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Papoutsanis Pure Greek Olive Oil Soap 6 PACK of 8.8 Oz

Papoutsanis Pure Greek Olive Oil Soap is is pure and simple made according to centuries old Greek traditions. Papoutsanis has been crafting soaps for nearly 2 centuries, and their experience shows. This is simply one of the best and gentlest ways to wash your skin. This soap is unscented and long-lasting. The 6-Pack is a great way to save on your purchase.

Key features

  • Product of Greece
  • Authentic traditional premium quality
  • pure and simple ingredients, UNSCENTED
  • great for your skin
  • super value when buying a 6-PACK

Honest reviews


Takes about three weeks for delivery

If that doesn’t immediately turn you off, it’s a very light scented soap in large bars that gets you clean and rinses clean. I’m using it for a shampoo at present, because it cleans my hair without stripping it of the essential oils. It’s definitely different and superior to the heavy tallow soaps and chemical-laden body washes prevalent in this country.

Ursula Melvindale, MI

Olive Oil Soap

I have been looking for a soap that would help my family overcome dry and itch skin due to the weather conditions. I ordered this product and love it. Some of the reviews stated that the soap left you smelling like olive oil. I hardly notice the smell, and my itchy dry skin is gone. I no longer apply body lotion after my shower because my skin feels soft and hydrated. I will purchase this product again.

Lillie Sunset, ME

Yummmy for my skin

Great quality, very smooth on the skin. It is just perfect. This soap is just as good as the Savon de Marseille. You will have to wait almost a month to get it, because they ship it in 2 packages from Greece, but is worth the wait. Plus they provide a great customer service. Definitively I will return to buy more. Great quality and price!

May Hammond, OR

Sister loves

My sister has really sensitive skin with exema on her hands. I got this olive oil soap for bathing and African black soap for her hands. She loves this soap so I got some for myself. I like it too although I don’t have sensitive skin. Very gentle.

Lorene Strathmere, NJ

good soap

It gets rid of the zinc on my face when I put on the natural sunscreen with sticky zinc in it. If you are really dirty, try using oatmeal soap or something else. We wash the dog with this soap because it does not dry her skin out and cleans just fine.

Katina James City, PA