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Pantene Pro-V Volume Shampoo, 25.4 Fluid Ounce

Pantene’s unique Fine Hair Solutions Volume volumizing shampoo and conditioner system with micro-boosters preps fine hair’s structure so you can create your voluminous Style. Now your flat hair looks full again with weightless body and shine. Zero Heavy Buildup. 100% Body.

Key features

  • Pack of three, 25.4-fluid ounce Bottles (Total of 76.2-Fluid Ounces)
  • Zero Heavy Buildup. 100% Body
  • Custom-designed polymers work to remove oil, which weighs fine hair down
  • Micro-boosters prepare fine hair’s structure to hold voluminous Styles all day
  • Silicone Free

Honest reviews



I’ve used several Pantene products. With every of their products I’ve tried I noticed improvement in my hair, texture, manageability. Not so much with this one. Not much difference in volume and it seemed to leave my hair feeling as if there was something left that should have been rinsed out.

Karin Grand Canyon, AZ

Nothing to complain about, but no miracles

My hair is healthy and thick, but generally doesn’t have a lot of volume, probably because I don’t use many products or blow dry it. I tried this shampoo out because I’ve had some good experiences with Pantene in the past and thought there was a chance that it might buoy my hair up at least just a tad!It certainly smells very nice and cleans my hair very well. Some shampoos are less effective for me to the extent that I have to wash my hair more than once a day if I don’t want it to become very oily; this shampoo definitely kept that from happening. It also doesn’t seem to leave any residue or buildup.On the other hand, I definitely didn’t leave the house with suddenly voluminous hair. It was its flat, shiny, normal self. But, like the guy who kept asking God if he could win the lottery and never bought a ticket, I’m guessing you’d have to meet the product half way to get results. I’d be reluctant to say that it didn’t help with volume at all until I’d given the blowdrier and curling iron a shot.Until then, it’s a good shampoo, it does its job, and I’ll continue to use it.

Johnnie Nottingham, PA

Good product, but…..

While I did like the clean look of the bottle, and the fact that the shampoo itself is clear (no additonal chemicals to color it) I can’t give it as high a rating as I would like.Fine Hair Solutions does do a nice job. And it’s available at a good price. I don’t like it as well as my Paul Mitchell shampoo for fine hair. To be fair, the Pantene Pro-V is much cheaper.My biggest concern may not deter others from liking this shampoo. While there are a few safe ingredients, I was concerned about a few of the chemicals listed. I wish manufacturers would also stop adding fragrance. If deodorant has it, and hair spray has it, and you use perfume, how many fragrances do you need at one time? But until more women feel this way, companies are likely compelled to add yet one more chemical to the mix. To be REALLY fair, I would probably go to a store and read the ingredients on a lot more shampoo bottles. Pro-V may not be any worse than other shampoos.While I am not chemically sensitive, others are. But these people are probably buying products at the health food store instead of the drug store. So for the value oriented person who is unconcerned about chemicals, I would say this is a good deal.

Lila Argyle, MI

Very cleansing

I have fine hair and used the original Pantene Volumizing shampoo for years, but over time, it made my hair frizzy, dry, and more prone to shedding. This new formula is much gentler. It has a gel-like consistency, which won’t weigh hair down or make it oily as a creamy formula would. This shampoo made my hair very, very clean. So clean, in fact, that I could probably drop back to shampooing it every other day instead of every day as I normally would. I can wash my hair in the morning and, 24 hours later, it still looks good, without the usual morning after oil slick.As for volumizing properties, my hair didn’t go from flat to fluffy overnight, but my stylist recently complimented me on my thick hair, so maybe it’s making more of a difference than I realize. My ponytail does feel a little thicker, and my hair holds a style for much longer.The only drawback to this shampoo is that it made my hair tangle more easily. I have to brush it more often during the day. So if you are going to try this shampoo, you should definitely purchase the matching conditioner to keep the tangles at bay.Overall, I’d say I am satisfied with this shampoo. It offers great cleansing, a mild floral scent, and modest volumizing properties. For those who say that it is too expensive, you can easily buy an off brand version of this at just about any grocery or superstore for about two and a half dollars a bottle.

Daphne Wynnburg, TN

Love it, flat hair to volume in no time

One of us has very flat, straight hair, and this product truly makes a difference in creating volume-what a nice surprise! Most products leave residue when promising “lift, or volume”. This product washes out completely, smells nice, and leaves hair shiny, soft and full. Even when air dried, hair is soft and voluminous. We love it!

Darcy Hardinsburg, KY


I regret that I so quickly responded to my first use of this product and the initial praise. The results did not continue, and I’m back to the flatness of before.

Summer Bourbonnais, IL

My Hair Has More Body, My Scalp Doesn’t Itch, And I Can Wear Black Again! (No More Snow In June.)

I look good in black, but I avoid wearing solid black shirts because of my problem with dandruff. Within a few hours of putting on a black shirt, it looks as if snow has fallen on my shoulders. Thankfully, I don’t have black hair. However, I do have thin, flat, greasy hair which requires that I wash it every night. A few weeks ago, I wore my favorite black Dockers shirt to work and a friend gave me (much to my annoyance) a lesson on how to wash my hair. I know how to wash my hair. At choir practice, another friend embarrassed me when he said (loud enough for everyone to hear) that I had dandruff on my shoulders and needed Head and Shoulders shampoo. Head and Shoulders contains a lot of detergents that can actually be harmful to your scalp.It was a godsend when the Amazon Vine Program offered me the shampoo and conditioner from the new line of Pantene Pro-v Fine Hair Solutions Flat To Volume products. I have faithfully used the shampoo and conditioner for over two weeks. However, I noticed a significant improvement in the health of my dirty blonde hair within just a few days. First, allow me to briefly describe how I use the product. Every morning I take a shower before going to work. I lather my hair with the shampoo, gently but thoroughly massaging my scalp for a few minutes with my finger tips. After I rinse, I apply the conditioner in a like manner. I allow it to saturate my scalp while I use a wash cloth to lather my body with soap. Eventually I rinse away the soap and conditioner. I’d also like to say that a few drops of shampoo and conditioner go a long way.Both the shampoo and the conditioner have a light fragrant smell that is flowery. I like it. Sometimes, during the day, especially when I am walking, I can smell it. It is very light and refreshing. Not overpowering. Also, I’ve noticed that my hair is shinier and has more body. My hair also seems to stay cleaner for a longer period of time. The scalp in the back of my head would sometimes itch before I went to bed; also, my scalp would itch if I didn’t immediately wash it the next morning. On Saturdays, I may not wash my hair until the afternoon. By that time, my scalp would start to drive me crazy with itching. Surprisingly enough, my scalp no longer itches. Most importantly, I can wear my black Dockers shirt without fear that someone will want to give me a lesson on how to wash my hair or announce to the world that I have snow on my shoulders.The design of the shampoo and conditioner bottles are very atheistically pleasing and economically practical, especially that of the conditioner. The shampoo bottle is clear plastic with a white top. The conditioner bottle has a brown top and a solid white body. It would be difficult to get the two bottles confused. Also, they are made to stand upon their lids. Therefore, it is always easy to get the fluid to come out. No more squeezing the tube to get that last few drops. The liquid is always there at the user’s disposal.If you have thin, drab, greasy hair that is hard to manage and is prone to dandruff (in other words, the worst type of hair that God can give you except no hair at all), then I highly recommend using the shampoo and hair conditioner from Pantene Pro-v Fine Hair Solutions Flat To Volume. In fact, I have recommended this new line of Pantene products to a friend of mine at work who uses the formula for colored hair. Furthermore, I’m throwing my old shampoo and conditioner away and using the Pantene shampoo and conditioner because I love my new hair. No more snow in June.Joseph B. Hoyos

Joann Cyclone, WV

Really Does Give Volume to Flat, Thin Hair

Having thin hair, I’ve searched for shampoo to add a little oomph to my flat, thin hair. Most make promises they can’t keep.The new Pantene however, does just that.Too good to be true, right? Well, somewhat. While it gives it the extra volume I need, it doesn’t hold last until day 2 as advertised.Since it does live up to may expectations but just not as long, I rank it four stars.(Tip:Pantene Pro-V Fine Hair Solutions Flat to Volume Shampoo and Conditionerdoesn’t weight down hair like many conditioners do to flat hair AND it adds more shine. This is definitely the Pantene product of my choice.)

Denice Wheeling, MO

Hair snaps off and breaks!

I bought this with the conditioner (which by the way I love) and my hair dried out to the point that while I was gently brushing it it all snapped off and broke. Hate the shampoo, love the conditioner.

Brandi Bethel, DE

Great Product

In the past I had used expensive salon shampoos for my hair, hoping to achieve volume. Some have worked some haven’t, the commonality of them all were they were pricey. I tried Pantene Flat to Volume, thinking that it might give me a little volume but truthfully I had low expectations. Well, not anymore. This shampoo is really good. I have body and bounce and this is not an overly priced product. It works well into a lather with only a little dollop. Rinses easily too. I cannot imagine switching back to salon shampoos because Pantene is so much better.

Becky Central Islip, NY

Made my cat sneeze

First things first, I did not wash the cat in it, I bent down to pet her right after I had washed my hair and she sniffed my hair and started to sneeze.I have very fine, long, and fragile hair. I do not color my hair or use a blow dryer on it. I let it dry naturally after gently wrapping a towel around it to absorb most of the water. I usually use the Garnier Length and Strength shampoo.Pros: Hair feels smooth as you rinse the shampoo outLots of latherCons: Smell is not attractive, smells a bit like flowers with alot of chemicalsMy hair now has a “fly-away” problem, which I usually only have in winter when it is dry outside and my hair has alot of static.I am losing more hair than usual on a daily basis since I started using this, normally my daily normal “fall-out” of hair is 10 or less, since I started using this and the matching conditioner, I am loosing about 30 strands a dayMy hair looks duller.Overall conclusion, I am going back to my usual shampoo and conditioner and not going to use this on a regular basis.

Janine Winter Garden, FL

Good lather, and my hair has more volume

I like this shampoo. I used Pantene in the past, but I’ve been using Suave for Men for several years now. This product produces more lather than the Suave and seems to get my hair cleaner using much less shampoo. So, while it might cost more per bottle, the value to me is greater with this.When I first started using this, it did seem to make my hair feel more dried out, which might just be because the Suave that I use also has a conditioner in it. So, I now use a separate conditioner from time to time. I took away one star for that, but if you already use a separate conditioner, then that’s not an issue.It really does seem to give my hair more volume. Perhaps it’s simply cleaner than it was when I used the Suave, but I tend to think that it’s doing what it claims to do. The scent is just fine to me, also. So, I recommend giving it a try.

Patti Richland, MS

Color safe, silicone free

I tried this in a whim because I wanted a clear shampoo that claims to preserve color. This is a clear, foamy cleanser that seems to clean well. Although there is a pantene for processed hair, this clearly indicates color protection. The fragrance is strong and I don’t like it as much as vidal, but it lathers really well, so I feel like I can use less. I paired it with the miracle overnight serum and my hair feels good. If you want to stick with pantene but want to go cone free, try this one. I’m a redhead so I look for color safe and yet great cleansing shampoo.

Audrey Binford, ND

Just Fine

It is a challenge to style fine hair. Obviously, a good cut and judicious use of product help. But even under the best of circumstances, the volume just does not last. This shampoo claims to be formulated to give fine hair that much needed boost, which, when used with other products in the line, will last all day.As a shampoo it is just fine. It lathers nicely and has a pleasant light fragrance. (The hair gods have truly cursed addition to stubborn, wavy fine hair, my hair only holds obnoxious odors like cigarette smoke and the awful fried smell from grills. So fragrance usually is not an issue for me.) The shampoo did remove the product I had used previously and left my hair soft, shiny with nice body. I did not notice any significant difference from this shampoo as opposed to any other. Obviously, super clean hair has more volume and bounce than hair not in its first freshness. I did also try it with a sample size of the conditioner and root lift and must say that the volume held, but again not significantly more so than when I use other light conditioners and root lift. So while I probably am condemned to continue with a good cut and styling aids, this is a satisfactory product in all respects. It is relatively inexpensive and delivers good results,. So while the Breck girl has nothing to fear from,me, I will continue to use this shampoo as well as the root lift and conditioner.

Gladys Coos Bay, OR

Decent shampoo.

This shampoo smells good, gets your hair clean, etc. I used it for a little in order to review for Vine, and found it comparable to any other Pantene Pro-V product (I use all kinds of shampoo… generally just buy what’s cheap at the time).Because I already have super-thick hair, I decided to give this shampoo to a female friend of mine with fine hair so she could try it out. She seemed happy with it — no complaints, no raving about her sudden boost in volume either.One of the selling points of this shampoo is a focus on removing oils in the hair, which weigh it down. It’d probably pay off to make sure you’re conditioning after using this shampoo, even if you have relatively oily hair (as I do). You’d be surprised how quick ‘volume’ can turn into ‘frizz’ if you let your hair dry out. I’m a guy and don’t really pay much attention to my hair, but even I know that.Right now this shampoo is going for around thirty bucks for a pack of 6 bottles. Not a steal, but not a ripoff either. Decent price for decent shampoo.

Helena Ocean View, NJ

Good shampoo with an annoying cap

This is a good shampoo for fine/thin hair. My daughter liked it very much and said it was like a 2-in-1 in how it left her hair, smoothing it out like a conditioner. It has a pleasant, but mild scent.I also felt it was a good shampoo, considering the price. There are definitely both better and worse shampoos out there, depending on what you spend.We both agreed that the most annoying part of it was the packaging. The cap is hard to open, especially with wet hands. The cap is also a weird recessed design that collects water, but then has drainage holes in it. It seems to collect/dribble shampoo around the cap (which makes it more slippery) and will likely get funky towards the end of the bottle.

Katherine Schroeder, MN

An excellent shampoo for those with a sensitive scalp

I’ve been using this shampoo every day for a week and am very impressed with it. For an unassuming non-specialty brand, it delivers excellent cleaning properties and better performance than many of the specialized brands I’ve tried. My scalp is very sensitive and I have a hard time finding shampoo that does not leave my scalp dry and itchy. This Pantene Pro-V leaves my hair feeling clean and does not dry out my scalp like many other brands, even ones that claim to be moisturizing.It is clear with no FD&C; dyes, pleasantly-scented (floral) and produces a thick, sastifying lather. I am a male with short-medium length hair. A dollop the size of a quarter is all I needed to work into a rich foam that covers my entire head. One bottle should last me more than 6 months at this rate, making this product an excellent value. Highly recommended.

Brianna Wake, VA

Sorry, But No Increased Volume For Me

This is a very generous bottle of shampoo, so I think for the price, it’s a bargain. I can’t, however, say I see any real difference in my hair’s volume. The shampoo cleans well, and leaves my hair manageable, so it’s not a disappointment as a shampoo. For me, anyway, it just doesn’t live up to the promise of adding volume. I’ve seen the TV commercials, and that’s the main focus of the message: increased volume. (That’s what prompted me to order it.) Does that mean the Pro-V doesn’t deserve a four-star rating? Perhaps. I just considered that maybe on some types of hair, the product would add volume. Maybe my fine, fair hair is beyond help. (At least from a shampoo. For the moment, I’ll continue to rely on mousses, gels, and sprays.)

Brandi Putnam, OK

Gives life to fine, limp hair!

My hair used to be super thick, but as I have gotten older it has definitely thinned out. I tried the Pantene Pro-V Fine hair solutions and found it does a great job of giving my hair lift and vitality. My hair feels soft and fuller. With repeated use it has helped me to achieve a fuller hair style.

Sheena Gautier, MS

This stuff works!

I love this shampoo! This stuff smells good, and makes my hair feel thicker and fuller and you only have to use a small amount. Good value for the price – I highly recommend it!

Nola Blue Springs, MS

It Does Work

I have very fine, flat hair and this is the reason I wanted to try this particular product. I have done several hair washes so I could get an idea if the product really worked and I am happy to say it does. It did give my hair a bit more volume and I am satisfied with that. I wasn’t expecting a miracle and did not get one. It worked well enough for me to continue using it because my hair can use any help it can get.

Carlene Keene, CA

Its ok.

I have fine, thin, oily hair. This shampoo and conditioner does make my hair have more volume more than any other brand I have tried. It takes a ton of conditioner though just so my hair isnt in a complete knot when I get out of the shower. I’m not sure it is the best for your hair but yes, it does give good volume. So if you aren’t too worried about dry and damaged hair it should be great for you but I’m going to stick with Joico Moisture Recovery. Nothing can beat that.

Alyce Rush, NY

Good shampoo

I have fine, dry hair, and Pantene Pro-v Fine Hair Solutions Flat To Volume Shampoo does a good job in cleaning my hair without drying it out more, and makes it feel like it has more body. A lot of shampoos I’ve tried either leave my hair greasy, or feeling like straw. Pantene Pro-v Fine Hair Solutions Flat To Volume Shampoo does neither, so I’m happy with it despite it’s slightly higher price compared to most shampoos.

Rochelle New Stanton, PA

Outstanding Shampoo

I received one bottle of this shampoo from the Vine program. I requested it for my wife who used it and declared it to be a top notch product. She read the claims and found them to be trustworthy. The shampoo does an excellent lathering job and emits a pleasant smell. It does a superlative cleaning job while leavimg the hair feeling soft. This is a worthy product and has become the shampoo of choice here in Dufferville.

Earnestine Lancaster, NY


“Pantene Pro-v Fine Hair”; I have very fine hair and I like using this as a shampoo as an alternate from my conditioner shampoo. This was good as a claifing shampoo. I could not use this as my only shampoo. I need to change every other wash.

Therese Summerville, PA

Instantly, Immediately FABULOUS!

My 17 year old son has been battling the thinning of his hair. Much to his dismay. We’ve adjusted his diet (more protien and vitamins), he’s had his hair cut so that the weight of it at the crown doesn’t stress his scalp, and we’ve tried every full body shampoo on the market to no avail. I ordered this shampoo and it worked by the third washing! My son is absolutely thrilled! No, his hair is not instantly growing back. It does have more fullness, though, so his thinning crown isn’t as noticable. We’ll be sticking with this product for the foreseeable future!

Deanna Coppell, TX

Smells nice…works well

What can you say about a shampoo? I have used this a few times now; one time I let my hair air dry and one time I blew my hair dry. Both times provides the same results – fluffy hair that didn’t feel weighed down. I like that this is clear shampoo and not gunked up with color/additives. The smell is very nice. I have a sort of bionic nose and can be overwhelmed with scents sometimes, but this shampoo’s smell is very nice.My hair feels very clean and not overly scented. I love it! I would definitely purchase this again.

Letha West Leyden, NY

Great Shampoo

I have always liked Pantene products. This shampoo does not disappoint. It cleans very well, leaves hair soft, smells good, and does not weigh fine hair down. I do think my hair has more volume. I would recommend this shampoo. Works just as well, if not better, than expensive salon brands.

Candace Cherry Tree, PA

FINE HAIR has more texture and volume!

Excellent product for limp, fine, fly away hair! This shampoo will improve your fine hair a lot, yet it rinses clean and seems to leave no residue. If you have fine hair, you must try it. Recommended.

Cortney Amana, IA

Good shampoo overall, price is too high

I have thin hair and have used Pantene over the years, but have always found it to be much to heavy and it always had a tendency to weigh down my hair. This shampoo is much lighter, but still cleans very well and smell terrific. My hair isn’t weighed down at all by this and it’s fresh, clean and soft. It definitely has a little more bounce to it. I’m impressed with the results after using it for a few weeks. The price @ Amazon is a bit expensive. I haven’t seen it in stores yet, but I’m not sure it’s worth nearly 6 dollars a bottle. That’s twice what normal Pantene costs at my local drug store. One thing, you definitely do need a conditioner with this shampoo, at least for my hair.

Janine Laurel Springs, NC