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PediFix Visco-GEL Toe Spacers – Medium

These soft Gel Spacers are worn between the big and second toes to prevent rubbing. They help align and straighten the big toe to relieve pressure on bunions. Exclusive Gel releases mineral oil to soothe and soften skin. Interchangeable for left or right foot. 2 per pack.

Key features

  • Relieve Toe Pain Instantly
  • Straighten & Align Crooked Toes that Rub
  • Cushion & Relieve Pressure
  • Relief Guaranteed
  • Effective for Weeks

Honest reviews


Slightly effective as long as kept w/talcum powder

I have these in LARGE to use as bunion relief, they tend to irritate and chafe my toes a bit after prolonged use but I’ve found that if I apply talcum powder frequently PROBLEM SOLVED. The bunion relief is quite minimum but better than nothing. For lasting relief you may want to try the Bunion Aid Hinged Splint for prolonged use, like I will soon. Once I’ve had it a while I will post a review in the hopes of guiding others in their search of pain relief. Hope this helps.

Sherri Orick, CA

They did not work for me: slipped out, irrirated the skin, did not solve the problem

My small toe rubs again the forth toe and gives me painful blisters. These toe separators did not work for me. I have given myself a chance to get used to them and suffered with them for 2 weeks wearing them every day. They slipped out from between my toes. They were not comfortable in my shoes. I felt them all the time. And they irritated the skin between the toes while they were in place. I threw them out.I found a better solution chatting with an avid biker. He uses BodyGlide to prevent saddle sores, I decided to try BodyGlide between my toes and it worked for me. Now I use BodyGlideBodyglide Advanced Technical Formulato put between my toes every day. The toes glide against it each other rather than rub, and I don’t have any blisters. I have no ill effect from using it as frequently as I do.Ali Julia review

Autumn Plummer, ID


Due to arthritis, I have crooked toes, and thought these would help to separate them. However, they tend to slip out, and are uncomfortable. I have tried different sizes, but all had the same results. I wouldn’t waste my time buying these, unless, perhaps, your toes are slightly crooked; they might help.

Lara Hoxie, KS

love it

I dance ballet on pointe a lot, and this spacer has been very helpful in not getting bunion formations on my feet. It’s like it’s not even there!

Katelyn Mayport, PA


I was using cotton to separate my big toe from the toe next to it to prevent them overlapping. These little gel spacers are so much more comfortable. I did not realize they come 2 in a package, and ordered 2 packages, so I have a couple of extras–and I can probably find some kind of use for them. I ordered the large size, but they do seem a bit bulky, so I will order the small size to see if they fit a bit less obtrusively.

Sherri Vinton, LA

Use a lot

I have been using these since my bunion surgery and I still use them after, they worked well for me, soft and pliable, washing well

Doris Showell, MD

Right size for between my third toe and my pinky toe – but couldn’t keep it there for long!

These clear, silcone toe spacers were the right size between my third toe and pinky toe, however I had a very hard time keeping it there.

Ramona Arrington, VA

LIFESAVERS! (a most welcomed relief from toe pain)

I suffer from spurs or pointed sides on the bones of my two small toes on each foot (little toe and next one to it) and get soft corns. For those who do not know what soft corns are, believe me, you DON’T want them! The pain from them is excruciating.Having worked in the printing industry all my life, standing on my feet for up to 18 hours a day, this of course was exacerbated. Some years ago I discovered these little “babies” and believe me, they are wonderful! They are soft and so they do not feel like you have something stuffed between your toes, and they are also washable whereas the sponge or fabric ones are not.Even though I am now retired and do not have to stand as I used to, I still keep these on hand for the times when I have been out all day walking or shopping for “wonderful” quick relief from the unbelievable pain that comes from my toes rubbing.I have never had a problem with them “coming apart” or “flaking” as other(s) here complain about….wondering if perhaps they are not washing them (which I cannot imagine) or something.They’re inexpensive, and last for about 2 months, which certainly is worth their “having around” when you NEED them!Once you’ve tried these, I guarantee that you will want them on hand.~operabruin

Alba Eben Junction, MI

Life savers

I love these gel toe spacers and am once again able to wear my ‘regular’ shoes comfortably. I didn’t even know such a product existed before!

Callie Amo, IN

Works very well

Price is better on Amazon than the price the shoe stores charge. I use them to separate my big toe from the next toe. Keeps my toes from irritating each other. They wash well, keep their shape and last a long time.

Judy Bucksport, ME

Too thin to be of any help

I’ve been wearing toe spacers for nearly 8 years, so I’ve seen my share of brands. I was very disappointed with this brand because they are so thin. They really don’t even space my toes apart because they are so narrow. I’m looking elsewhere.

Latanya Cleveland, OK

not bad, kind of a nuisance (as are all bunion products) but they do the trick!

if your toes are crossing in your shoes and you are struggling, this is a solid option. I also bought the bunion socks and the gel protector sleeve – both of those I am using more frequently than these spacers but I think these would be the better option if I wore a lot of dress shoes. I mostly wear clogs to work in now, and my toes are not pinched together so I find myself choosing the visco-gel bunion shield instead of the toe spacers. I wear the toe spacer socks to Zumba class or to sleep in… these little spacers wont stay put really well for Zumba or for sleeping.

Dayna Elsberry, MO

Your feet will thank you!

This toe spacer is really good. I have a bunion and it becomes painful especially in the winter when all I can wear is closed shoes. This spacer makes the bunion less of a pressure point against the shoe, it straightens your toe so that the contact point becomes the entire side of your foot and not just the bunion against your shoe. Keep in mind that it will take you a few days to get used to it, start by using it when you have short errands and build up to wearing it for a full day. Also some flat shoes like the ballet flats may be exposing more toe than regular shoes, which means that the toe separator may show so definitely take it with you when buying a new ballet flat if you want to make sure its not exposed. Other than that, I highly recommend it, your feet will thank you!

Karen Abilene, TX