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PEBCO Pro Tools Hard Bonnet Dryer 2000 Watts

Product Description Professional Features: -Optimum Heat and Air Flow -Variable Temperature Control -2000 W -On/Off switch

Key features

  • Optimum Heat and Air Flow
  • Variable Temperature Control
  • 2000 W
  • On/Off switch

Honest reviews


No Great Product

I had this product for less than 6 months. The hair dryer has a large hood so it can be used with large rollers.The set up is easy and it’s not as noisy as some dryers I have used. It lighter than I expected but the heat is very good. I did have concerns about the knob due to past reviews. Thus far the knob has not come off but the heat is no longer hot at the highest level. The high heat is medium and the medium heat is low. And no, it did not drop on the floor or anywhere. Very disappointed after less than a year use. Review revised 3/06/10.

Ophelia Newton Highlands, MA

Pleasantly Surprised

I purchased this online after my Ion Hard Bonnet from Sally’s broke (It has the same design as the Belson dryers and it was ridiculously tricky to close. I always thought I was gonna break it and one day I did.) So far I’m happy with this purchase. I’m black with relaxed hair that I deep condition and rollerset every week, so I use bonnet dryers a lot.What I Like:- It’s simple to close.- The bonnet fits my 2 inch gray rollers comfortably. I was surprised because the hood looks so little in pictures.- It has an air vent on top that you can open and close.- It gets hot but it doesn’t feel like you’re vacationing in the Devil’s playland, (like the Ion did.)- I was worried about the air vents only being on top of the dryer BUT there are actually additional vents in the back (where the bonnet meets the neck). So unlike a lot of other hard bonnets, it actually gets the back and the bottom rollers dry.- It’s really lightweight.Things I Don’t Love:- The “variable” temp control is actually just low, medium and high. There is no cold.- Also the temp control button came off during my second time using it. It’s not that big of a deal b/c it’s easy to put it back on.

Jacquelyn Thorsby, AL

It was ok

I bought this because I thought this would cut my drying time in half since my other dryers could notdtry the back of my hair, but know it was the same amount of time except it was able to heat the back of my hair. I think the air flow is still not all together, some spots heat up faster than the other, just weird. Anyway what ever happened to those really good dryers that had perfect air flow, and when you took your rollers out you had really nice curly hair at HOME. Now you need to go to salon for those and get ok brands at home, but whatever it does what it says it suppose to, what can you do make one yourself??? :-/

Amber Jonesboro, IL

so far so good.

Its been almost 2 years since i bought this dryer and it is still perfect. for such a cheap price i highly recommend it!

Avis Eagle Rock, VA

Pebco Pro Tools Hard Bonnet Dryer

I’m loving this dryer, finally found a dryer thay will dry the back of my head as well as the top. Most dryer that I’ve tried only dried the top of my head which made it frustrated. Only thing I don’t like about this dryer is that you can’t adjust the hight of the bonnet, I have a 10 year old and a 8 year old that I use it on also and the bonnet is too high, so I had to go out and get a shorter table to sit it on and with the help of pillow it works fine. Overall its a good dryer especially those who are looking for a dryer with vent holes in the back to dry the back of your head.

Jeanie Altus, AR