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Pauly D Bronze Beats

Are you ready for the darkest, most extreme DHA-Free bronzer? Pauly D’s Bronze Beats formula is just that! This ultra sexy silk bronzing blend takes tanning to the next level! Utilizing super advanced tanning technologies that allow your natural color to continue to darken over time. Featuring intense anti-aging and firming ingredients. *Blended with multiple accelerators that work to target melanin production and achieve fast, dark tanning results. *RevitaFit – Tones & tightens the skin. *Matrixyl – targeted anti-aging complex that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for long-lasting results. *MelanoBronze Technology – enhances the skin’s natural pigmentation to help build a natural and healthy looking tan. This technology continues to work long after UV exposure to protect the skin and stimulate melanin in the melanocytes for a faster, darker tan. *Formulated with immediate bronzers to provide instant color with a slight skin illumination to hide tiny imperfections. *Black Tea Extract – strong antioxidant with astringent properties that helps to reduce blemishes. *Silk Extracts – For a soft and silky feeling on the skin. *FreshTek – proprietary blend of deodorizing and skin freshening ingredients.

Key features

  • Dark Cosmetic & Natural Bronzer

Honest reviews


Good Lotion

I’ve tried a lot of different lotions over the years and have not really stuck with any one lotion. Last year my favorite was Swedish Beauty’s Take Olive Me- but that one was really thick and made you feel pretty sticky and was heavy on your skin, despite giving good color and having a nice scent.Bronze Beats was a much smoother and lighter application- that already made it a better choice over the former. The scent is listed as Coconut Nights- and I really like it. It’s not a heavy coconut smell, it’s very light with that tropical coconut hint, with a somewhat deeper nutty/chocolate scent- it’s not overpowering and it would work for guys or girls- definitely a more neutral scent. Also, since this is a bronzing lotion it’s a brown color and as soon as you put it on it gives your skin a nice little glow- it’s a natural looking bronzer, not orange at all. I start out very pale but can get fairly dark, but have a problem with some lotions making me look orange. This one gave me a good bronze color. You will definitely need to leave it on to get the full effects of the bronzers- I tan in the evening and leave it on overnight. I was also surprised that even wearing white pajama pants- none of it rubbed off during the night- really seemed to stay on the skin. I think it’s because it’s not too heavy and absorbs into the skin quickly. I also didn’t notice that much ATO. I’ve never found a lotion that completely covers up ATO, but this one does really well with the fragrance holding up.Overall, I am happy with this lotion. I would definitely recommend it for a nice bronzing lotion for those looking to build a nice base tan.

Nellie Richville, NY

sticky and staining

Thought I liked this..showed nice color after 1 use. Then I noticed it stained my palms and clothes worse than ANY bronzer or lotion I have ever used. Oh and it does not absorb into skin instead sitting on the surface….easily rubbing off. Most gross is shaving and having a slick of it adhere to razor the next day.

Suzanne Jeffersonville, GA

I liked it will buy it again.

Used numerous lotions and this is one that worked good for me deep tan, wash hands after, I never got orange on my or my clothes recommended over a lot of other brands.

Monica Eitzen, MN

Like it but Dont love it

I already have a great base tan. But, that base tan stayed a “Base tan”. Didn’t seem like my skin was getting any darker. So I went and looked at this. Every review I have read and every little research I did on this lotion said it was REALLY dark. So I figure eh..what the heck Ill try it. Mind you I have tryd many. Considering I tan almost every single day I can. So anywho I bought this and I put it on…Needless to say It was LIGHTER then my skin. Smells amazing. But Didn’t do jack. I just got it yesturday so maybe I need to use it a little longer. But I don’t have high hopes. So maybe my next step in tingler…Idk but this didnt do much. Not pleased!!

Madge West Bethel, ME


i got this lotion in hopes of it working like the advertisement said.wrong!it stained my feet 0range and ive been tanning for almost a year.the lotion went 0n dry and got dryer!what a mess the smell is like that 80 s selftanner q.t.what a waste 0f m0ney! Pammy D

Ashlee Batesville, AR

Would give five stars…

I love this bronzer, combined with others it gives my skin the most amazing glow ever, but do not wear white after you use it, it’s a color brown like very dark foundation, basically African American concealer almost, it says blemish remover and I see why… It’s bronzer concealer, just don’t wear something that stains easy after using this, you will sweat light brown

Doretha Copenhagen, NY

Was skeptic at first……

I absolutely LOVE this tanning lotion! When the pools closed for the summer & I continue to tan in salons, I was pretty white after 2 months of no sun. Pauly D has made a tanning lotion I feel is designed just for me! It works so fast & I do not have to tan very much to maintain color. Delivered very quickly, safely packaged & I highly recommend this lotion!! It is triple the $$ in salons!

Jo Brewster, NY