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Peter Thomas Roth Uber Dry Sunscreen SPF30 4.2 oz

So Uber-Dry… you won’t even know it’s on! Revolutionary extra light-weight, water resistant formula leaves an invisible veil of SPF30 that is undetectable to the touch. Screens out the sun’s harmful UVA/UVB rays to help prevent sunburn, skin damage, freckling, and uneven coloration. Absorbs quickly for a shine-free, residue-free finish. Rich with anti-oxidant vitamins A, C, & E. PABA and fragrance-free. Suitable for all skin types including oily and acne prone skin.

Key features

  • Prevents sunburn, skin damage, freckling, and uneven coloration
  • Absorbs quickly
  • Shine-free, residue-free finish

Honest reviews


great sunscreen but not very good under makeup

i agree, this is an awesome sunscreen for oily skin. it goes on heavy and thick but with some rubbing it absorbs and turns light and almost doesnt feel like your wearing anything. my only concern is that it tends to clump up when i try to apply my foundation on top of it. it doesnt blend well with my makeup. so i end up using it for my neck and chest and not my face. this would work great if you only use powder or mineral makeup but i use a long wear liquid foundation.

Leona Dearing, KS


This does what it says: Sets to a shine free finish that is dry to the touch. For that purpose it works better than the brands I’ve tried at the drugstore.

Terra Kingsville, MO

Peter Thomas Roth Uber Dry Sunscreen SPF30 4.2 oz

Peter Thomas Roth Uber Dry Sunscreen SPF30 4.2 oz , this is oil free moisturizer with spf 30, very good

Kathie Decatur, NE

Great sunscreen for oily skin

If you skin tends to get oily in the summer heat, this sunscreen is great because it won’t add a heavy layer of shine like many other sunscreens. It’s lightweight, matte finish and blends easily so you don’t have white streaks on your face. It isn’t overly drying, so you won’t have cakey looking dry skin. I have very fair skin and it works very well to protect against sunburn and skin damage. It’s also non-irritating and works with even sensitive skin types. I wear it under makeup and don’t even need to add a moisturizer when I wear it. I’m very happy with the sunscreen and will be purchasing it again.

Camille Bunch, OK

Wonderful sunscreen, unscented

Finished the first bottle that a sephora rep recommended, so had to get another one from here. I like how it’s not scented (like how most sunscreens are). It does not cause breakout on my face either. Really good size for the price. Highly recommend.

Lori Sturgis, MI

Finally a sunscreen that doesn’t make me a greasy mess!

I confess that I would prefer a higher SPF but this does contain the specific ingredients that I look for. Specifically homosalate. All day it leaves my face feeling soft and smooth…what a relief!

Francine Bloomington Springs, TN

mattifying but strong sunscreen smell

I have acne-proof combination skin, and while my skin can be dry, my nose and chin often look drenched in oil, so I’m always looking for a good mattifying sunscreen.I really liked this option: it goes on relatively smoothly, the white cream looks and feels like normal sunscreen but is a bit easier to blend into your skin, and it makes your skin look wonderfully bone-dry! It always takes on a nice dewy appearance after you’ve been sweating or if it’s just been hours since application, and my face didn’t look greasy again until a full day later, so I’m really pleased with its performance. It also layers nicely over whatever other face creams you use; I put it on after toner wipe and acne cream, but under any makeup I use. (A tip: it blends nicely with bb cream, just put a little colored foundation or bb cream in your hand and mix the sunscreen with it, and you’ll get a nice even application of both.)However, I can’t currently use it because I’m just a few months post partum, and I still have a really sensitive sense of smell leftover from pregnancy, and this stuff just smells too strongly of sunscreen. Instead I’m using Obagi Matte SPF 50 sunscreen which works just as well, perhaps a little better, than this sunscreen, but Obagi costs more and smells better. If the smell weren’t an issue, I’d save the money and go with this Peter Roth kind, but if you are sensitive to smells or don’t mind spending a bit more and want a bit higher sun protection, Obagi is better.

Tamara San Clemente, CA

Works pretty good

I’ve been using this sunscreen for about a month and it seems to work pretty good. Hasn’t broken me out, and isn’t greasy and heavy like most sunscreens. Only issue I have is that it’s not dry to the touch as it says. My skin still looks a little shiny after using it, other than that there’s not too much to gripe about. It seems to be one of the better sunscreens out there.

Roberta Fairfield, ND