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Paragon Facial Vaporizer with Aroma Therapy

Paragon Facial Vaporizer with optional ozone function and aroma therapy insert. The facial vaporizer is used after cleansing and analyzing to prepare the skin for treatment. The application of steam helps to stimulate circulation and relaxes the skin and tissue. Vapor also helps to oxygenate the skin and can be beneficial for the sinuses and congestion. Vaporizer is equipped with an auto-off tipping switch and a rotating directional steam nozzle.

Key features

  • Auto-Off Tipping Safety Switch
  • Portable & Light-Weight
  • Protective burn-guard
  • Swivel steam arm with aroma therapy option
  • Removable water jar

Honest reviews


I Love it!

simply the best steamer i have use better than steam facial by kaz. it put out a powerful steam,dont let the size fool you,I highly recommend this steamer, I love it so much i’m going to buy another one, just to have it incase of any accidental that could happen. i had purchase mine for 50.00 dollars include shipping from a spa store. buy it you wont regret it.

Lauri Stella Niagara, NY

After much research: it came down to this product

It was well over due to have a modern looking facial steamer and a move away from the older design of dunking our face downwards! So after many years of holding back from buying one, I took the plunge and purchased this model after much research and reading opinions shared by many on this product.One of the great feature of this product is that the white part of the extension can be rotated to adjust for the body height! So you are not straining your neck to position it infront of the steam. This is a huge plus as it made the whole experience very relaxing! Added, there is a slot to place a small spunge (supplied) that you can soak some aromatherapy oil – just so relaxing!The steam is magnificent! I do recommend that you let the steam run for about a minute before you place your face over it: for the first few times, there was a ‘plastic’ smell, but went away after a minute of running.Read the instructions and note that it does point out to allow the boiling water to cool down on its own and do not add cold water incase it contracts the pot too quickly (and hence the cracking experienced by a previous reviewer?).Very easy to use and to put together.

Goldie Jordan Valley, OR

does what it suppose to

Great little machine. But I give it a 4 instead of 5 star because the Ionizing light that makes the steam function work seems to blink and tends to go on and off. Maybe the light needs to be replaced. I do use the Ionizing function a lot so I’m not happy this is happening.

Effie Concord, NE

Great little steamer

I got this based on the reviews to equip my slowly developing home facial spa. Turn the unit on and when it is boiling, turn on the Ozone switch and it delivers great thick steam with no spitting of water. It’s correct to let it boil off a bit the first time to get rid of the oils from the new machine and the plastic smell quickly dissipates. Add your favorite aromatherapy oil to the little foam piece that inserts into a slot to add an element of pampering. It does come with a brochure that has basic directions and there really isn’t much to it to require a whole manual which seems to be a concern a few reviewers. The jar has a line to indicate the maximum amount of water to put into it and the rest is rather self-explanatory. It’s true that the arm could be a little longer but it rotates freely so makes it easy enough to aim the steam where you want it if set around 2 feet away. I set it next to the sink while deep cleaning my face or on a table close by if laying down. Great unit for the price and functionality and I highly recommend it to anyone who doesn’t want to spend too much on a steamer yet wants it to work well.

Audrey Roggen, CO

Great facial steamer but the steam arm needs more adjustments

This is a really good facial steamer. I would pay $110 for a facial at spa so $70 for a 2 -3 year investment made sense.The reason I rate this 3 start is not because of the quality of the steam. The steam is great! Its fine, dense and strong. The steamer will steam up your face nicely. Also have used this when I have a cold/stuffy nose to breathe in the air.The only CON is the steam tube. I needs to be longer and have more options for adjustments (move top/down). All it has is a rotating head which is not sufficient. Its really hard to put in word how difficult its to adjust the steam tube.I have used this for 3 months now and I just gave up on lying down on bed and getting my face steamed. I now just sit in front of the steamer and get my face steamed.The aromatherapy insert frankly is just a joke. Just put a drop in the essential oil on your hands and rub it all around and place the hands in front of the steamer. That is what I do.I would definitely recommend this product but I want to set your expectations on the difficulty of the steam arm.

Ma Maxwell, NE

nice addition to my spa day

I received this product a week ago and have used it twice. It comes packaged well. Read the instructions so your product lasts longer. i.e. don’t put cool water in the basin if you have already been using the steam function. The steam is just fine for a facial. The ozone steam is cloudier and smells different with the option of turning it of and on. The aromatherapy consist of a small sponge on which you apply your own essential oil of choice. It is housed on the opposite end of the steam opening on the arm.

Monica Newcomb, MD

Loving my little steamer!

I love the way my skin looks after using this product. I use it 1-2 times a week. Not sure if this makes a difference, but I only use distilled water since that’s what the directions say. I never have to worry about hot water spitting in my face; just pure steam comes out of this machine.

Chasity Biscoe, AR