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Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Lavender Mint Moisturizing Shampoo, 10.14 Ounce

When nerves are frazzled and hair’s wound up, take comfort in the soothing fragrance of lavender, mint and tea tree oil. This rich, moisturizing shampoo helps improve strength and shine. It is safe for color treated hair.

Key features

  • Contains soothing fragrance of lavender, mint and tea tree oil
  • Helps improve strength and shine
  • Suitable for normal hair

Honest reviews


Didn’t live up to expectations

My hairstylist recommended this shampoo to cure my itchy scalp. It didn’t, and it didn’t take away the frizz. The fact of the matter is no lathering product ever will. Switch to Wen, it will save your hair!

Hazel Aurora, MN

Love this shampoo!

I debated about writing a review for shampoo. It’s really such a personal product and everyone’s hair and taste is so individual, but I’m so happy with this shampoo it seemed worthwhile to post a review anyway.I have no ‘beauty’ expertise to describe it–I just know that when I first started using the product it agreed with my hair. My hair is fine and starting to go a little gray. It also has a tendency to frizz out a bit and has gotten dry where I’m living. With this shampoo (and conditioner, but I haven’t bought that on Amazon just yet, so no review) my hair has been improving. The shampoo can’t help the fineness, or my inherent lack of style, but it does seem to help the texture!I also Really Like the scent. I have developed a fondness for lavender and it has a great scent. Not overpowering or overwhelming, but a definite aroma to it that I like. Of course, this is definitely a place where personal preference comes in, in contrast I generally don’t like the vanillas or coconut type scents on me.I bought on Amazon for the costs–I am in a more remote place and the local shop won’t special order it which meant online purchasing. Amazon had the best price and the arrival was in a reasonable reasonable time frame. I have an FPO address but the seller does not ship FPO so I had to use a re-shipper. (However, this is universal for things like shampoo so oh well). The product itself is worth the 5 stars, so the extra shipping was worth it.JTG12/18/11 edited to add:I’ve been a little more educated recently about shampoo ingredients…this one does contain (as of my last bottle purchased) Ammonia Laurel Sulfate…apparently not the worst of the sulfates but if you are trying to go sulfate free this is not quite there. I only really thought about it because of a recent online discussion I’ve been reading plus I have moved to where the water is quite different and instead of frizzy I now have much more limp hair–so I’m looking for change.

Briana Union City, PA

Effective without stripping

The Tea Tree Lavender Mint shampoo is salon grade without the harshness. I have thick, straight hair and I need to wash my hair everyday. This shampoo lathers well, cleans thoroughly, and doesn’t leave my hair like a haystack. My hair has some bounce afterwards without the use of a conditioner. The minor downside is the price and the lack of a tingling normally of tea tree shampoos. Overall a great shampoo.

Desiree Bloomer, WI

Not recommended..

I love Paul Mitchell products, especially his tea tree products, however, this lavender kind does not smell good at all. Actually the smell made me sick. I couldn’t use it and had to throw it away which was a waste of money. If you want a Paul Mitchell tea tree, then get the regular one cuz that one doesn’t smell bad and it’s kinda tingly and makes your hair very soft. This one on the other hand, don’t bother the smell is way to strong and just terrible!

Jerry Stokes, NC

Great Quality Shampoo

Great product and you can definitely feel your scalp tingling. Really makes your hair feel and look clean – help get rid of oily and dry, flaky scalp. I could not smell the lavender scent and possibly the mint scent was too powerful. I did not like this scent and prefer the original PM Tea Tree Shampoo.

Chrystal Hampton, NE