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Pedi,Quick Salon Pedicure Kit

Pedi-Quick® Salon Pedicure Kit contains everything needed to do safe, fast and professional pedicures, manicures, and foot massages at home. To help keep feet soft and smooth, this lightweight device features two emery-covered discs (one coarse and one fine) that whisk away corns and calluses and file nails. It also has a massager disk to provide penetrating foot rubs. Uses four AA batteries (not included).

Key features

  • Keeps feet soft & smooth
  • Files nails
  • Massages away aches & pains
  • Reduces corns, calluses and rough, hard, dry skin

Honest reviews


This thing works!

I have to admit this is the best callus remover Ive ever had. I used it on my left foot for about 20 minutes, the difference between my left and right feet was amazing! it works very well and leave your feet baby soft. I’d definitely recommend this product for those with very hard feet and who are hopeless that their feet will never be soft again. I gave my man a pedicure with this product and his feet felt so soft, we both were shocked! The only con this product has is its sound. It makes a stupid noise when on and it kills me. Other than that, I wish they had enclosed another brand new file because the file seems to get weary after a while. But I definitely got my money’s worth! No more calluses, my feet feel soft again! If you are ticklish therefore have a hard time letting someone give you a pedicure like me, you need to buy this product!

Jamie Baylis, IL

There Are Better And Cheaper Products like This

Kind of rickety and not much power. There’s something called I think Soft N’ Smooth out there I liked much better and I think was cheaper. Save your money on this one.

Ronda Pittsville, WI

Long-lasting workhorse, about to buy my second

The first unit I bought lasted about six years after I bought it. The batteries last more than a year or two, with once weekly use, which was a surprise given that it has a pretty powerful motor.It comes with extra discs, but I’ve never had to replace the originals – ever! That to me is amazing.It gave smooth skin yet never hurt, takes all the effort out with a fast-rotating head. The thought of going back and forth with a pumice stone makes me cringe.Note: at least mine wasn’t very pretty, but it definitely worked.Finally, the motor separated from the head and I’m getting a new one.

Jerri Salem, WI

Shipped the same day I ordered & received within Hours! Amazing product!

Now that’s great on shipping, got it within hours! I ordered a little after 12am, got shipping notice within an hour it seems, so someone is working around the clock for this company 🙂 I got it by 7pm the same day on Amazon Student Prime. Now on the product review. I bought the Ped Egg and to my dismay, took me 20 mins on my feet & It made it worse. I had skin that was tough to remove & the Ped Egg gave me more sharp loose skin as it grated more off my feet. After 20 mins I gave up! I decided to finally buy this Pedi Quick, which I originally wanted but wanted to save $ & saw a good review on Ped Egg on Youtube. But not for me. However, Pedi Quick took 30 seconds to smooth each area of my foot that had the sharp loose hard skin left from Ped Egg. Then I finished with the fine texture buffer, less than 15 sec. each area. I even used on my fingers that are starting to dry and peel. I can say, smooth, soft, amazing, quick just like the name and worth the $. My mom was amazed, she wants to get one.You have to keep the power on high so it won’t stop. It stops if you use a lot of pressure. Gentle touch does the work! You don’t need to press hard on area. I don’t know if it has a slow speed which is the middle on switch (no label), this is when it stops at times but keeping on high does not. It seems scary at first because it spins fast but it does not hurt. The only thing is it’s loud. But you use only for a minute or 3 mins tops for me. Put on some music! I will post an update if anything goes wrong with the machine. I highly recommend this product!

Elma Mount Olive, WV

Such a nice indulgence

This product is super! I had hella cracked feet probably from being barefoot in a desert then in the south as much as possible. This product is easy to use and the attachments are easy to detach and attach. My heals look so much better. I choose to soak my feet in a foot soaker/massager, use this product, then apply some of that miracle foot lotion or just lotion. My feet are super improved and I can walk without the sharp pains from the cracks.

Leticia Ahsahka, ID

the best exfoliating foot product on the market

I love this exfoliator! I have tried other exfoliators including the electric models and non have been as good as the pediquick.

Lucy Danese, WV

It works

I have really dry feet and I’ve tried many products throughout the years. Some better than others but all with some flaws. This baby is no exception. The sanding pads do a wonderful job but they’re only good for one or two uses. Then they have to get replaced. I also do t care for the soft pads, only the rough ones but heres no way to just buy those. I was also skeptical using a device with batteries since many lose power just when you need it more. Again, nothing beats getting an electrical device to solve this issue. The batteries tend to go as a fast as the pads. That being said, it does do a great job when the pad and batteries are new, but only then.

Jeri Hemlock, IN