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Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Hair And Scalp Treatment Unisex, 16.9 Ounce

Soothe hair and scalp conditions while invigorating with this rinse-out treatment. Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Hair and Scalp Mask hydrates, strengthens, and conditions hair while refining and moisturizing scalp and skin. Packed with essential oils of pepperment, tea tree, and lavender plus shea butter and Vitamin E, your hair and scalp will be left refreshed and conditioned after each treatment.

Key features

  • Invigorating non-medicated treatment for hair and scalp
  • Give immediate intervention for hair and scalp issues with this soothing rinse-out mask
  • Tingly conditioners strengthen hair and refine skin and scalp
  • Moisturizes hair and soothes the scalp. Convenient 16.9 oz pump bottle.
  • Infused with natural extracts and essential oils.

Honest reviews



Things I really love I go out of my way to plug. We already use Paul Mitchell tea tree shampoo. I tried this one to see if the conditioner is more conditioning than the regular conditioner. It is, and a wonderful treatment for the scalp and hair. From now on, will use this instead of the regular tea tree conditioner. I just love the way I feel after using these products. I get out of the bath and into my jammies and go lie down on the bed and enjoy the way I feel. I still tingle, that long. It is so relaxing. Try it, you will tingle too! I can get into the shower so stressed and come out relaxed. A wonderful conditioner too! I have long fine hair so tangles are a problem. I also use the Paul Mitchell tea tree all over body conditioner on me and my hair after a bath in addition to the other tea tree products. It feels soooo good and hydrates so well. Nothing like it.

Jane Windsor, OH

Love it!

I am spending my first winter in a dry and cold environment and I noticed my scalp was funky. I thought that my shampoo was just not cleaning my hair well enough and that I had excess residue. I switched to a clarifying shampoo and it got worse. I did some reading and it seems the real cause to my off-whiteish residue was a dry scalp (from dry weather) combined with my scalp’s natural reaction to oil up my hair and keep it from being too dry. The end result being hair that got dirty very quickly and a mucky scalp. So I looked around and read reviews and this product seemed to have great ones. I tried it and… WOWZAS. My scalp instantly felt refreshingly cooled and clean. I have pretty long hair so it took a little more product than the instructions said to use to really get it down to my scalp but I haven’t had any bad reactions to it. In fact, I’ve noticed that my hair completely lacks my nasty winter residue, even two to three days after using the product. Granted, I have no medical issues with my scalp like some of the other reviewers, but this stuff is awesome for what I need it for. And it leaves my hair super soft! I love the smell of the product too, however I can imagine it could be pretty powerful to people who aren’t used to it.On a side note- my sister also uses tea tree oil based products for her hair but for different reasons. She’s a pre-k teacher and every once and awhile there is a lice epidemic in her class. Tea tree oil keeps the buggies away. In her 5 years of teaching and plenty of lice outbreaks, she’s been free of them. Extra plus!

Gale Winkelman, AZ

Helps; but it’s not a miracle

This product is great! Massage it into your scalp while you’re in the shower, and then wait 5 minutes before you rinse. Then, wash your hair like you normally would.I purchased this because I’ve been plagued with dandruff/dry scalp since I moved north. Nothing works. This really has helped minimize my dry scalp issues, but it’s not a miracle worker. It kind of works as an exfoliator — it will remove the dead/dry skin that has built up, that shampoo can’t do alone (there are little beads in it that you can feel massaging your scalp). It does something that shampoo can’t do.

Janice Timpson, TX

great for daily use

I swim every day in the summer and I use this in the shower afterwards to make sure to clean out all the chemicals and it works wonders, this summer my hair will not get destroyed as usual.

Sheri Taylor, WI

Scalp Relief

I had an ithy and sore spot on the back scalp for two weeks. I tried the Neutrogena products like the Dr instructed, it didn’t work. Bought this and the problem went away. Love the smell and it doesn’t feel harsh on my scalp.

Monique Sidney, NY