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PCA Skin Nutrient Toner

pHaze 5 Nutrient Toner is a special combination of enzymes, vitamins and AHA that help refine pores for an even complexion with regular use.

Key features

  • Removes dead skin cells
  • Nourishes and revitalizes skin
  • Helps protect free radical damage

Honest reviews


The Scent

The scent for this product was overwhelming. I gave it away. It smells like really strong pumpkin spice. Putting it on my face made me nauseous.

Ma Tennyson, IN

Awesome Toner

This toner is great! My skin feels absolutely amazing when I use it! I don’t think I will be able to use another product after this one!

Francis Mikana, WI

Will buy again.

This seems to be the best toner for my combo skin. It does not dry it out but still helps with breakouts.

Cynthia Semora, NC


After my aesthetician recomended the A&C serum (which I love so much), I decided to try other PCA Skin products. The toner is great, non drying and has a great pumpkin smell. I use this along with the PBO clenser and the A&C serum. I struggle with acne and using this products help me keep my pores clean and unclogged. Highly recommend the line.

Nona Owenton, KY

Just a so so toner

I’m not sure why this is so expensive. After using this toner for two weeks, I’m not seeing a marked improvement, and in fact, I have had mild break-outs since beginning to use this toner. I prefer the product "Prep", that I purchased for pre-pealing. However, I think I’ll just make that my daily toner from now on.

Sheena Williamsport, MD

Worked Ok

First off, using a cottonball w/this stuff it will only last you not quite 3 weeks. Maybe the cottonball soaks up too much of it.Anyway, it is different from many other toners which are either too drying or leave an unattractive shiny film on my face.I do notice a brownish color on the cottonballs which probably means it is oil from my skin.This is soothing, and not drying at all. I still have some pimples, but I would recommend this over many other toners.I will be looking into other Physician Care products.

Ashleigh Hudson, WI

Clean and Fresh Feeling

Disclaimer: I’ve only used it once.I am a self-proclaimed PCA addict (in the best way). My medicine cupboard resembles an aesthetician’s tray. PCA, exfoliating wash, toner (this review), multiple serums, hydrators, eye cream, sun screens and lip serum.I had read other reviews that using a cotton ball to apply ends up wasting the product. So after cleansing, I squeezed a small amount in to my palm and gently massaged over my entire face.No residue, absorbed quickly and left my face feeling clean and fresh. I am excited to use this product daily.

Faye Bittinger, MD