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Peter Thomas Roth Instant FIRMx Eye

A quick-fix treatment that provides an instant lift to the eye area. This fast-acting formula instantly tightens, firms, and smoothes the eye area. It minimizes the appearance of crow’s feet, fine lines, and deep wrinkles while diminishing undereye puffiness and signs of fatigue. This product’s remarkable formula effortlessly erases skin creases while its active firming agents remain on the skin. These ingredients virtually rewind the clock as they temporarily tighten the skin. Simply apply, let dry, and pat away excess residue to erase fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area. A little product is all that is required to get maximum results, applying too much will not increase results. A white residue may be left after product dries in 3 to 7 minutes, this is normal. To remove the white residue pat away excess with fingertips, q-tip or damp cloth. Makeup can be applied over instant firmx eye but results may be lessened. Best when used alone for a quick, temporary pick me up.

Key features

  • This treatment tightens, firms and smoothes the eye area
  • Erases fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area
  • Works instantly

Honest reviews



I was very skeptical about this product when a friend recommended it to me, and then she sent me before and immediately after photos of her own eye and I decided to try it for myself. Let me sum it up simply:~~~~~~~~~IT REALLY WORKS~~~~~~~~Is it temporary? Yes.Do you have to apply it correctly? Yes, follow the instructions on the tube.Can you wear makeup over it? Yes.Can you feel it on your skin? Yes.Does it leave a white residue? Only if you apply too much.Can I mix it with other eye products? Yes!I am going to use this on my clients AND myself from now on. I hope PTR never discontinues it!

Simone Tariffville, CT

what is this for??

Absolutely no effect, the white film left on skin doesn’t do anything. I should have made sure if there are pics of before-after, before buying.

Nola Saint Paul, IN

Temporary FIX only … truly is only an instant firming cream. I think it’s too strong for the skin around my eyes and gives me a “Botox look”. I probably need a PREVENTATIVE type of treatment as opposed to this FIX. Someone who already has fine lines/crows feet and sagging eyelids may appreciate this. It’s a bit too strong for me and I don’t want to keep using it to see if it has any long term benefit.

Helga Port Washington, WI

Ehh, not for real wrinkles

Maybe this works for fine line but to difficult to use on any deeper wrinkle. I am 42, my eyes are my problem area. I had good results with PTR night cream so thought I’d give it a try. I have “practiced” with an entire tube and the results are greatly varying. Too much and you feel your skin it so tight it will pop your eye ball out, leaves residue and can twist your skin in a weird unatural way. Too little, nothing, no effect at all. It is nerly impossible to apply this perfectly. You can not blot the residue as it completely dissolves and makes a very obvious untreated area. It is beginning to dry out the eye area, which of course you do not want with wrinkles, makes them worse! I don’t know how anyone can wear this product with make up. Anything wet will destroy it and powders look dry and flaky. The only purpose I have found for this is if I have no make-up on and need to answer the door or skype at short notice. I wipe it on and at least I look more presentable than no makeup at all. I really did want this to work, I gave it all I had but now I am looking for a more user friendly product or just one that works..

Rosalia Clinton, NC

false advertise

I bought this because it was advertised on dr oz show or some other show, anyway dont waste your money , you apply the product on your face and it turns white and it feels like superglue on your skin

Cecelia Thornton, WA

Does what it says but leaves nasty buildup

I have tried mastering the perfect way to apply this without the yucky residue and have failed each time. I am African American and unfortunately even under makeup it still shows. Leaves an ashy dry look. However it does work, it tightened the skin underneath my eyes instantly and took years off my appearance. I guess I will have to keep working on my application technique.

Rocio Wellfleet, MA

I like it, but I need a bit more practice

I was reluctant to purchase this because of the negative reviews. It’s not inexpensive and I hate wasting money on products that don’t work. I decided to take the plunge, though, because I LOVE PTR products (especially Retinol Fusion PM). I read a few posts online about how to apply (I think using a brush is key) and I also watched Dr. Roth’s video. My first try was this morning, and I must say I was pretty impressed. I did have some residual white after it dried, but it was easy to clean up with a Q-Tip. I apparently used more on one eye, because my left eye looked great while the right one still had some sagginess. I used it on the deep lines between my brow, too (as shown by Dr. Roth), and that worked pretty well. The problem I have with this product is that while it does lift and smooth, as soon as I smile, the lines around and under my eyes look even more pronounced. I am going to practice a bit more and see if I can resolve this. Overall, though, I am happy with this product. Even though I’ve only used it once, I do think that I will repurchase. By the way, I tried it on my laugh lines (thinking it wouldn’t be much different than brow lines). I was wrong; it didn’t work in that area at all.UPDATE MAY 13, 2013 — Well, as much as I’ve been really trying to love this product, I think I don’t. It seems like I’m applying it the same way (and in the same amount) every day, but my results are really inconsistent. Sometimes I can really notice the firming, other times not. Sometimes I get white residue, other times not. When I get the application right, the improvement around my eyes is significant. However, it shouldn’t be this much work to try to get a product to work properly. Unless I suddenly master this product, I won’t be buying it again.

Irene Lowell, OR

A Little Dab Will Do Ya!

If you remember that jingle, chances are you might have the need to check out this wrinkle cream…This is really interesting stuff to check out. If you have fine lines and problem areas under your eyes this cream tightens the areas up and for lack of better words, puffs it up. The first time I tried it was at a friend’s house and I kept getting the residue after effects that the cream can create if you use too much or if you already have some type of product on your face. For this, I just put some water on a cloth and dabbed it off. I got some and at home, I put it on right out of the shower when I don’t have any face cream or make-up on and I just used a tiny bit around my eyes and also a couple of other places. One of the tricks to the product is to not move your face when you first put the cream on. If you have ever used lip plumper, you’ll recognize the feeling of the cream. It tightens and seems to plump up areas much like a lip plumper. That’s what I thought anyway. After I wait 5 or so minutes for the cream to dry, I put on my make-up as normal and the cream seems to last most of the day.I haven’t tried to mix it with make-up but this is a product you can play with and learn as you go. It did get rid of fine lines around my eyes. If you get the residue build up, what I’ve found is that you’ve already got some type of product on your face, or you have used too much as it only takes a little, tiny amount, which means your tube will last as well, as long as you just use a little bit. I also used it on fine lines around my mouth and it worked great!This product requires a little patience, well, maybe more than a little, but you’ve got to work with it a bit to learn how to use it properly and get the best results, but the results are pretty pleasing! It’s really an amazing cream. You do feel it tightening and plumping up your skin and it stays on under make-up. Like I said, once I got home and began to use it after I washed my face, I have not experienced the white residue at all. If those fine lines or under eye areas are troubling you, this is definitely worth a shot.

Ursula Emigrant, MT


I love this product, it works miracles on puffiness and circles under your eyes. I saw this product demonstrated on Dr. Oz, but really did not expect the excellent result I received. You do have to work carefully with this and not use a lot of product. That is the key, just a bit mixed with makeup will do the trick.I have tried lots of products for dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. This is the only one that has worked. I highly recommend it!!

Dianne Winnie, TX


There’s no doubt this temporarily eliminates the undesired wrinkles around your eyes. However, I couldn’t keep it on for more than 30 minutes. The skin stretched to the point where I was very uncomfortable. I had to wash it off. The worst part comes after I washed my face. My skin looked really dried and the wrinkles I DID NOT have 30 minutes earlier simply popped out of nowhere and the ones I had became more pronounced. I’ve been putting moisturizer since yesterday and it’s just not going back to the way it was before.

Alfreda North Falmouth, MA

a miracle treatment

Seriously, this product WORKS. It is instant and amazing. I’m interested in long term results, but for a new mom who wants to look more awake and put together, this product is for you.

Ashleigh Clayton, IN

Product needs more work

I tried P T Roth’s Instant facelift and while it sort of worked the residue even when washed off came through as the day wore on. Samething with the the Instant Firm Eye. Great idea, but the makers have to find a way that it goes on clear and stays clear. I felt like I wasted money to look vampirish (whitish green around the eyes). It does tighten but it isn’t worth the eerie glow.

Germaine Asbury, NJ

Works well for a temporary fix!

This product works well for a temproary fix and it works within minutes. Granted you can get the same effect from an egg white wash on your face but that is hard to put makeup over.

Tamara Mount Hope, AL

Wish it didn’t leave residue.

Having a very difficult time with the application process. It leaves a white film that sometimes is impossible to work with. I was hoping for better results on my puffy eyes.

Glenda Marble Hill, GA