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Perlabella Retinol Anti-Aging Face , Pure Dose Pearls With Microsponge Technology 0.011 FL Oz. 28 Count

PureDose Pearls with Microsponge Technolgy. Retinol is very effective against wrinkles, but the effectiveness depends on its integrity and purity. Perlabella Retinol Facial Serum is encapsulated in a patented Microsponge system, which provides time-released delivery of Retinol into the skin. Microsponges are spherical, enabling them to easily find their way to wrinkles and other damged areas. Thanks to the gradual poduct realese, Microsponge helps to increase the effectiveness and tolerability of the PureDose of Retinol, so it works well on all skin types.

Key features

  • PureDose Pearls with Microsponge Technology
  • Helps to increase the effectiveness and tolerability of the PureDose of Retinol, so it works well on all skin types
  • Microsponges are spherical, enabling them to easily find their way to wrinkles and other damged areas

Honest reviews


Perfectly Portioned Pearls of Pulchritude

Perlabella has a small line of very nice products that you can find in both 7 & 28ct portions. I’ll admit the pearls are more hype for presentation than anything. And I still require a pair of sheers to open it. At the very least it inhibits you from wasting it. Encapsulated inside each perfectly portioned pearl is a silky opaque serum similar in texture & smell to some Olay products in the same price point like the Regenerist Serum, but this specifically contains retinol. This product goes on light & doesn’t leave a thick residue feeling like lotions or creams can. I doll out the entire pearl onto two fingers, pair them with the corresponding two fingers of my other hand so I have some to pat on either side of my face. After dotting it about, I massage it in. Seems to be the easiest way to get even coverage. Only use them at night. You’ll get better results as your skin (& body) spends it’s time amidst sleep recovering from the day. Can be used with other products, but I would use caution when mixing too many ingredients together, (especially with retinol) until you are sure they won’t overdry or cause irritation. Overall, the perlabella line is great. If you go to their website you’ll find they offer great offers. They have a Q-10 line with a $10 off printable coupon.

Silvia Winter Beach, FL

Perlabella Retinol Ant-Aging Face, Pure Dose Pearls With Microsponge

Was looking for something to put on my face after washing that wasn’t too drying or too oily. This product goes on smoothly and makes your face feel velvety soft. Pretty good undermake-up. Haven’t been using long enough to notice the anti-aging properties but I’m satisfied with it and would recommend.

Ericka Adams, NE

You can make it last

I like this product because you don’t get greasy and it goes right into the skin. I can even use one capsule 2 nights because it spreads so fine. I want to try all of the skin line and will be doing so soon.

Sheree Mecca, CA

It’s ok

Using this product almost over two weeks, feels great when I put it on my face, but I don’t see any different with my wrinkles, it’s make first my skin very soft but in few minutes my skin feels very dry. I’m really not satisfied with this product.

Amelia Bentonville, AR


this is 28 separate capsules – break one open to use each night, which is a very tiny amount – I used around my lip wrinkles and didn’t see any improvement – but I’m old, think I need something more powerful

Juana Poseyville, IN

Love it

I really like this product. It is comparable to Philosophy’s retinol capsules…unfortunately the retinol percentage in neither of these products are on the package. However, I prefer this to Philosophy because considering Amazon’s price, the price is lower and that is always a good thing:)

Celina Montreal, MO

Very pleasant and effective

I really like the texture of this product. It leaves the skin as soft as velvet with absolutely no oily residue. I have a sensitive skin, and most products will leave a thin layer on my face that ends up irritating it more than anything else. Those capsules are ideally sized, and it’s just a pleasure to apply the product. I’ve received numerous compliments about how good my skin looked since I started this regimen, including from my beautician herself – I could tell she was very perplex and wondering if I were seeing someone else for my facials.

Melinda Stella Niagara, NY