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Paris Fashion Perfume, Impression of Paris Hilton for Women by PREFERRED FRAGRANCE

Product Description Paris Fashion Perfume, Impression of Paris Hilton for Women

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  • Paris Fashion Perfume, Impression of Paris Hilton for Women

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was surprised by the aroma but I love it so much I use it daily for myself and it arrived on time and in great shape

Margarita Freeman, WV

I love it

This is the second time that i’ve used this perfume and i keep loving it. I got i perfect conditions and if u wanna smell fresh all day this will be the right frangance for u.

Liza Lorman, MS


It has a good smell but fades a bit. I liked it but after a while i didnt no i didnt regret buying it but it was just okay

Jesse Briggs, TX

good product

pretty close to the real one..smells very good. it looks and feels very modern, i got it for my niece and she likes it a lot.!

Erna Marvel, CO

just simply beautiful…

great product, light scent, large size…buy it

Lakesha Hertel, WI

Smells Horrible

So disappointing. Does not smell good at all. It smells like alcohol and burns my eyes. Don’t waste the money, even if it is cheap. I guess you get what you pay for.

Jo Briggsdale, CO

Arrived very fast and smeels great

I dont know the smell of the original, so I cant compare it. But, on its own, it has a great smell. Mixed floral notes and not heavy at all. It goes on with a bit of power and then after abut 30 minutes becomes more subtle, and a hour later it had mixed nicely with the natural skin scent. I think the designer used a variety of scents to come up with this. I bought 14 varieties of ‘impression’ type sprays in this order and of them, I would rate this as something that should have it’s own brand. How the pump will hold up won’t be known for some time, but the perfume alone, even at a higher price I would give 5 stars. Glad I got 5 bottles.

Blanche Townsend, VA

Great Duplicate:)

I love this perfume it smells just like the original, just cheaper! I got mine for $4 ,the price went up now but this perfume is worth trying out

Shana Fly Creek, NY