Paul Mitchell Round Trip Curl Definer, 6.8-Ounces Bottle

Round Trip Liquid Curl Definer Ready for rapid curls? Save valuable morning minutes through reduced dry time and enjoy bouncy, defined waves. Adds lightweight detail and flexible hold to curly or wavy hair types. (6.8 oz)

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  • Highest Quality Styling available

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best for curls

i have very thick long curly hair, and i use this first thing after shampooing. I also use a gel product over it and then use Paul Mitchell Sculpting Lotion on other days. Round trip is strong, but keeps the curl intact if you don’t touch it too much. Without it my hair frizzes up and loses the curl.

Mina Prides Crossing, MA

Not for me

This did nothing for my baby fine curly hair, I think it was the silicones. It seems that these great products come out and then they add silicone and ruin it

Maura West Yarmouth, MA

Nice for creating waves AND curls

If you have wavy hair this is a really nice product for creating some definition in those waves. It doesn’t make your hair crunchy AT ALL like some other curl definers do. I have wavy hair and I think it does a really nice job on it. My daughter has curls (real, spirally, springy curls that I wish I had) and it does a great job at defining them without making them crunchy or greasy. In short, whether your hair is curly or wavy, this product is great. The product comes in a convenient pump with I’ve found is a lot easier to use than gel products in tubes – and it lasts *forever* even if you use it on long hair.

Maureen Kanaranzi, MN

Didn’t do anything for my curls

I generally love Paul Mitchell products, but this was an exception. I have thick curled hair, and instead of defining my curls when using this product it only added frizz. It goes on like those holding gel products for me. Wouldn’t recommend from personal experience.

Jimmie Perry Park, KY

I like it

I mostly use this product to restore my curls after sleeping on my hair. I think the consistency seems to be just right for that without weighing my hair down too much.

Essie Springfield, AR

Great for hair

I have used this product for years and love it. You put it on your hair when wet. It keeps hair from being frizzy/unruly and does not leave any detectable residue.

Josie Burlington, IL

Better than my gel

Wow! I love this product. I have pretty thick, unruly, old people hair so this helps smooth out my curls and makes my hair look healthy. Now I can go out without using a curling iron for control. This makes my curls look a lot better and it does a better job than my gel. I am in love with this product.

Kaitlyn Goshen, VA

geat product

Paul Mitchell Express Style Round Trip Liquid Curl Definer 6.8 fl oz (200 ml)Once you use this product you will love it. It leaves your hair looking, smelling, and feeling fantastic.

Angela Medon, TN

Smells great but no hold

I love the smell and that it doesn’t make my hair crunchy. The problem is the hold doesn’t last then my ringlet curls turn flat and it doesn’t reduce the frizz enough. Might be better on wavy hair.

Pearlie Claunch, NM


I have naturally curly hair that is very thick and course. I love this product, and it keeps my curls well-defined and frizz-free without a greasy look.

Joni Hillsville, VA