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Peter Thomas Roth Sulfur Cooling Masque 5 Ounce.

This skin clearing masque dries and clears blemishes and unclogs pores for a clear, flawless complexion. Sulfur and eucalyptus oil clear blemishes and help prevent their return while aloe soothes and helps prevent over-drying. Cleanses oily, T-zone and clogged pores. Dries and clears blemishes and helps prevent acne formation.

Key features

  • 10% Sulfur dries and clears blemishes
  • Kaolin A, a type of clay that helps to absorb excess oil
  • Eucalyptus Oil, antibacterial properties prevent future breakouts

Honest reviews


Why the parabens?

There are better sulfur products out there that are paraben free. There is no need to slather that dangerous stuff on your skin.

Marquita Obernburg, NY

Best acne mask I’ve used

I’ve tried many facial masks that promise to clear skin, everything from the Mint Julep mask to Murad’s clearing mask, nothing really seemed to make a difference for my skin. I didn’t have horrible acne, but I did have areas that would regular break out in small zits and my skin was somewhat oily. So I decided to try the PTR sulfur mask. The application is pretty easy, although it’s a little more difficult to spread over my face than others because of the thicker consistency, but not too bad. The first time I used it, I put WAY too much on thinking the more, the better; it took forever to dry and irritated my skin slightly, and was hard to wash off. The second time using it, I applied a very thin layer. It dried much quicker, without irritation and was much easier to wash off. I’ve been using this weekly for about 5 months, and in those 5 months my skin has been (mostly) clear, radiant, and nearly oil free. I notice when I go longer than a week without using it, my skin looks dull, oily, and starts to break out slightly. I will definitely continue to purchase this

Eddie Vendor, AR

Decent product

This product seems to work well. I’m a big fan of PTR products and I’d rate this somewhere in the dead center between the line’s best and worst products. It leaves a funky lingering sulfur smell after washing it off which can be a little annoying and embarrassing if you’re not keen on smelling like sulfur all day

Erika Hoxie, AR


I have rarely used a product one time and seen results. This is amazing! My skin is so soft and after two uses, my pores look so much smaller. There is a small amount of smell that does dissipate, however, the results are well worth it! Highly Recommend! Thanks!

Chelsey Palm, PA

Seem good

I think it is good, smell very nice and feel cool when apply it on face. but seems can’t stop break up when it occur.

Marilyn Graham, OK



Vanessa Shortt Gap, VA

Cooling Sulfter

This is probably the third product I have used in this line and I haven’t been disappointed. This clay mask feels wonderful. It has a smooth clay texture and applies to the skin easily. It is rather cooling and the aroma is pleasant. I use it for 10 minutes and most of the product washes off with splashing water rather than rubbing off.

Carol Kinzers, PA

Amazing but a little flaky

So I dunno if it’s hormones or what the heck happened but I hit a certain age and BLAMMO my skin SUCKS. I have acne that would rival any teen boy. I have tried MULTIPLE other high end products and until I tried the Peter Thomas Roth line I was not getting relief. I like that the products have medicated and homeopathic aspects to support them. They don’t have strong odors, and don’t bleach my sheets. I will be a repeat customer – oh and a little goes a long way…..this does flake REALLY bad if left on too long

Pamala Lily Dale, NY

Blemish Zapper!

This stuff is stinky, but absolutely incredible for clearing up your skin.I switched to a cheaper brand after running out of the PTS sulfur mask and my face started breaking out again.You can use this stuff once a week for a deep clean and dab it on zits overnight, and they’ll be defeated and shriveled up by morning.This stuff is strong, effective, and doesn’t irritate my crazy sensitive skin.AND it’s $10 cheaper here than it is at sephora or ulta. So happy I checked amazon!

Elisha Waverly, IL

wow…. 100% good investment

Awesome. ..i mean i am speechless. You will love the cooling sensation and yuor acne going away. Its pricey but there is enough in a jar to last you a whole year. Its one of the most awesome products i have used. Makes yuor whiteheads come up.then i stick nosestrip and take it out. Great. Love it too much !!!

Marisa Winchester, ID