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Pantene Silver Expressions Daily Color Enhancing Shampoo 13 Fl Oz

PANTENE’s silver expressions shampoo helps remove dulling residue to reveal lustrous bright silver strands.  The shampoo and conditioner system conditions to nourish your hair without weighing it down, so silver hair appears brighter and beams with the look of health.

Key features

  • Helps remove dulling residue to reveal luminous silver strands
  • Gentle enough for permed or color treated hair
  • Daily color enhancing shampoo for gray to silver shades

Honest reviews


Purple dyes my hair

I tried this shampoo with the hopes of it would get rid of the yellow in my hair. But instead I got purple hair. I have thick silver hair and left it on the appropriate time and the underneath of my hair turned purple. I stopped using it and used a regular shampoo for over a month and still had purple hair. I went to my hairdresser and he tried clarifing shampoo and it took some of it off but not all. So here I am a 60 year old woman with purple hair.

Maryanne Eureka, MO

Pantene Silver Expressions Daily Color Enhancing Shampoo

I was not using any special shampoos for my grey hair and noticed it was turning dull and yellowish brown and I found out about this shampoo. I purchased it and was tickled with the results. the hair that has already dulled has brightened a bit and the gray hair has turned into a bright silver. I am very tickled with this product used with the conditioner my hair feels very soft and is very manageable.

Janet Thomson, GA

Good to take the yellow out of gray hair

I was so glad to find a shampoo for gray hair, and it also had a companion conditioner. Together, they make my hair silvery gray and soft to the touch.

Amparo Elmont, NY

Reclaim your maturity

I’m tired of dying my hair. I have light brown hair but it’s ever more punctuated by grey and silver strands. As I look at all my friends who are suddenly blonds I feel a sense of rebellion which is what led me to try this product. I love it. It brings out the silver highlights in my hair and makes it almost look shimmery especially in natural light. I’ve often used Pantene shampoos and been happy with them and this formula gives the same superior performance with the added ability to highlight. When I first used it I was a little dismayed at how runny it was and that it’s PURPLE! When some got on the shower walls I was afraid it would be permanent. It wasn’t. It washed off easily. I’m not sure how this stuff works but it does and I love it. Come on folks…reclaim your maturity. Go natural, at least in terms of hair color.NOTE: Your mileage may differ but I’ve searched my local Los Angeles stores and can’t find this product which is why I wound up buying it on Amazon.

Sara Trinity, AL

Great Shampoo

What can I say this is great shampoo. People always notice my gray/silver hair. They always tell me how great it looks. Shinny and no yellowing. If you got to have gray hair you might as well make it work for you.

Selma Maple, WI


On the fence about this one. Smells like grape bubblegum when you put it on, buy that doesn’t last thankfully. Nice lather, nice results. Don’t know about actual shine. My biggest gripe, and the reason I’ll be looking for another shampoo, is the list of ingredients that goes on a mile. That can’t be good.

Rosetta Morgan City, MS

My hair is still brassy – Pantene Silver Expressions is too thin and watery

I ordered this to see if I could have the same results as Shimmer Lights but with the good smell of Pantene. This shampoo didn’t remove any brassiness. It is very watery and I end up using more than needed to try and get some of the purple tone to stay on my head. I will not purchase this shampoo again.

Cristina Dallas, PA

Great Shampoo for Silvers

This shampoo is wonderful. I live in a home with well water which makes my natural silver hair yellowish. Pantene Silver Expressions shampoo, removes that yellowishness.

Jodi Lansing, IL

Hair looks bright after!

It’s a shampoo so it cleans my hair all good. My hair does not turn purple. And the yellow tones seem less brassy after using this. If you’re really worried, I would try the sample sizes first- but I’ve had good results so far.

Shannon Pineland, SC

Love this shampoo!

Turning 50 i decided to let my hair grow out its natural colr. My boyfriend tells me people pay big buck to have hair look like mine. I cut out all the colored hair and grew out natural. without this shampoo it looks old and dull. This brightens and takes the brassy greys and makes them look more like a professional highlight. Really loving my hair and will not be without this shampoo!

Allie Selma, AL

Mom loves it

I wrote a review for the conditioner. I ordered this for my Mom who is 63 and starting to go gray. The shampoo and conditioner make her hair silky and shiny. She has tried some other brands but I told her how much I love the Pantene Highlighting Expressions for blondes and she agreed to try it. She loves this stuff. I can’t find it at a brick and mortar store, so this is now on my wish list for when Mom needs more.

Mable East Carbon, UT

Just for white hair

So glad this is back on the market. Makes my hair look beautiful. No yellow hilites.Get a lot of compliments when using this product

Tamara Elkton, MI


Ok as shampoo goes but does not provide the purple brassy fighting power I had hoped for. Pravana and Fudge are way better. I’ll spend extra to get the higher quality purple I’m looking for.

Justina Frazeysburg, OH

Be a silver fox

This shampoo leaves my silver highlights bright, but not yellow. It cleans well, but leaves no residue and does not dry the hair or scalp. I have tried a similar product from Clairol, but was unhappy with the dry, frizzy result that came from their shampoo. The price is very fair and since I have Amazon Prime – free shipping. I will definitely order this again.

Christian Woodside, DE