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Paula Dorf Curl Up Eyelash Curler

Allows you to get amazing lashes with each use without pinching, crimping, or pulling.

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Honest reviews


works well

I really like this eyelash curler it does the job 🙂 I’ve had this for about 3 weeks now and hasn’t broken at all, I use it all the time. The only reason that I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 was because I wish you could open it just a little bit wider, I like to wear fake eyelashes a lot and sometimes its a little bit difficult to fit all of lashes into the opening. But on my natural lashes it works perfect, oh and it also comes with an extra rubber lip which is nice.

Kristin Lake Mc Donald, MT

Best curler

I have used a lot of eyelash curlers over the years but this is by far the best curler for the price!

Darla Long Lake, WI

Great product!

Love it. Works well. Solid construction. I’m so impatient that I barely hold the thing on my lashes more than five seconds, but it works.

Vanessa Leonard, MN

Small and doesnt curl well.

Arrived quickly however the curler is too small for my eyelash width. Quality of it is good but it doesn’t curl well either. If I can I will return it as i only tried to use it once. I will stick to my trusty shiseido or tweezerman curler. Would not recommend this product. Seller was good though at getting product to me quickly and in a sturdy package.

Jody Milaca, MN

Very Happy With This Curler!

Update: 1 year later and this is still my curler of choice. Love it!I’ve had this curler for a couple of months now and it turns out that it’s great. I will be sticking with this curler from now on. I’ve tried various curlers over the years, and for awhile Elf actually made a great curler that sold for only a buck or two, but then apparently they changed the curler and it’s now horrible (and an accurate reflection of its low price). I have big eyes and long lashes so I really need a good curler -I am happy to say this one fits the bill. It hasn’t pinched or broken any lashes yet, does a real nice job. As far as speed, it curls ok, doesn’t take too long, but not as fast as the Elf curler was before they changed it (used to get a great curl in a couple of seconds with the old style). In any case, I am happy enough with this curler that I won’t be searching for a new brand eyelash curler any time soon, unless they change the style or some other problem turns up in the future. But so far so good!

Edith Yellowtail, MT

Better than drugstore but not really special for the price.

Since Shu Uemura stopped selling eyelash curlers at Sephora, I had to try something else when it was time to replace. This is "okay" – certainly better than typical drugstore ones that pinch and crimp, but it’s just doesn’t measure up to the Shu Uemura for this price. It doesn’t curl your lashes as well, and the curl doesn’t last as long.

Carolyn Copperhill, TN

smaller than expected, but did teh job

Its smaller than expected but totally does the job, its worth the money and boy did it make my eye lashes curl.

Blanca Pollock, LA