreens off and leaves them exposed. I’m looking for a good hand cream SPF 30 with moisturizers & does not wash off. Wish me luck on that one!I recommend trying a few pads before buying and see how your skin reacts to this product but I’m finding it gentle.

Millie Custer, MT

Great product

I am positive I reviewed this product already. I have been sent many to reviews today and keep getting them back to review again. I do this as a favor for those who would like to purchase, but if Amazon continues to send them back time and time again, I will not review anymore. This product does what it says it does. I have had great results and this was my second purchase of it. It was packaged well and arrived on time.

Colleen Switz City, IN


I’ve been using this product for about a month now, but I have to say I was amazed and satisfied after the first use! I did not buy this product to use for wrinkles. I bought it to help minimize my pores. I didn’t actually think that was possible, but it is! I cannot say enough good about it! My skin is looking the best that it has looked in years! I look forward to trying out other products from this brand.

Lois Salt Lick, KY


You know every once in a while I buy something that works really well. This is one of those items. It does what it states it will do while not ruining your skin with dryness, peeling or redness. Its really a wonderful product. I get complements on my skin all the time now. Leaves you wih a dewy refreshed glow. This product will be incorporated into my product hall of fame I’m sure.

Laurel Hutchinson, PA

Visible Results

These are not exfoliating as such (no crystals to abrade), however, using the pads morning and night for 30 days resulted in smoother, smaller pored complexion. I alternate by using these for a month, then switch to a dermabrasion type product for another 30 days.

Bridgett Bay Shore, NY

Southern girl

This is only the second time I have purchased these. Went for awhile without them and decided to try them again. Great to use instead of a toner.

Christi Cygnet, OH

Good stuff

It does what it promisses, but you have to be consistent with using it. I will buy again when the time comes.

Leanna Montrose, AL

Peter Thomas Roth Un-Wrinkle Peel Pads

Ahhhhhh, these pads make my skin feel soooooooooooo wonderful. I just started using them yesterday so I can’t tell you how effective they are as undoing wrinkles, but am very optimistic these will stay a keeper in my facial cleansing routine because they just feel so good on the skin, unbelievably good, I Love these pads!

Lynda Philadelphia, MS


I bought this at nordstroms not here but I just love this and can see a difference right away. I am 27 and just love it.

Darla Welches, OR

Good product

Seems to be working . Skin seems smoother. It has alotOf natural ingredients and a good combination of peelIngredients to cover a multitude of skin conditions.

Graciela Champion, MI

Peter Thomas Roth Unwrinkle Pads-Use for great looking skin

This product arrived in good condition with a unbroken seal brand new jar. Have beenusing this product once a week. Also cut pads in half with good saturation. Aftercleansing apply to skin, wait 3-5 minutes or a extra few minutes more for extrabenefits of exfoliation., rinse off, apply your favorite serum and moisturizer.I have no harsh side effects from this peel (no stinging or burning). I alsouse Peter Thomas Roth gel exfoliate gel in conjunction with the peel pads. (i.e. usepads in the beginning of week- gel toward end of week). Happy with the results.My 65+ skin is looking brighter and skin tone is improving and looking moreeven.Thanks Peter Thomas Roth and Amazon. Will reorder.

Tracie Santa Claus, IN

It may actually be working??

I decided to try this pads after reading the other reviews. I have to say that I actually think they might be helping. It’s nothing major but it’s enough of a difference to keep me using them in the hopes that my wrinkles will improve… maybe it’s just me but I’m hopeful so I would definitely consider trying these. I think if you are a bit younger it might work a lot better than it does for this older gal.

Luisa Port Byron, IL

I love using these

I have always loved using these pads and order them all the time. I usually one pad, let it dry, then use another to get really great soft glowing skin. I get compliments every time I use them! Great seller! I was a bit apprehensive ordering from them since some had reported that their pads were dry but mine came freshly sealed and moist. Will purchase from them again!

Kristine Ozawkie, KS

good stuff`

I am always leery or products that say that get rid of wrinkles. I use this almost daily; as I have dry skin. You do feel a tingle but has no real smell. When I rinse off my face it feel so smooth. I then follow the PeterThomasRoth’s cream for the mouth area. Skin looks fresh and I believe it is working

Denice Shields, ND

Love these!

I used to buy philosophy’s brightening peel pads at $65 for 12. Using those once a week, I figured it was worth the money. Plus, I was cutting them in half. After awhile, I just couldn’t stomach the price so I stopped buying them. When I was given a sample of the Peter Roth c30 citrus, I fell in love. I immediately bought a bottle. At that time, I noticed these and decided I’d try them. Oooo! What a bargain for what they do. My skin felt so soft and clean after using it one time. I use these once every two or three days now. They really help to exfoliate and smooth my skin. I follow up with my moisturizer or c30 serum, and my skin just glows. Wonderful product.

Michaela Camden, IL

Great for exfoliation

My pores get easily clogged and I use this every other day. It’s helped keeping my pores clear. It’s easy to use and it’s better than scrubs. It has really helped my skin from breaking out. I highly recommend this.

Katie New Paltz, NY

great product

I have been cutting them in half because you do not need the whole thing, leave it on for a minute and I take it off. It works great!

Johnnie Wauna, WA

Un wrinkle pads

I did not note less wrinkles, but can’t say I noted more wrinkles. The pads are large and concentrated, so I found cutting the pads in half covers the face, neck and chest.

Diann Orestes, IN

Great for your skin

I’ve been using this product for a little over a month now and I really like it. The fact that it comes with 60 pads is a big plus. Most other products only come with around 30 pads, so its a month supply at best if you just use once a day. I only use this about 3-4 times a week but its safe for every day use because its so gentle on the skin. Make sure you wash your face really good before so the ingredients can do its work. I like to use it right after I get out of the shower and leave it on for about 3 minutes. The first thing you’ll notice after you wash it off is your skin will feel really soft and fresh. I don’t really have bad skin, but I do notice that my pores have all shrunk. If you use it daily or even twice a day, I’m sure you’ll see even better results than me. I’ll continue to order this product when I run out.

Fran Sardis, AL


I have had great results with these. I use them on my face, neck, chest & hands. They have totally eliminated some dry patches on my hands that I thought were there for good. I use them every morning before I shower & have had no sensitivity issues.

Michaela Clearmont, MO

My first peel!

I’m in my late twenties, and hate that my skin isn’t what it used to be. I spent countless hours outdoors with no sun protection which earned me a good amount of freckles and sun spots. Since regretting it won’t help my skin any, I decided to try PTR pads.I have tiny pores and smooth skin already.. it’s just the discoloration I really want to change. I left this on for about 15-20 minutes. It didn’t burn but when I exhaled out of my nose, my breath felt hot. My skin feels even smoother and I swear my spots are starting to diminish. As far as wrinkles.. I think I’ll need more time to really tell if there’s a differenceI go through 1-2 pads each time so I know I’m going to have to re-up on these in a few weeks!

Fanny Everly, IA

Gentle and does the job!

You can easily stretch this batch to last by cutting the pads in half. There’s plently of solution in the container to last a very long time. I noticed an immediate change to the clarity of my skin. I highly recommedn that you follow the directions, so you will not have a bad experience with this product.

Joann Youngtown, AZ

Bought before on QVC for way higher Price! GREAT FIND

I used these 2x a day when bought from QVC and it does work and give a moisturizing affect, cleanses well, great on fine lines and lessens break outs !It didn’t give me a glow per say, I don’t want one. BUT does BRIGHTEN my face and dentist office noticed it .I stopped after first jar of these i got from QVC cause their price was so high, and shipping was over 10 bucks too.Then found these HERE, lower price, FREE shipping as prime member, Can’t beat that,! :)I will now continue to buy from here now and not stop using , I only stopped due to ship charge at QVC and higher cost.

Pansy Truro, MA