Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Hydrocream Whip, 6.7 Ounce

Enjoy long-lasting, touchable hold and volume with a silky, soft finish.

Key features

  • Light conditioners and natural Awapuhi extract fight frizz and balance moisture for healthy-looking hair
  • This formula meets stringent VOC clean air standards for the USA
  • John Paul Mitchell Systems does not conduct or endorse animal testing

Honest reviews



Grabbed this as suggested by my hairdresser and I absolutely love it. I have naturally wavy hair and can never do anything with it that doesn’t end in me looking like a frazzled hobo. This stuff helps shape my curls and does NOT leave my hair feeling hard and plasticy like many other brands of mousse do.I squeeze in about a coin-dollar sized amount, work it into my palms and spread it evenly throughout my hair. Afterwards, I simply twist tendrils of hair to achieve loose curls (like I get from a curling iron), scrunch my hair from the bottom up, and let it air dry. I have tried to use a diffuser and blow dry my hair, but I end up with a frantic look still, so I simply walk out the door and let my hair naturally dry.It’s a bit pricey on amazon when you take into account the S&H; most people charge. I grabbed this bottle at a local beauty supply store; you might want to call and ask if they have any in your area before you grab one from here.

Bianca Spring City, TN


I love this stuff. It smells as good as the rest of the line & along with the hydromist blow out spray a great combination. Love this whole line.

Eleanor Kermit, WV

If your hair is…

…dry, damaged, aging, coarse, processed then this ‘mousse’ may be for you! It allows for styling AND softness. It is so expensive I wanted to cry and die, but worth it for my hair not to feel dry, coarse, frizzy, and crunchy. I love it. So, I pay the price…

Bridgette Morrow, OH


An absolute must buy. Made such a noticeable difference to my hair as soon as I applied it. Felt soft. Gave it an amazing left wen blow dried. Love it!!

Stefanie Sekiu, WA

Keith Urban fantastic

Product is great and does as it claims. I smella wonderful, and is more tan a moose, nice creamy moisyurizing and thick. You don’t need alot, other reviews are correct. One good poof does the job for below shoulder hair.

Charity Reno, OH

Made my hair sticky

Like many hair products for curls i found this to enhance my curls but also leave a residue on my hair that never dried. It smell wonderful but throughout the day if i touched my hair at all i had to wash my hands. I tried using less product but did not think it made a difference. It didn’t make my hair crunchy which was great but i could not recommend this because of the residue it left on my hair when i used it.

Judith Linden, NC


Perfection! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Leave hair very soft with soft hold, AND THE SMELL!!!!!!!!!! If you ever were a fan of Back To Basics Ginger Therapy Line, IT’S THE SAME SCENT! And it lingers in your hair so you can smell this awesome gingery scent all day long! It’s heaven in a can!

Alisa Marchand, PA

Love it!

Great product that works and smells great. I absolutely love it and I am very pleased with this purchase. My teenager has stole this bottle so I will definitely be buying more.

Cheri Chunchula, AL


I don’t use this every day, just or curling or volume. A little goes a long way… I have very fine hair & this product gives volume & leaves hair soft yet with control

Tessa Gobles, MI

Paul Mitchell hydrocream whip

This product is amazing. It smells delightful, eliminates a lot of frizz and has made my hair a lot thicker. I gave four stars because I feel it’s a little expensive.

Stephanie Hext, TX

Not that Great. Make the hair sticky.

Not that great, esp. for the price. Makes hair sticky. I am sad to say I feel like wasted my money. Way over priced for the product.

Jenifer Merry Point, VA