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Perfect Gift : SHANY Cosmetics All In One Heart Makeup

Beautiful packaging makes this makeup set perfect for gifting or adding something extra special to your day. Inside the heart shaped compact, this set contains eyeshadows, pressed powders, blushes, foundations, lipstick, applicators, and more. With layers that swivel outwards, this palette is super compact and travel-friendly, making it even better.

Key features

  • Gorgeous heart shape makes it perfect for gifting
  • Packed with makeup essentials
  • Colors complement every skin tone and season
  • Super high grade materials used in production to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Not tested on animals

Honest reviews


Nothing over the top but…

Nothing wrong with it either. The glosses give amazingly pigmented color…not like most glosses that come in sets like this and they’re super hydrating. You do need to use a fairly decent amount of gloss to get full on color so the first time I used it, I hit pan on the pink one. :-/ but that’s not a huge deal to me–just throwing that out there in case anyone complains about that which they shouldn’t because it’s still a great deal with everything you’re getting. The eyeshadows have great color and pigment and the blush/bronzer seems to be pretty finely milled and gives great color as well. For some reason I’m just not into the heart shaped design (that’s just my personal preference though) but wanted to buy it anyways because I thought it was such a great deal, which it is. I’m probably going to give it to my little sister though. It seems to be more of a gift for teens and people just starting out with makeup. It would make a great stocking stuffer!!!! Also, it’s not too big or bulky so it would be super easy to stash in your purse or gym bag for touch ups throughout the day. I would definitely recommend again. Not disappointed,

Sandy Garfield, KS

So presh!

Awww, this is such a presh product! The heart shape just makes it that much better! This would make theee perfect gift, girls!

Charlotte Hazleton, PA

Perfect for the teens in your life

This cute heart shaped compact has everything you need in a cute little package. This is ideal for teens and preteens who will appreciate the subtle colors and gloss.Sample provided for review.

Gertrude Keller, TX

Perfect for my little girl!

Surprised my daughter with this and she was so happy for it! It caught my eye because of the shape and how it was meant for her to have it!

Janelle Menomonie, WI

Neat idea

It gives you a little bit of everything you need to get started in makeup and it comes in a neat little package. Great for young girls and beginners.

Sherry Humble, TX


Awww this is so pretty I don’t know if I would give this away! It has everything you need in a heart!

Benita Otho, IA

gorgeous colors

i love this product it makes applying makeup easy! its so pigmented! i love showing it off to other people i absolutely was bouncing up and down when the mail man came saying package for me! i wish i could find more palettes like this one!

Malinda Wingo, KY

Super Cute!

Another super cute and high quality SHANY product. This case offers you all of your makeup needs in a super cute package/case! What more could you ask for?

Leanne Stockport, OH


This is the perfect gift set. It is so cute! I made sure to order more than one. Christmas is a couple of months away and I want to get a head start! So stoked! Shany’s company is reliable.

Mariana Lyle, MN

Great for starters

This little makeup palette is great for starters. Who just started with makeup, plenty of colors to play with. And also very safe colors to play with, so you don’t look like a clown. Great value for what it is.

Lynnette Everton, MO


it is really cute that its in a heart shape also great gift to gift someone. It has colors to match any skintone. It really is All in one !

Ina Vest, KY

the shape

the shape is just pretty the heart is just lovely! and the colors are pretty for every day use and it comes with everything you need!

Leonor Timberlake, NC

Great little travel case!

I just love SHANY cosmetics and so I wanted a kit that would travel with me in my purse and this has everything I needed. The makeup is really beautiful and top quality. It is secure and doesn’t crumble all over the place. You have a great variety and can freshen up all your makeup on the go with this one quality kit instead of a whole bag full of products. AMAZING!! I love SHANY cosmetics!

Bessie Ogden, AR

Excellent product line

I love all the Shany products. They are cruelty free and that is very important to me. I have mentioned Shany on my website, […] and my blog.

Cora Apache Junction, AZ

It’s Okay But I Like it So F

When it came and I opened the box, there was makeup from one of the pressed powder (the peach colored one) all over the case and in the make up. If only Shany would put like "HANDLE WITH CARE; FRAGILE" on the boxes before being shipped cause I’ve found my orders at my door outside so it’s likely the UPS dude literally DROPPED them on the porch. Everything else is intact but the mascara…..too gunky and thank goodness easy to rub it off cause I’ve felt a little burning near my eye. I was thinking about putting water in the stuff to dilute it for being so thick. (You might want to just get a seperate mascara and makeup brush set the mini brushes are pathetic.) The heart joint did break pretty easily but I can still manage and it’s better to dettach that part (where it broke off) above the lip color to put the eyeshadow in so that wasn’t bad.Pretty case worth the cheap price 🙂

Leanna Goldston, NC

Great gift for a teen

This is the perfect kit for a pre-teen/teenager or for a first makeup kit. The heart shape is cute and girly. The products are typical Shany high quality – good color payout and staying power.

Tamara Bledsoe, TX

Unique Yet Cute

I have never seen a make up case look like a heart this is truly a unique idea. Look at all the colors you can choose from and a mirror to check how pretty it all looks. I find it nice that how each layer of make up fits together nicely. Looks so small and compact to fit virtually anywhere !

Molly Calistoga, CA

Good to use for travel

This compact is good for anyone who travels and does not wish to take too many of their cosmetics. This is sort of an all in one. It is great for freshening up your makeup as well while out for a night on the town or anywhere you may need to. It feels so soft to the skin. The compact is a bit flimsy but o.k. for the money. I will probably buy more of this product and I would recommend it.

Lynda Veblen, SD

Shaney Gift Set

It came apart but I still like the makeup. It was a little messy with the lipsticks. It was hard to apply powder.

Meredith Copiague, NY

This is the perfect valentines gift for the perfect valentine

Being a great lover of makeup, I know the value that high quality makeup palettes have. This is a high quality palette, with all of the makeup that a girl could ever possibly want or need, from lipstick to mascara. This is a great valentine’s gift for any girl. And the user will definately appreciate this gift.

Mamie Orleans, MI

The perfect gift!

Men, if you are shopping for the women in your life then look no further this would be the perfect gift. This high quality makeup comes in a cute heart shaped designed case and carry’s everything. This is just a great way to show your love and taste in quality.

Carla Talkeetna, AK

Heart Shaped!

Just buy looking at the shape of this product.. you can see that it is cute! A very good idea for a gift! The makeup is pretty good quality! The eye shadow goes on well and last long! There are many different shades of eye shadow, lip color and many more! This product is a good investment! 🙂

Flossie Scotland, PA


i love this product it makes applying makeup easy! its so pigmented! i love showing it off to other people i absolutely was bouncing up and down when the mail man came saying package for me! i wish i could find more palettes like this one!

Brittany Brownsville, WI