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Peter Thomas Roth Max Anti shine Matifying Gel, 1 Ounce

An advanced mattifying gel formulated with powerful oil absorbing and pore minimizing properties. Absorbs shine and controls excess oil and perspiration on contact without stripping skin’s natural moisture. Helps makeup stay fresh longer while creating a lasting, clear, satiny matte finish.

Key features

  • Polysilicone-ii absorbs excess oil and creates a satiny matte finish
  • Paraben-free
  • Silica absorbs oil in skin which prevents light reflection giving the appearance of smaller pores

Honest reviews


Great, but doesn’t last

This is an excellent mattifying gel, you can see its effect immediately as you apply it as the shine goes away… but it doesn’t last and you will start to see shine slowly creeping in throughout the day…you could apply it again but the problem it is too expensive and such a small bottle therefore you could run out quickly…therefore i believe i will look for another product

Berta Turtle Lake, ND

Best Mattifier Ever!!!

I’ve tried many different mattifiers but now that it’s summer, I really needed a lot of “extra” protection and oil absorbing ingredients. I have acne prone skin and my skin is an oil slick an hour or so after applying makeup. I did a lot of research before ordering this product and it seemed to me that the consensus was that this product is like a little miracle, and it is. I am astonished at just how great it is. It does keep the oil at bay, and REALLY smooths and mattifies the skin. I would give this product 10 stars if I could!

Amalia Mill Spring, MO

did not work for me, dont buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this was a huge waste of money. did not work on my oily face. i was oily after 30mins. i will not buy this again. i just tried OC 8 Professional mattifying gel and i loved it. i do not recommend this product to anyone

Eve Little Rock, AR

does not last for me :(i

I dont know if its just me or what but when I use a primer which this is pretty much a primer…it comes off when I apply my makeup or try to blend in my skin…it like doesnt penetrate. Anyways that was the case with this stuff but it definitely conceals the pores on my nose all the way unless i smudge it or i apply makeup then i see my pores again :/ which i apply more on top of my foundation n then it smudges again with powder…maybe its just my wack skin…i do love ptr skin tight serum but i leave it on instead of wash off like your suppose to and my makeup goes on smooth 🙂 i got a sample size from ulta for like 9 bucks.

Aileen Nags Head, NC

anti shine mattifying gel

product feels very silky going on skin and rubs on effortlessly however, not overly impresed with it’s perfromance, maybe I have very oily skin and use too oily mositurizer but it did not take away any shine from my face. I noticed no difference at all using this product before applying my moisturizer.

Lynda Oneida, AR

Excellent anti-shine gel

My nose and ears look shiny after each shower. Oil-absorbent sheet and other product simply doesn’t work as the shine isn’t caused by excessive oil. Powder and other products may conceal the shine but this adds additional layer on the skin that makes it look uneven compared to my natural skin color.This is the perfect solution to mattify my shiny nose and ears without creating additional layer of powder or other substances that makes the skin color look uneven.

Jesse Yorktown, IA

Its not the best.

It keeps me matte for about 3-4 hours then I’m an oily mess. I have yet to find a primer that keeps me matte. If you get a little oily in the t-zone this might work great for you. But for people with really oily skin, this just isn’t ganna cut it.

Darlene Vanceboro, NC

Not a fan of the consistency of this product

While the product does work in the sense that it keeps your face matte and shine free the gel consistency is way to thick and clumpy. It needs to be more liquidy instead. Every time I try to squeeze some out of the bottle to apply half of it falls on the floor or off my finger to the floor. Then when you try to rub it on your face it is so thick it does not absorb well. I used the clinique pore minimizer prior to this one and I have to say I like that product much better. The consistency is not as thick and works as well if not better because it absorbs well on your face and is easy to apply.

Susana Ropesville, TX


i put this on under my moisturizer. really works. my husband calls it my crack, since it costs more per ounce than crack, but totally worth it and you don’t need that much. i just use it on my T-zone and the bottle lasts a long time. have tried other mattifers, they don’t work as well

Emma Williston, SC

Not impressed

Long story short, I am relatively shine-free for a few hours. I guess the idea is to keep applying the gel every few hours? That would be expensive over an extended period of time.

Elma Uneeda, WV

Instantly less shine

Love this product. You can see an instant difference. Almost feels like it turns into a powder from a gel but the best part is there is no residue.

Mabel Lebec, CA

Good stuff!

I just got this in the mail today and used it for the first time. I put it on sparingly under my makeup, and then touched a little bit over top of my makeup as well.Its the first time I’ve ever used a mattifying gel of any sort so I have nothing to compare to…but it went on smoothly and left no residue. (Would be awesome for guys. I actually think it looked more “matte” with OUT additional makeup.) It doesn’t feel gross on the skin. And it did cut my greasy face by maybe about 50% by the end of the day, which isn’t bad! I’m 36 years old but by the end of the day, my face looks and feels like an oil slick! YUCK! I’m still oily with some shine, but I do feel like it kept some of it at bay.It remains to be seen if it breaks me out or clogs my pores at all. I will update if it DOES break me out. If it doesn’t, I’ll let the five star review stand! 🙂 I’m also on an RX cream for acne (to keep my face relatively smooth for my age, rather than looking like I just turned 20) so hopefully that keeps it fine.

Gloria Grandin, FL