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Parachute Coconut Hair Oil -100 ml

This enriching hair oil provides moisture to frizzy hair to improve it’s luster and shine.

Key features

  • Parachute Coconut Hair Oil -100 ml

Honest reviews


I don’t care for this oil.

It didn’t do anything for my natural thick hair nor it relieved the itch from my scalp.

Olive Pilot, VA


Too early to tell about the oil and how it works, so far used it on my hair and skin. But, the body that they advertised is very deceiving to customers. I guess i really did not pay attetion to the how many ml, but the should show the extact size

Doreen Tridell, UT

makes hair…

Greasy! It does not feel like coconut oil and it smells synthetic. I think I threw it out, if I find it, I will.

Rita Mountain Ranch, CA

Can’t get enough of this oil……..

For a while now I wanted to try this oil by parachute and I’m glad I gave it a try. I can tell this is the real deal for pure 100% coconut oil. It smells exactly like my homemade coconut oil that I always extract from the freshes coconut in the food market. I use to think that the oil wasn’t suppose to smell like it’s been roasted of some sort (the homemade way you have to fry the coconut milk in a skillet or silver pot until the oil separates from the water). Now I don’t have to spend about three hours to extract the oil from the coconut it self. My next purchase would be definitely a bigger bottle to last me a good while.Thank You!

Lindsey Hickam Afb, HI


love oils so its a great purchase online for hair and body buy in bulk I bought just to try it out now I need more lol so just buy n bulk.

Marianne Thrall, TX