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Peter Lamas Lash Masque Natural Lash Builder, Tint & Conditioner, 0.15 fl oz

Get the gorgeous, healthy, full lashes you’ve always wanted with the Peter Lamas Lash Masque. This natural lash builder and fortifying treatment coats lashes in luxurious emollients, strengtheners and conditioners, making even the most delicate, fine lashes stronger and healthier, glossy and full, helping prevent lash breakage which women commonly experience. Lash Masque also darkens lashes with non-irritating, all-natural color. The beneficial formula provides lash definition without the stiff, clumpy look of conventional mascaras. Our breakthrough formula is not only an incredible treatment for the lashes, but also functions as a natural eyelash tint and brow definer. Fortified with Biotin to improve growth and thickness. Exotic Plantago Lanceolata Leaf , Chicory and Walnut Shell naturally darkens lashes. Oat Protein strengthens lashes, Penetrates hair shaft with Panthenol to repair damaged lashes. Improves moisture and shine with Vitamin A Palmitate. Can be used as a base for mascara or in place of mascara. Makes a great eyebrow filler. Long-lasting formula won’t dry out in the tube. Won’t flake or smudge. 100% Vegan, Cruelty-free, Paraben-free and Petrochemical-free. USAGE: Sweep Lash Masque from root to tip to grasp each lash and coat from every angle. Continue building lashes until you reach your desired look.

Key features

  • Recommended for Thin, sparse lashes, Those who regularly use mascara and Those who desire a natural alternative to mascara
  • Naturally darkens lashes for bolder, thicker looking lashes
  • Helps increase lash length and provide even separation
  • Coats lashes with nourishing ingredients and protects from damage
  • Helps reduce lash fallout – can be used in place of or under mascara

Honest reviews


Invisible on Your Lashes

I bought this because I was sick of regular Mascara’s leaving little dried up broken bits all over my cheeks. So I thought a lash “tint” would be great.However, I can put this on, and on and on, and on….which I do…. and it never shows up. It is completely invisible. Seems to be a very light brown. It is much like the “clear” mascara’s that, unbelievably, some people buy.If you have long lush lashes in the first place, this might be a viable option as it will BARELY add a HINT of color, and I mean BARELY….and no, it does not leave little pieces on your cheeks.You can wipe the brush on your finger, and yes, it looks dark…however, you cannot transfer it to your lashes. It has no “stickiness” needed to make it transfer from the brush to your lashes. The human eye cannot even tell there is anything on the lashes. That’s the thing right there…..the “formula” is more of a “conditioner” and your lashes will be soft and smooth, therefore no dried up pieces to fall. However, the soft and smooth conditioner also is incapable of showing up on your lashes.So it was a good premise, but fails.When I look in my 10X magnifying mirror, I can see that the lashes have some perceptible color to them. But it does no good when it’s not apparent to the unaided human eye.If you have short invisible lashes in the first place, like I do, they will remain that way with this product.It’s a joke for $16.95.

Felecia Chazy, NY

Dont expect to be like regular mascara

If you have naturally long, thick lashes like i do, then this is a great alternative to regular mascara. This product is all natural, which is what i love about it! So if you’re lazy & dont remove your eye make-up, you dont have to worry about it taking out your lashes. Because it’s all natural, it has good things in it, that will condition your lashes. I put on more than one up, so that it gives a more dramatic look.

Mabel Clarendon, TX

Not a ‘tint’, but an AWESOME Mascara!

I ordered this ‘Peter Lamas Natural Lash Builder, Tint, Conditioner’ after reading the reviews & knowing full well it probably was NOT a true ‘lash tint’ & rather more likely a mascara-like tinting conditioner. I was right. I tried it out as soon as it arrived & wore it over night. It did NOT last the night! But! I gave it 4 stars because; I can’t wear mascara! I’ve tried every single type out there, gave it up! I use those ‘Lash Builders’ & then use ‘clear mascara’. Colored mascara clumps on me, plain & simple. I always, every single time-end up taking it off. This stuff-not a clump to be found anywhere! AMAZING! While it is nowhere near a long-lasting ‘tint’, it is definitely a wonderful, non-clumping mascara! YAH! As far as the ‘builder’ & ‘conditioner’ part, that remains to be seen, but it has now become my one & only favorite mascara of all time! TYVM, Peter Lamas! 🙂

Harriett Bosler, WY

Good all-purpose everyday lash tint

I like this product a lot. Some people say it’s a mascara; I disagree with that. It is not waxy at all and doesn’t build up volume or length. It seems to stay on most of the day, and I haven’t noticed any flaking or making dark circles under my eyes (and haven’t noticed anyone laughing and pointing, either). It does color your lashes with just one coat so they will appear longer since the tips are now darker. I haven’t seen any advantage to using more than one coat. This is nice to wear on days when you’re not glamming it up and just want your lashes to be visible. I like the conditioning aspect but haven’t noticed a significant difference from using it in that regard. I’ll buy this again.

Nellie Mayport, PA

Lamas Lash Masque – I like it.

I ordered this Lash Masque primarily for my brows. I read where it tames them and gives them a finished look. It does, and I love it for that. It also is a good tint and conditioner and primer for mascara. I have not seen results yet on the improvement of the condition of y lashes; because I just got it; but it does work well under mascara. It seems to make my mascara a little more dramatic As I said, It also works well as a brow groomer; filling in sparse brows; or gray brow hairs. I would have given it 5 stars, but it is a bit dark for my dark blonde brows and so have to use a very light hand. I wish it came in a lighter color.

Erika Havana, AR