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Peter Thomas Roth Anti-Aging Cleansing Gel, 8.5 Ounce

Anti-aging facial cleansing gel provides a peachy clean freshness to help produce a beautiful, fresh, youthful-looking complexion.

Key features

  • Helps to effectively detoxify the pores
  • 8.5 Ounces
  • Oil free and anti wrinkle technology help to rejuvenate and clarify the skin

Honest reviews


best facewash!!

I have always used drugstore face washes and finally decided to buy a higher end one and I love it. My face feels so clean after using is. But start of every other day if your not use to it, it can be very drying at first. I use it every other night. Unless I have a break out Ill use every day. Works great!

Gail Commodore, PA

Give it a shot!

Glycolic Acid is the wonder ingredient for the skin. I have seen an improvement in clarity, tone, and the overall feel and appearance of my skin after using this for about two weeks. I have no particular feelings towards the scent. I wish it was a little bit more concentrated so it took less to lather, but alas–it’s still a great cleanser.

Roxanne Poynette, WI

Dried out my face and the seller Payless Beauty does not take returns!

I ordered this face wash based on great reviews and used it one time two nights ago with my Clarisonic. It dried my face and the second day when I woke up, I have millions of little wrinkles (due to driness I guess) all over my face. I was horrified. I contacted (via Amazon) the seller, Payless Beauty, and they don’t take returns. I wish I knew their return policy before I ordered it. I just wasted $30 and feel frustrated by the seller’s return policy. I will NEVER order anything from this seller.

Noelle Brighton, CO

Decent cleanser

The first few times I used this, it definitely dried out my skin and became flaky (and I have very oily skin). It must be getting used to it now since it doesn’t have that effect anymore (just slightly dry now). I just make sure I don’t use it after having a day out in the sun – I need more moisture then and it will make your sunburn peel right off!I only use it two or three times a week. I don’t notice any huge improvements, but I do think it does a nice job of evening out skin tone. I’m not sure I’d buy it again. It smells really nice and doesn’t add to my oily skin – I’m just not amazed by it and am still on the fence. I’ll update later if I decide I will reorder. I am approaching 40 – maybe if I was a little older I would notice more?

Lynda Felton, DE

Best face cleanser out there.

This is absolutely the best face cleanser you will find out there. Its a little bit expensive but it is totally worth the price. Beware if you have sensitive skin because it will cause you a lot of problems.

Katheryn Tobaccoville, NC

Love it .

This leaves my skin in great condition and I just love how it cleans my skin. I will def buy it again.

Mattie Weaver, AL

my new favorite!

I can’t even describe how amazing my skin feels after using this cleanser for only 3 weeks. I have combination skin and tend to break out easily but since using Peter Thomas Roth, my skin is smoother, softer, more even skin tone and looks healthier! I still have issues (I’m almost 30) but so far it’s been great! I purchased this on amazon for a great deal! It sells at Sephora for $37! I’ve been using this cleanser nightly combined with Philosophy’s night time “Help Me” moisturizer. So far it’s been great! This product is Highly recommended coming from someone who has tried EVERY product out there!

Natasha English, WV

I have sensitive skin, and I love this stuff!

My only previous experience with Peter Thomas Roth was some lotion that was available for use at the Hilton hotel my husband and I stayed at for our honeymoon. I have heard good things about the skincare, but had not yet wanted to spend the money to check it out. This stuff. I cannot say enough good things. It has not irritated my skin, it leaves my skin feeling very clean and soft. I don’t have a need for an “anti-aging” cleanser- I don’t have those issues at this time. But it has also helped with my acne (it has brightening properties and glycolic and salacylic acid). The description for the product indicates it is not ideal for sensitive skin, but I have not had any issues with redness after use.(also seen on my blog- […]

Gloria Southwick, MA

My Favorite Cleanser

I’ve been using this as my nighttime cleanser for a couple of months now and I’m happy with it. The glycolic acid in it makes it sting a little bit until you’re used to it, but it keeps the skin exfoliated without having to use a gritty exfoliator. A little goes a very long way, and bottle is still full up to about the top of the writing (where the H is in Peter Thomas Roth on the front) after a couple of months. Definitely have to use a moisturizer after this, unlike some cleansers where I might be able to get away without one if I’m traveling and forgot to bring one, as it’s a bit drying. Nothing bad if you have a moisturizer, but without one my face feels tight and annoying. I’ve bounced between cleansers for years, but I think I’ll finally stick with this one. It makes my skin feel really clean and smooth. I don’t feel the need to use a gritty exfoliator nearly as often.I’ve not noticed any increases or decreases in breaking out since starting with this, but my zits are usually caused by hormones driven by that time of month, and there’s little to do about that except for retinol in my experience, so ymmv depending on what the causes of any breakouts might be for you.I got a new mascara that was impervious to makeup remover so I tried this out to remove it with some hesitation due to the glycolic acid in the cleanser: it did a really good job, and either didn’t sting my eyes or I kept it out ok. I put a really really thin layer on my index finger and rubbed it on my eyelashes; the mascara came right off. I’m using this to take my mascara off nightly now, and so far there haven’t been any hiccups.Update: Early May, and I think I’ve used about a third of it. I use it nearly every day, once per day, for 6 months now, so this stuff is really lasting.I changed some other things in my skincare at the same time (Using Good Genes by Sunday Riley and doing weekly at-home peels or masks) so it’s hard to say just what is responsible for how awesome my skin is lately. I complained to my husband that I was breaking out. He said “what are you talking about?” I pointed at the 3 zits that popped up near my jaw (hormonal acne still!) and he said “those are zits? I didn’t see them until you pointed them out.”My morning cleanser has been Murad’s Essential C cleanser. Bought it at the same time, and the bottle’s about kicked. Afterwards my skin feels clean but not exfoliated and ready for serum/moisturizer the way that this does.

Tammie Kewanee, MO

Great Smell, Great for Acne Prone Skin

I have acne prone skin and have tried a lot of products. This one so far is my favorite cleanser. I have tried PTR acne cleanser, and I like this anti-aging cleaner better. They both are great, but I like the effects of the ingredients in this product. It also smells great. After being consistent in using this my acne is clearing and my face is smooth and hydrated. It doesn’t dry me out like some of the BPO cleansers. I use a small amount with my Clarisonic and can’t live without it.

Rebecca West Chester, OH

pretty good


Rhoda Nipton, CA

So far so good!!

I like this one! It will last a long time too, I love the way it lathers up with just a small amount (Pea size) My skin feels clean, It’s a bit drying, But I have oily combination skin. I only started using this two days ago. I find you must use a moisturizer after cleansing. I needed something a little stronger than the eminence products I was using and this PTR Anti Aging seems to be doing what I need and I will see how it is making a difference over the next few weeks.

Nancy Great Falls, SC

The best cleanser!

I love this clesnser. It makes my skin glow and look brighter. It is great for all skin types unless you are super dry. I have used it for 5 years and counting.

Rhoda Randolph, ME

makes my skin feel so clean

i love this stuff! i try to use it every night, and can see a major difference when i do. it gets my skin so clean and smooth, plus the smell’s not bad. you truly only need to use a dime’s worth because it lathers up really nicely.

Jami Saint Michaels, MD

Good product!

I like this product but it is a little drying for me. I have tried a few different cleansers from PTR. I try to use this one every other day and the chamomile cleanser in between.

Robbie Stevensville, PA

My favorite cleanser!

I have used expensive facial cleansers, I have used drug store facial cleansers, and never in the past have noticed a difference in my skin, UNTIL I received this product in a kit as a gift. The first few times I used this cleanser, I did notice my skin drying out a bit, but I compensated with the camu camu serum and moisturizer from PTR and not even a week later my skin was back to normal ( wasn’t dry, and I no longer had oily spots like I used to get previous to using this). Just so people don’t get scared off – my skin was not dry to the point of flaking, just felt much tighter, it was also the middle of winter so it may have played a role. I definitely think this cleanser is worth a try. I loved it so much I ordered a 32oz size from another site and use it as a body wash as well!Also some other things I like, a little bit goes a long way, it removes all of my make up in one shot.

Alexandria Salineville, OH

this products rocks!!

originally got this product as a sample when I purchased a clarisonic mia 2 and I love it. leaves your face smooth and silky and a little bit goes a long way. great for 50+ skin, highly recommend. also the gel with the buffing beads is great too.

Elda North Street, MI

Effective & gentle facial cleanser.

I’m on my third bottle of this cleanser. It removes makeup easily without scrubbing the delicate facial tissue. Non drying, it leaves skin feeling soft and moist. I’m 63 but easily pass for 53 without ever having had any cosmetic surgery. Some is genetic but good products never hurt.

Marta Packwood, IA

Cleaning Gel

Another 5 star for Peter Thomas Roth!!! This has got to be the best facial cleanser that I have ever tried! I just wish that his products were cheaper but they are "all" well worth the price in.

Fannie Bastrop, LA