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Parachute Jasmine Perfumed Non-sticky Coconut Hair Oil, 200 ml, 6.7-Fluid Ounce

Parachute Jasmine is a light, fragrant oil that can be used everyday to nourish and sytle your hair.

Key features

  • Traditional hair oils, while delivering nourishment, leave hair feeling sticky and smelly.
  • Parachute Jasmine has been designed as a hair oil that gives a consumer the ideal blend of nourishment and sensorials, delivered through a completely non-sticky format and a lingering fragrance.
  • Imported from India

Honest reviews


Not sure bout this…..

Received this item yesterday…….I must have received a bootleg version of the product. There are misspelled words on the bottle. And the reviews are raving about how wonderful the smell is……mine doesn’t smell all that great like the reviews suggest….all in all I’m a little pissed – will not buy from the seller again or the product the ingredients are almost 80% mineral oil…….NEXT!

Eliza Independence, WI

NOT for straight thin hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a VERY popular name brand hair oil in India and in the Middle East in general not only because of its very delightful Jasmine smell but also for its qualities/benefits for the hair.I first saw this oil during my first visit to India and unfortunately even though it was so dirt cheap there I didn’t experiment with it. I could have easily gotten away with the grease hair look over there because people are not judgmental but that really would not blend in as nicely back home.I finally bought this even though I read other reviews mentioning the same thing that I am about to complain about:This oil will basically not wash off your hair with almost anything you use and because of that your hair ends up looking and feeling like you’ve put olive oil and left it in for a few days. This continues for almost a week even if you soap and wash on a daily basis….YUK!So basically if you want to look and feel like a salad but yet smell like Jasmine definitely try this oil if not I would recommend to stay away!I have very long naturally straight brown hair and my experience was not pleasant to say the least.I would definitely not buy this again or recommend it to any of my friends.

Bridgette Mount Royal, NJ

Works in its own way

I originally bought this oil over a year ago hoping coconut oil would be a cheaper and more natural alternative to serums (like Biosilk etc) but I actually can’t stand coconut(taste/smell) so I chose this Jasmine scented oil. Well it didn’t work–not for me anyway–I only used it a short time at first because I have very fine wavy hair and when I applied it to wet or dry hair it automatically made my hair look dirty. Fast-forward to recent times–my hair has grown several inches and while I’ve conceded to the fact that my waves will always need expensive lightweight serums for control and shape, I have a new problem: my hair has grown long enough that my hair’s natural oils no longer reach all the way to the tips and the ends are constantly dry no matter how much brush or conditioner I apply–major split ends, my hair stopped growing. So I started applying this oil just to the ends–that super dry hair sucks it right up within seconds doesn’t leave it oily–appears to have less split ends and is growing again. Best of all of all it only takes a couple of drops to cover all my ends and it is inexpensive enough for me to cover my ends as many times a day as I want to. So it turns out it works for me…just not how I thought it would.

Miriam Shallowater, TX

A good variation on the original formula

Been using Parachute Coconut Hair Oil since I was born (legacy of an Indian mother) to keep my hair moisturized. I thought I’d try this one for the scent and lightness so i could use it during the day.The scent is pretty and floral but not jasmine. The consistency is good to tame flyaways and moisturize your ends during the day, but be careful as a little goes a long way. However, for a deep treatment, I’d stick with the original

Rebekah Kula, HI

I hated the way this smelled

I did like that the product arrived at my house in a timely manner, but I hated the smell once I received it. I may have to add another fragrance to it in order to use it because it made me sick to my stomach. I didn’t know jasmine smelled so strong. It seems to be a good oil but I just can’t seem to get past the smell. Other people may like the smell of jasmine but I guess I don’t although I thought I would.

Petra Defiance, IA

It smells very good…

A very nice oil and I enjoy having an oil that has a wonderful scent!!!!I just received this project four days ago, but so far I am enjoying the oil.Enjoy!!!

Jerry East Alton, IL

Coconut oil

I have completely damaged hair and I use the coconit oil every night before sleeping and I wash my hair next day morning and find it very soft .

Alta Hesperia, MI


I have been searching for oil to soften my tough grays this product is easy to use and has no sticky residue. Good for the nails and a skin softener.

Doreen Evansville, WY