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Peter Thomas Roth Blemish Buffing Beads 8.5 fl oz

An ultra gentle anti-acne version of Botanical Buffing Beads that may be used on the face and body for the treatment and control of acne. Salicylic acid clears up acne blemishes while glycolic acid complex and oil absorbing ingredients help produce flawless, clear skin. Soft, ultra-fine jojoba beads work in two ways. First, they help exfoliate surface dead skin cells without irritation, allowing acne treatment products to penetrate better. Then, the ultra- fine jojoba beads help open clogged pores and emulsify the sebum that contributes to blackheads and whiteheads.

Key features

  • Jojoba Beads, tiny beads that gently exfoliate & unclog pores
  • 1% Salicylic Acid (BHA) helps to loosen sebum within the pores and prevents future breakouts
  • 1% Glycolic Acid Complex (AHA) exfoliates surface dead skin cells and stimulates cellular turnover
  • Sepicontrol regulates sebum production and prevents future breakouts
  • Allantoin soothes and calms the skin

Honest reviews


Finally…relief and clarity for my skin….

Read the reviews on this product and decided to give it a try. It is just the right balance for my super oily skin and breaks through the oil without drying. The bottle is very large, so it will last me at least 3 if not more months. The buffing beads are amazing for everyday exfoliation and the smell is fantastic. I used to use Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash, but now it just doesn’t do the job anymore. This product also cuts through and cleans well with taking all of your make up off. I’m looking forward to trying more PTR products in the future.

Latisha Ringold, OK

works ok, smells great!

I was hoping this would clear up some light back acne but it didn’t really. I still gave it 4 stars because I like the roughness of the grains. It’s so hard to find a slightly rough grainy exfoliant; most grains are too small or too smooth to do anything.It didn’t clear up all the acne but I did feel exfoliated which felt refreshing. Plus the grapefruit scent is AMAZING!

Liz Uniontown, PA

Husband likes it!

My husband has some backne due to being in the army and always sitting in sweaty and dirty clothes. I gave him this to use and his back has really improved!

Jackie Katy, TX

Great for Problematic Skin

Love this wash! Does a great job preventing future breakouts and treating current ones. I use it daily and the results have been outstanding! If you suffer from body breakouts, you definitely need to purchase this product!!!

Arline Tiskilwa, IL

Not impressive

Its an ok product. Doesnt really help with body blemishes and dries out skin. Its better as a face wash but wont buy again.

Maria Navarre, FL

Basic wash, nice consistency

I use this wash daily. It has a nice texture and the “beads” are very tiny. It’s basically a light scrub as well as a face wash. These “beads” are not really round but they don’t irritate the skin. It lathers well and has a nice light smell that doesn’t bother me. One bottle lasts for a long time, but the price is still too high. For that I took a star off. I use a combination of this and Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask to keep my skin clear. I also use both on my upper back where I tend to break out during the summer.

Violet Brunswick, NC

Great for clearing up problem spots

This product is great!I use it after i was my face wash!Great for just making your face look flawless!

Rowena Tully, NY


I like this product a lot. I use it on my face and body. It is not too rough and doesn’t feel like I’ve exfoliated my face off like some products do.

Tessa Mascotte, FL

smells great, feels great

this product smells really great – citrus, grapefuit. also a much softer feel than a lot of exfoliants. totally recommend, especially for oily skin

Jamie Fairpoint, OH

Great Exfoliant!

I love this product! Not harsh but great at exfoliating the skin. Absolutely worth it! I love Thomas Roth products and I’ll by buying this gem again! It HELPS my acne!

Lou Macclesfield, NC

It seems to be ok!

I bought this product after I notice I had engrowing hair on my legs and thighs. This occurred after getting my legs waxed never again will I get my legs waxed just shaved like before. So, I wanted to try something that would soften up my skin and force the hairs to pop out by exfoilating and moisturize my skin with something that also had acid in it. I’ve searched high and low for a good price and I came across this. Sephora prices were much higher and so I found it on Amazon. Well, it does make my skin really soft; I use this on my entire body then, I follow up with a good lotion or oil like coconut oil or Jergens lotion and it leaves my skin super soft. I would suggest using this everyday to see some major results. I will up date in a few months to let you know how my journey is going so far with this product.

Shauna Maurice, LA

Feeling refreshed

This is a great, fresh smelling product that leaves your skin feeling super clean. I would definitely recommended it to anyone.

Janell Albertville, AL