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Peter Thomas Roth Anti-Aging Cellular Eye Repair Gel .76 oz

An ultra-light hydrating eye gel formulated with our patent pending Firma-CELL-4™ anti-aging peptide technology. Firma-CELL-4™ combines wrinkle relaxing peptides to promote firmer, tighter skin. Collagen and Elastin help tone, smooth and lift skin reducing the appearance of fine lines and the severity of deep wrinkles around the delicate eye area. Botanical extracts and soothing gel formula help reduce puffiness. The eye area becomes smoother, firmer and regains a more youthful looking appearance.

Key features

  • Firm-CELL 4(TM), a unique complex of four powerful anti-aging peptides that reduce the severity of deep wrinkles and fine lines
  • Argireline®, a Neuropeptide and Hexapeptide cocktail that prohibits muscles from contracting which prevents the formation of lines & wrinkles
  • SYN®-COLL, a peptide that mimics the body’s own mechanism to produce collagen

Honest reviews


Lightweight, moisturizing eye cream

I first tried this product when I got a sample from Peter Thomas Roth with another cream I ordered. I liked it enough to purchase a full size. It’s an extremely light-weight, non-greasy cream that does a fantastic job of moisturizing the sensitive eye area. I’ll have to see if it provides enough moisture for the winter months, but I think it’s certainly appropriate for spring, summer, and fall.

Michael Princeton, IN


are confusing. Generally I don’t spend a lot, but I am a big believer in protein peptides after age 50 and this one delivers I think. I bought this cause I had a little laxity under my right eye. This product is keeping that skin firm now after about a month of use.I like the gel delivery ’cause for some reason it doesn’t irritate like creams.His prices are also somewhat less than other “high end” beauty companies.

Myrtle Starkville, CO

I really like it.

This goes on light but moisturizes. It’s diminished the appearance of fine lines under my eyes. Not to say they are gone but they are not as noticeable.

Norma Sharon, SC

Does work to diminish fine line and wrinkles

I’m a 46 year old Black female who wears contacts. My skin is oily, sensitive and blemish prone. I bought this product to help minimize the fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes. After one application, I can say this product worked for me. My eyes looked brighter and younger. Also, there was no sensitivity around my eyes. I would probably order this product again. My only complaint is I wish it came in at least one ounce for the price.

Guadalupe Herman, MN

stings my eyes

Let me be clear – I LOVE PTR products – but this one made my eyes sting, and i could not apply eye make up on top of it. For now, I am sticking with PTR unwrinkle eye.

Selma Amity, AR

Big Disappointment

I tried this and found it extremely irritating to my eyes.I had to stop using it.It was a big disappointement!

Thelma West Dover, VT